Will GSP Comeback and Fight Khabib?

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Taken from MMA Show #107 w/Georges St-Pierre:

yasio bolo
yasio bolo 29 minuter sedan
Khabibs mom never seen him geting smashed. He literally absolutely dominated evey1 ever
Paolo Guerrero
Paolo Guerrero 14 timmar sedan
GSP bout to fight Falcon and The Winter Soldier!
Jane Gavin
Jane Gavin 14 timmar sedan
Everything is possible with Jesus Christ The Holy Spirit and God Almighty 🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏
Jane Gavin
Jane Gavin 14 timmar sedan
Everything is possible with Jesus Christ The Holy Spirit and God Almighty 🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏
H Miah
H Miah 16 timmar sedan
GSP has been there and been champ legend. Stay away as your legend. Khabs is ultimate and also legend. Retired end of matter.
curtis mccluskey
curtis mccluskey 17 timmar sedan
The goat should return
Bodhi Pepe
Bodhi Pepe 18 timmar sedan
Only ogs remember kung lee
Psy Clone
Psy Clone 20 timmar sedan
Bruce Lee was a right hander, but also a southpaw. His belief was that the strong side should be in front as a streetfighter, as in a "real" (street) fight there is no jumping about, and the fight will be over in seconds.
Kenny Kaya
Kenny Kaya 22 timmar sedan
Nooo its not ok....
Maker makes Pajamas
Maker makes Pajamas 22 timmar sedan
No offense to GSP but here hes the perfect example of you never know who can whoop your ass
Justfor U
Justfor U 23 timmar sedan
Joe is a very nice and respectful guy❤️❤️
nrich51 Dag sedan
GSP is different from most other fighters because he uses his intellect to out think the other guy.
Jarred Jackson
Jarred Jackson Dag sedan
Fatal flaw= Some random sizing GSP up as a pussy based on the way he looks right now. He's a proper killer bieber now🤭
Bobby Biers
Bobby Biers Dag sedan
Freddy has the standard old guy “chin diaper” on.
ab bb
ab bb Dag sedan
Jsp chicken 🐔 to fight at 155 to khabib. And he knows he had the advantage at 170 . The belt is at 155
Nicolas Rios
Nicolas Rios Dag sedan
No. He has to fight Falcon in the MCU
Shaun Bang
Shaun Bang Dag sedan
Speaking of Wonderboy and Karate I really would have like to see GSP vs Wonderboy since GSP actually is a karate base so it would be reaaaally interesting to see how he handles Wonderboys striking. Obviously GSP has his grappling advantage against him but still it would be fun to see if GSP goes to a korea karate based style against Wonderboy or just sticks to the normal kickboxing style to set up takedowns
Alex Mercer
Alex Mercer Dag sedan
He would definitely be the most competitive fight for Khabib.
Crypto Shah
Crypto Shah Dag sedan
Pretty cool guy
pulsarl2c 2 dagar sedan
The studio is very offputting.
Arman Zaidi
Arman Zaidi 2 dagar sedan
Khabib goated
dean goings
dean goings 2 dagar sedan
Don't fool yourself,the sameme thing would happen to gsp as did all of the rest of khabibs opponents. Yes gsp had many wins but he didn't dominate everyone they way khabib has.
1907sk 2 dagar sedan
5:13 Mojahad Fudailat will use this 100
Pete Stav
Pete Stav 2 dagar sedan
GSP needs his own podcast...dude's easy to listen to, very thoughtful and honest
Sammy Morales
Sammy Morales 2 dagar sedan
The greatest MMA fighter of all time
Sammy Morales
Sammy Morales 2 dagar sedan
Tommy 2 dagar sedan
Spotify sucks
dolita windo
dolita windo 2 dagar sedan
well respected champion despite all the fears.. Sometimes that shit is probably really healthy
Aspire Gnostic
Aspire Gnostic 3 dagar sedan
GSP is one of the most humble fighters ever, never brags or talks dumb. Just simple easy and wants to live life. In fact theres times when he says certain phrases or tones he sounds like Bruce Lee in an interview.
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 22 timmar sedan
only the GOAT identifies another GOAT
Kids in cages have heartbeats, too!
Kids in cages have heartbeats, too! 3 dagar sedan
"You become a different person." Yes. You shave your head and go bananas. This is a GSP clone. Looks more like Joe Biden.
veilofreality 3 dagar sedan
Fook Spotify
Thanos 3 dagar sedan
SVfrom should've struck a deal before Spotify
Johnny T-Rex
Johnny T-Rex 3 dagar sedan
You know a true Martial Artist as you're taught to be your best but humble and respect the people you train and fight with. That's what I see with GSP, no smack talk, and all the bull !! Just a good man and role model for all, the GOAT .
