This Is Stanhope's First Time Leaving Bisbee in 1 Year

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Taken from JRE #1623 w/Doug Stanhope:

D Lynn
D Lynn 2 dagar sedan
They say alcoholics hate life. Do you hate life Stan?
Deano Newton
Deano Newton 3 dagar sedan
Top 3 Carlin Prior Stanhope
Al caholic
Al caholic 6 dagar sedan
When's joe coming back to SVfrom
Adrian Lopez
Adrian Lopez 7 dagar sedan
I've lived in southern az all my life never heard of or seen this dude but hell yeah he's puttin us on the map
Nina Martinez
Nina Martinez 9 dagar sedan
He looks so clean!🤗😉😅
Nai1990 9 dagar sedan
Soooooo you cut your life off because of the coof being so scary? Yet you’re willing to drink alcohol, drive a car, and go shopping??!!!!???? You sir are an IDIOT
pbodys16 11 dagar sedan
nick richard
nick richard 11 dagar sedan
joe where is episode 331?
George Jefferson
George Jefferson 11 dagar sedan
It shows
JJPsyc 13 dagar sedan
I can't believe so many people are buying into all the vaccine propaganda.
On 2Wheels
On 2Wheels 14 dagar sedan
I had a friend who lived in a trailer in Bisbee Az, he worked at Ft Huachuca as a civilian employee with the Dept of the Army and he retired after 24 years in the Army working in MI. All he had in his Double Wide was his mean ass Basset Hound and mellow Pit bull, Boxer mix and three 4'x'3x2' gun safes (two in a guest bedroom and one in his living room, a couch, a lazy boy, two chair kitchen table, stacks of can goods on his kitchen counter and 1/3 of his kitchen table, 10 5 gallon bottles of water and at least 10 cases of bottled water in the living room; big TV coffee table his bed in the master and THATS IT.. Yeh, they're shut ins in Bisbee.
Erk Vongronk
Erk Vongronk 14 dagar sedan
What a pussy. Self-isolated for a year because Big Brother said so. Bet he's first in line for the jab. Too bad, Stanhope used to be such a badass. Who knew it was the drinking and drugs.
Alexander Blackburn
Alexander Blackburn 15 dagar sedan
He looks like an anorexic version of a character from thunder dome.
bob hope
bob hope 15 dagar sedan
Who's Doug Stanhope?
Derick Christensen
Derick Christensen 15 dagar sedan
Sounds like Stanhope is living in hell.
Yellow Snowman
Yellow Snowman 16 dagar sedan
The Plandemic destroyed Stanhope
Rob Dielemans
Rob Dielemans 16 dagar sedan
time for me to get spotify, have to see this one.
Levi 93
Levi 93 14 dagar sedan
you can sit this one out, it was painful
Flakes InYerShoe
Flakes InYerShoe 17 dagar sedan
Just stopped by to see if Doug is still woke.
J Trax
J Trax 17 dagar sedan
DickChisqo 17 dagar sedan
Wow!! ...Covid really AGED Maynard James Keenan!! #TooL
chutupfool 17 dagar sedan
I can't quite articulate my love for Douge. Cheers.
lilswaggin onbitches
lilswaggin onbitches 17 dagar sedan
It’s annoying how not funny Doug is but is always held in some “legend” standard
billytankx 17 dagar sedan
Joe: Why don’t you wear pajamas? Doug: THATS WHAT I’M WEARING
Zebulous 17 dagar sedan
I live in Bisbee and I’ve been looking out for Stanhope for the past two years and still haven’t ran into him once. Now I know why.
Ra Prometheus
Ra Prometheus 17 dagar sedan
Wow. He was dumb enough to get "vaccinated"!? .. Best of luck. I hope Doctor Tenpenny's thorough research is thoroughly wrong ..................
Clay Guenther
Clay Guenther 17 dagar sedan
Gregarious Antithesis
Gregarious Antithesis 17 dagar sedan
Pathetic, doing nothing for a year.
SunnyDayTeaFactory 18 dagar sedan
woooah. dude looks healthy. Good for him
JP Pennypincher
JP Pennypincher 18 dagar sedan
Based on his hair, Doug is the male Whitney Cummings.
Luke S.
Luke S. 11 dagar sedan
fucking hell
Offensive CommonSense
Offensive CommonSense 18 dagar sedan
I'd never seen Doug with hair like that ..... It's like .. I donno .. weird to see .. like a speeding Raliant Robin or something :)
Willie master of destruction
Willie master of destruction 18 dagar sedan
Thought he looked familiar.... Live about 15 mins from bisbee
tcmNugget 18 dagar sedan
I had no idea Stanhope could double as a Maynard J Keenan look alike
TJ Duff
TJ Duff 18 dagar sedan
Sad that Doug is getting the shots. Really hope we don't lose him to pathogenic priming next year.
