Why Jim Breuer Quit SNL

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This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1621 with Jim Breuer. open.spotify.com/episode/7bbJslK5lnJrA7ZN4Zfy9r?si=e9b12475194941b5

Joe Mama
Joe Mama 3 timmar sedan
I remember Trump telling Jennifer Finch the exact same thing on The Apprentice. "You are too nice for this business". Sad but true. You have to be a born dbag to thrive in those types of work settings.
Nom Nom Nom
Nom Nom Nom 5 timmar sedan
Can we have the writers names lol 😂
b0r0din 8 timmar sedan
You can just tell how much Joe loved Phil.
Galahm Milesius
Galahm Milesius 10 timmar sedan
I like it Extra Dirty!! That's What She Said.....
Shawouin 10 timmar sedan
Pretty sure Jim had a very high opinion of his comic abilities, but looking at him right now, he doesn't look like the sharpest...
Easy from TN BTW
Easy from TN BTW 12 timmar sedan
Half Baked is still one of my favorite movies ever just because of Jim
KingKev633 14 timmar sedan
Shout out to Jim’s wife, you know how many women or men would just blame their significant other for being miserable cause of a job and letting it ruin them as a person
SurvivalTipsClips 18 timmar sedan
I always wanted to see him and Pesci in some father and son comedy drama type movie.
Duel Dab
Duel Dab Dag sedan
Jim would make a great Joker.
Anti Hero
Anti Hero Dag sedan
SNL is psychological warfare. That seems to be the way they handle things. Anyone that looks at SNL's politics as being a guiding example, should be aware, or any late night talk shows for that matter... I used to be one of these brainwashed individuals. Really, people should be aware of manipulation, over time it's what's referred to as, "Social Engineering." "The best way to keep slaves in control, is to create the illusion that they are free." -some slave master said that...? They used Bible verses to keep them mentally locked, into keeping them servitude. It's always coming down from the top... We've always pictured what control is, but we have very little control. Technology has advanced further than we ever could. It doesn't evolve like us...
John LeValley
John LeValley Dag sedan
SNL hasn't been funny in 20+ years.
Joe Avella
Joe Avella Dag sedan
The head writer he keeps referring to is Adam McKay. Jim hashes out the drama to Maron in his WTF interview.
Devin Caskey
Devin Caskey Dag sedan
What’s up w the fade cut? Said something incriminating? Hope Spotify isn’t behind it...
ajlogan1998 Dag sedan
Yikes 😳
Dragon Pundit.
Dragon Pundit. Dag sedan
I can't stand to listen to this spazz.
The99thTimelord Dag sedan
Jim: "I started thinking the government was watching me" Joe: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA American government: Surveils all 350M americans while watching OK GO music videos.
Justin Bradley
Justin Bradley 2 dagar sedan
How does Joe Rogan get high in Texas and avoid trouble with the authorities? I thought Texas was not a good state for weed.
jeffdmusic 2 dagar sedan
God I love JIm Breuer!
James Alvarado
James Alvarado 2 dagar sedan
Chevy Chase said SNL was incredibly political and tried to influence people's political opinion.
C A 2 dagar sedan
Im a big SNL fan, I love the players on the show right now, but even today, most of the recent former cast come out saying that they didn't enjoy it as an entertainment job. But even if it's not a good time, it's a proven training environment.
Timberwolf 2 dagar sedan
Is Jim Breuer a star/supporting actor in a late 80s early 90s Ferris Beuller/Road Trip type comedy hit I dont know about? I really hope so... Long live paint
dawsonjamesbernard 2 dagar sedan
7:55 😂😂😂😂
Kevin Bender
Kevin Bender 2 dagar sedan
snl is trash
Wutaii1 Nostalgia
Wutaii1 Nostalgia 2 dagar sedan
Foster Brooks was a legend. Jim is the man
Stanetti Els
Stanetti Els 3 dagar sedan
“I don’t do public anymore. It keeps the paranoia away.” You sure about that??
Trask Pilgrim
Trask Pilgrim 3 dagar sedan
His Lorne Michaels impression is on point.
Gid T
Gid T 3 dagar sedan
Theatre kids
Getfuzzycx o
Getfuzzycx o 3 dagar sedan
I fuckin love this guy
Sonic Broom
Sonic Broom 3 dagar sedan
This is the dude that somehow seems drunk and high 24/7
Perry Lengyel
Perry Lengyel 3 dagar sedan
Great Smokin Joe T shirt!
Chuck Manson
Chuck Manson 3 dagar sedan
Who ever
Mr_Stiglitz_WTS 3 dagar sedan
no name
no name 3 dagar sedan
If rogan tells people he's a comedian enough times does it become true? That's the American dream in action, folks
dante040 3 dagar sedan
My money is on Chris Kattan being the rat
Jack Slammer
Jack Slammer 3 dagar sedan
SNL isn't funny because of how Toxic that environment is.