The Jerk
The Jerk 3 dagar sedan
GSP with his hair reminds me of Jean Claude from the street fighter movie
LeRoyal Flush
LeRoyal Flush 3 dagar sedan
GSP is such a great dude,my friend was training with at the same gym and we hang out at the beach in Montreal/Oka,he was so humble down to earth I couldn't believe I was hanging out with the Goat...Good luck in everything GSP you are a role model for this lost generation
LOCAL FREE FIRE GAMER 14 timmar sedan
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do'a keluarga 15 timmar sedan
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Eclipse Of Reason
Eclipse Of Reason 3 dagar sedan
I miss Joe...
jw8rok 3 dagar sedan
I think GSP eats khabib up, their wrestling is not that for of a difference, I believe GSP has better BJJ and FAR better striking.
Jay 2 dagar sedan
Dreaming, Boy.
Aan Nur
Aan Nur 3 dagar sedan
We love GSP & khabib because they so kind & respect
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa 3 dagar sedan
well respected champion despite all the fears.. Sometimes that shit is probably really healthy
Beanie Bots
Beanie Bots 3 dagar sedan
Damn... GSP looks fantastic. He should get into movies, not consider fighting again...
walter hank
walter hank 3 dagar sedan
wtf he has hair now ?
gab perron
gab perron 3 dagar sedan
good god, gsp had a secret technique this whole time that he never had to use ? this guy is truly a monster talent
Swag Planet
Swag Planet 4 dagar sedan
Ali Chaudhry
Ali Chaudhry 4 dagar sedan
My absolute two favourite fighters...they have a lot in common but I think their fight IQ is unmatched...
Stan Smith
Stan Smith 4 dagar sedan
Matthew Connors
Matthew Connors 4 dagar sedan
I am not a gay man, but if I were...
Fahadork Y
Fahadork Y 4 dagar sedan
3:28 note to self
harlequin75 4 dagar sedan
so Rogan only calls Ronda Rousey as the once ever and not this Legend???
S K 4 dagar sedan
I love how GSP has such clean vocabulary, not a single dirty word
dolita windo
dolita windo 2 dagar sedan
everything in life!
Mike Daberg
Mike Daberg 4 dagar sedan
George je te crois que tu peux retournée contre khabib et gagner.
Bum Camp
Bum Camp 4 dagar sedan
Fire your barber.
Undefined Space
Undefined Space 4 dagar sedan
Joe, call kabib to the podcast
Optimize Fitness & Performance
Optimize Fitness & Performance 4 dagar sedan
GSP's reluctance VS Khabib: "What if I win and have to fight more after that?" Damn. Talk about a champion's mindset.
cantthinkofaname 4 dagar sedan
"I vud av "
Philllip James
Philllip James 4 dagar sedan
and anuda one!
alida flus
alida flus 4 dagar sedan
everything in life!
NeXesses •
NeXesses • 4 dagar sedan
GSP forever the goat man, the stories about him are even more amazing than his fights. Which is a hard thing to do.
Etheric Synchronicity
Etheric Synchronicity 4 dagar sedan
Anyone know when Joe is due? since he's obviously pregnant from all that HGH and TRT hes been doing for years.. all those RIP Joe Rogan jokes might be true sooner than we think....
Antione Iyi
Antione Iyi 4 dagar sedan
Khabib is not the goat. Olivera has an elite wrestling game. Very underrated. Then you have Chandler. Yes he is 29 and O but he hasn't changed weight classes and only defended the belt 3 times. Jon jones is the Goat especially after Francis.
omfghaxpixel 4 dagar sedan
He got out healthy, wealthy, and renowned. What more could you want? Goes for khabib aswell, and i hope others can respect that aswell
CN. ST. 4 dagar sedan
Is Joe opposed to the covid protection stuff? Whats his stance?
U wot m8?
U wot m8? 4 dagar sedan
I'm not watching 8 minutes of two men polishing each other's shafts just to find a yes or no answsr
Chad McLaughlin
Chad McLaughlin 4 dagar sedan
It's hilarious that nobody talks about JSP vs Wonderboy? I think Wonderboy would knock JSP out stiff in 2 rounds with ease. I just don't see GSP being able to get consistent takedowns on him and hold him there while doing any significant damage. And a standing fight goes to Wonderboy all day, all night.