XMoeiskingX 3 dagar sedan
You mean woke non sense is draining? Whatttt??
CAM H-CONNOR 3 dagar sedan
I think SNL really doesnt appeal to people from the uk. Our comedy is so different. (Better ;) ). Its just clunky, comedy often comes from the delicate quirks in social interactions...
Stuttering Cris
Stuttering Cris 3 dagar sedan
Im sure the current cast are being held hostage by the liberal strong-arm.
august opus
august opus 3 dagar sedan
Joe "I like it dirty." Rogan
jimmid32 3 dagar sedan
The guy he's talking about was in night at the Roxbury and it wasn't Will Ferrell. JS
Renagade5150 3 dagar sedan
Great insight into SNL. Love the dirt!
Starrk Primera
Starrk Primera 4 dagar sedan
Jim Breuer moves like a lizard when he is reenacting the good fellas scene
Justin Hight
Justin Hight 4 dagar sedan
Anyone know who in snl stole stuff?
hlf_coder 4 dagar sedan
All of these guys always seem to toss in a couple comments about how they don’t blame Lorne, but that’s bullshit. It’s his show. People have been saying this shit since the beginning. It’s totally his fault. He’s the only common factor
Jon Rey
Jon Rey 4 dagar sedan
Who was the one stealing Jim's sketches?
gary lester
gary lester 4 dagar sedan
This helps explain why SNL isn't funny. That and their politics. ( the left aren't funny. )
Brandon Jontz
Brandon Jontz 4 dagar sedan
Weed doesn't do this to a person
Brandon Jontz
Brandon Jontz 4 dagar sedan
SNL sucks
Omar Perez
Omar Perez 4 dagar sedan
Has anybody noticed theres always an ad right after jim yells??? LMAO
Griffin O'Connor
Griffin O'Connor 4 dagar sedan
Lmao this guy is all sorts of tweaked out. No wonder he was fired.
Panda Monium
Panda Monium 5 dagar sedan
Jim has such a weird personality lol
Mike 5 dagar sedan
Jim has such a logical mind, he makes really good sense about a lot of things. It almost brought tears to my eyes hearing him talk about the nonsensical way governments are forcing institutions to deal with covid and how the hospital in Jersey had basically already declares his friend dead even though that was not the case. It really makes you wonder just how fudged the death toll numbers are in America and how many seniors have been neglected and allowed to die needlessly. I'm starting to think that Roseanne may have had a valid point about this so called pandemic partially being an attack on the elderly. Having a few million of them die off would save the government a lot of money.
D D 5 dagar sedan
Quit watching SNL a long time ago. Used to like MAD TV in its earlier years. Then theirs reruns of Carol Burnett Show.
grtgrt 5 dagar sedan
I used not to like Breuer. Then I realized it's because I've only ever heard him on the radio. You gotta see this guy to feel this guy.
Pilletta Doinswartsh
Pilletta Doinswartsh 5 dagar sedan
He didn't quit, he got canned. It was of the variety: "You can't fire me, I QUIT!!!!!"
Linny Crocus
Linny Crocus 5 dagar sedan
Lol, who was doing an Al Pacno impression on SNL during the late 90s? This looks like it's quite easy to find out. I'm lazy though.
Nut Master
Nut Master 5 dagar sedan
SNL hasn't been funny since the early 2000s
JokersWild45 5 dagar sedan
Joe "Everything is better with weed" Rogan
JHATDRUMMER1976 5 dagar sedan
the person he yelled at was chris kattan
Joseph Pravda
Joseph Pravda 5 dagar sedan
Dan Killen
Dan Killen 5 dagar sedan
Im exactly the same way with weed, I love my dabs more than anyone probably should, but half the people I know have no idea that I smoke, because I never smoke outside of home, and I don't ever talk about it with people I know.
Dan Killen
Dan Killen 5 dagar sedan
Imagine if joe could've had phil on the podcast, how great that would've been.
Von Dred
Von Dred 5 dagar sedan
That sounds like they do nothing about the riders for stealing ideas and then on top of that because those riders help them micromanage they give them free reign
sarcasmo57 5 dagar sedan
What's dirt in a martini?
hijinks21 5 dagar sedan
He starts to do a Adam sandler voice and stops. I think their time overlapped
s staners
s staners 5 dagar sedan
They fired Chris Farley, Adam Sandler, and Norm McDonald. Farley was due mostly to health concerns, Norm was because of OJ Simpson, and I have no clue why Sandler was fired.
Patrick Wiens
Patrick Wiens 5 dagar sedan
And that’s why one of the funniest shows ever today suck - well, that and Marxism.
Cameron Williams
Cameron Williams 5 dagar sedan
I don't doubt that SNL is a hellish place to work, with all the pettiness, back-stabbing, politics etc. but Jim is demonstrating paranoid psychosis brought about by drug abuse. He has clearly done permanent damage to his mind and is doing further damage to his career with this interview. Joe still thinks marijuana is great though. Still thinks it's mind-expanding. This is a guy who thought the moon-landings were faked mind you.