Nowujalo Official
Nowujalo Official 4 dagar sedan
Huge fan of gsp but I cannot listen to his voice lol
Samuel 4 dagar sedan
Jones and gsp are the goat
alex 18
alex 18 4 dagar sedan
Buy ethereum before the price skyrockets 💥💥💥👌
Jason Aus
Jason Aus 4 dagar sedan
Holy deja vu Batman
The Schmidt Anderson
The Schmidt Anderson 4 dagar sedan
gsp with hair is not...not something i expected to see
Paulo Z
Paulo Z 4 dagar sedan
GSP is such a cool guy
D. A. B.
D. A. B. 4 dagar sedan
Can we do GSP vs Jake Paul if he beats Ben please
E Z 4 dagar sedan
I my opinion striking more exciting but a guy that can control all your movements terrifying 😳
E Z 4 dagar sedan
Omg yes fck striking two best ground guys in history. Can we just watch who is best in this style of fight
WesloTheTerrible 4 dagar sedan
DG E 4 dagar sedan
nobody likes spotify joe they suck
David Mendoza
David Mendoza 5 dagar sedan
Bruh GSP in his prime would murder khabib...
Dr V
Dr V 5 dagar sedan
GSP needs to call Khabib's mom.
Eric Huff
Eric Huff 5 dagar sedan
It wouldn't be wise. Who comes back for a guaranteed L. I guess I would for the money.
palestine389 5 dagar sedan
Come on guys stop talking about that fight GSP is a senior citizen
Joe Fish
Joe Fish 5 dagar sedan
I'm just here for the hair comments... (come back to YT Joe...)
Michael Boland
Michael Boland 5 dagar sedan
Sounds like GSP is afraid that Khabib will tarnish his legacy then that's all people will remember GSP for, as the guy who loss to khabib instead of one of the greatest ever
51UM 5 dagar sedan
Dana about to barge in with a contract in his hands every time GSP trains now
PlaCeBeau Effects
PlaCeBeau Effects 5 dagar sedan
No michael chandler will fuck khabib he ain't returning.
Darren Bullock
Darren Bullock 5 dagar sedan
He is too old now, I'm not sure it would be a fair fight.
xxx s
xxx s 5 dagar sedan
No need can beat Khabib at his weight cause he will always find a way to choke you
Jai Sin
Jai Sin 5 dagar sedan
Greatest fighter ever.
Kenny Michael Alanya
Kenny Michael Alanya 5 dagar sedan
GSP said most of the people today are intelligent... well 2020 begs to differ . Just look at the mass Chaos , destruction and unnecessary deaths that happened and no I'm not talking about COVID
montblanc noland
montblanc noland 5 dagar sedan
He has it in him let's be real a champ champ is always ready
sza3434 5 dagar sedan
Why does GSP look like Megan Rapino now?
Jean-Philippe Blouin
Jean-Philippe Blouin 5 dagar sedan
GSP s'est amélioré en anglais, la preuve que le français recule à Montréal
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 5 dagar sedan
Joe: Thats one of the reasons why Champions are Champions is to be self critical of themselves. Jon Jones has left the chat
merlinoner 5 dagar sedan
JSP is really a good guy !
StarDroGeN 5 dagar sedan
I think they both need to just be left alone. Both are p4p greats in their own right. Especially for Khabib, beating GSP at his age just wouldnt do anything tbh.
Patriot23 5 dagar sedan
GSP is the GOAT in my opinion. His dominance in a stacked welterweight division fighting guys who were on all sorts of peds and dominating them fight after fight. He's a class act very intelligent, smart fighter. 1 of my favorite all time.
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 5 dagar sedan
3:26 Imagine saying 'unfortunately' when you are the greatest to ever do it
Hins26 5 dagar sedan
GSP had his haircut in GTA San Andreas I see
silver blotter
silver blotter 5 dagar sedan
He looks like meggan rapinoe with that haircut!
Adnan Khan
Adnan Khan 5 dagar sedan
I am new to MMA n never saw this guy fight . But man he is the most humble dude i have ever seen in my entire life
Prakash Lal Shrestha
Prakash Lal Shrestha 5 dagar sedan
He’s scared of loosing
Ethan Murray
Ethan Murray 5 dagar sedan
Gsp's trying his hardest not to sound like the crab people from South park
VIVEK PANDEY 5 dagar sedan
GSP would still have been a fighter if he had not learned the Stock Market
zetar0b0t 5 dagar sedan
Gsp should just be in movies and enjoying retirement. There’s nothing to prove anymore. Gsp is a legend.
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