Robert Michael
Robert Michael 5 dagar sedan
This isn’t super related buy Jim Breuer as Joe Pesci is one of my favorite Comedy bits of all time
Holly Roxy
Holly Roxy 6 dagar sedan
I always thought Jim was hilarious on SNL, just the faces he’d make alone would crack me up. He’s a super chill like able guy so it goes to show how toxic SNL is that he could be pushed that way.
Matt N
Matt N 6 dagar sedan
Saturday Night Lorne Lame. The lamest music and guests. They need to retire.
Dark Star King
Dark Star King 6 dagar sedan
I’ve seen maybe 5 SNL sketches in the past 15 years. Every one was so cringe, unfunny, and just straight garbage.
Dark Star King
Dark Star King 6 dagar sedan
SNL acts like the authority in social and political issues. They are the typical far left ideology propaganda machine, acting like they are the moral authority as well. Just like all the other far left types, in reality, they are the most selfish, egotistical, traitorous a**holes.
Fatty 6 dagar sedan
This all happened 25 years ago. Imagine what a horrible place to work SNL is nowadays.
tru tube
tru tube 6 dagar sedan
Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood, Jame's Brown's HOT TUB skit, Hanz and Franz....best years ever to grow up. NOW? Fuck if I know... all the Socio-Political , Copy and Paste from Social Media .. Too afraid to Think for 'myself' Generation.
Deb's Channel
Deb's Channel 6 dagar sedan
He opened for Metallica a few years ago. I rather enjoyed that. He did well.
Ignatius Jackson
Ignatius Jackson 6 dagar sedan
Adam McKay and Tim Herlihy?
theprophetkato 6 dagar sedan
the toxic work enviroment at snl shows on the screen... its sucked for years.
Matt Trussell
Matt Trussell 6 dagar sedan
OH MY GOD, Jim created Drunk Uncle I think
Luke Richardville
Luke Richardville 6 dagar sedan
Goat boy.
Dorian Marquis
Dorian Marquis 6 dagar sedan
This is one of many reasons the SNL elite (producers....veteran writers/actors) produced garbage, for DECADES. They live in a bubble....and their incredibly-biased, socio-political sketches also reflect that bubble. It seems everyone is trying to impress someone with their level of "wokeness". In the very, VERY rare occasion I watch a sketch on SVfrom.....I stop the video, half-way through the sketch. Like, "They think THIS heavy-handed, political rant is 'FUNNY'?" 🙄
The Unknown Psycho
The Unknown Psycho 7 dagar sedan
I believe Mike Myers were one of those shady SNL guys. Ive always notice he wasnt ever close with the other cast members
A Mostly Reasonable Guy
A Mostly Reasonable Guy 7 dagar sedan
Mainstream comedy hasn’t been funny since the Chappelle show, and even that was like a light in the darkness.
Tony Espelage
Tony Espelage 7 dagar sedan
Half Baked is pure genius to me. I can pick it up anyplace and just start watching. It makes me happy.
cjm081 7 dagar sedan
He's way too funny for SNL.
djduuhfhf jdjj
djduuhfhf jdjj 7 dagar sedan
Jim cant finish a thou.......
Shane Mack
Shane Mack 7 dagar sedan
People who act that angry are usually weak
Dr Longus
Dr Longus 7 dagar sedan
Patrick Harrigan
Patrick Harrigan 7 dagar sedan
Patrick Harrigan
Patrick Harrigan 7 dagar sedan
NotChristianRich 7 dagar sedan
“ILL KNOCK YOUR F-“ Joe: Woah:)
Connor Morgan
Connor Morgan 7 dagar sedan
He’s talking about Chris Kattan, right? This totally seems like a Kattan move
Rodney Kingston
Rodney Kingston 7 dagar sedan
I have no memory of this guy from SNL. Did he create any great characters?
Robert Kelly
Robert Kelly 7 dagar sedan
Stopped watching SNL decades ago unfunny left wing filler.
Jay Saldivar
Jay Saldivar 7 dagar sedan
82ND I'll say it... snl is a joke... literally...
rls725 7 dagar sedan
It was Kattan that stole the bit- on a Howard Stern interview from years ago Kattan says Breuer "thought I stole a bit from him"
Paul Boegel
Paul Boegel 7 dagar sedan
The ending of SNL always makes me cringe, the B.S. hug fest.
Whovianize 7 dagar sedan
Jim seems like he’s done more than just weed....seems like meth from feeling paranoid and crazy, etc....and the weird arm movements and sleeve thing....seems like meth. 🤷🏼‍♀️
Mike P.
Mike P. 7 dagar sedan
Because its a really shit place to work
Harry Mills
Harry Mills 7 dagar sedan
I've been in a sorta similar workplace environment. Your idea gets shot down at one meeting. A month later, someone else brings up the same idea, and "Gee, what a great idea!" It was great relief getting the hell outta there.
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