Karin 18 dagar sedan
Watched this on Spotify. Joe Rogan Doug Stanhope... what an interesting conversation.
Gandolf 18 dagar sedan
Wtf does he have a Mohawk for if he’s too fucking scared to leave his house?
Luke S.
Luke S. 11 dagar sedan
Cos it's fucking funny
Royce's FUPA 3
Royce's FUPA 3 18 dagar sedan
Cool story man!🤦‍♂️😂
Nick King Televised
Nick King Televised 18 dagar sedan
I hope my Daughter grows up and Marries a Man just like Stanhope.
Feels Good Men
Feels Good Men 15 dagar sedan
I hope you never have children
garlic CRUSH jim
garlic CRUSH jim 18 dagar sedan
What the hell happend to this podcast?
David Bell
David Bell 18 dagar sedan
Joe was an utter pain in the arse in this episode. Thought he was meant to be a comedian. Testy, touchy. Doug was canny as out. Bet Doug doesn't go on again.
THE WISEFOOL 18 dagar sedan
This episode was shit
Jaime Chavez
Jaime Chavez 18 dagar sedan
Look at those Seroquel pupils. That shit is fucking crazy. My mom took them for years and always told me it was her sleeping pill. Years later in Jail, my cell mate always slept 247 and when he woke up to eat his eyes were like that too. I asked him what he takes and sure enough he said "An anti psychotic called Seroquel it helps you sleep". I had my sisters get my mom off that shit with a placebo and it worked. This fools crazy talking about it like it's cool.
Alamgam 19 dagar sedan
Frank Murphy
Frank Murphy 19 dagar sedan
Really glad to see Jamar Neighbors back so soon!
Y R 19 dagar sedan
Joe fucked this one up. Not sure if he was annoyed about something, but it almost felt uncomfortable at times how he was shutting down Stanhope's ideas or changing up the topics. Stanhope is a hell of a comedian, at least a level above Joe, why not let him just shoot shit, that's more interesting vs hearing for the 1000s time about Joe's take on shit
Nonsense 19 dagar sedan
If you’re not known for wacky style since your youth it signals to me that you are having some kind of mid life crisis or a breakdown of some kind. And Doug’s kinda proving my theory correct lately. Hate to see it.
Trev Or
Trev Or 19 dagar sedan
Mid life crisis much?
Kris Poorman
Kris Poorman 19 dagar sedan
I thought looking at this guy he would be a tool but he’s pretty fucking cool and entertaining 😁
Jake Jonesy
Jake Jonesy 19 dagar sedan
I don’t watch sellout shit
PunDumpster 19 dagar sedan
except Phoenix in December...
B.G. Bankston Sr.
B.G. Bankston Sr. 19 dagar sedan
This guy has been locked jn his house lucid dreaming going crazy.
Liliana - A.G.
Liliana - A.G. 19 dagar sedan
Watched the episode on Spotify, it felt like Doug had called a few companies before the show and asked if they would pay him if he mentions their brands. He kept promoting products and Joe was obviously getting irritated
Mr Fitness
Mr Fitness 19 dagar sedan
With everything going on Joe you continue to interview weirdos. The country needs you to spread the truth of what's going on.
Pen Knight
Pen Knight 19 dagar sedan
Anyone else notice how salty some of Joe's old friends are like... Pauly Shore Tom Green Doug Stanhope They seem very jealous and envious that their Fame has diminished.
Max Farris
Max Farris 19 dagar sedan
Take a look at Bill Gates' paton number... W2020 060606 Paton for an injection that stores a "crypto wallet" and "vaccine passport". Filed in 2019... Before Covid... #justsayno #SaveOurChildren
Peter 19 dagar sedan
Love Stanhope.
Cognitive Dissonance Camp
Cognitive Dissonance Camp 19 dagar sedan
Fuckin Moderna got Stanhope in Rural Arizona? Fuck, bros, that's a cringe. If he loves quarantine so much, why take the injection? #FUCKINRUBES
Knocked_Moose 19 dagar sedan
If i could age like doug stanhope then i'm okay with that
Jay Byrd
Jay Byrd 20 dagar sedan
I've left my house EVERY DAY since the COVHOAX started. I'm immune deficient to boot, and I've gone to work EVERY FUCKING DAY. Quit living in fear, the psychos who run this country are given power by your blind obedience.
Ronnie Melocoton
Ronnie Melocoton 20 dagar sedan
Hahaha the food store
Yahseq Gookler
Yahseq Gookler 20 dagar sedan
Morons getting vaccinated like a dog.
Matt S S
Matt S S 20 dagar sedan
God this must have been a hard interview for Joe to fake laugh for 3 c hours
Pen Knight
Pen Knight 19 dagar sedan
It seems like Joe doesn't like him very much but was throwing him a bone for old times sake!
Ayedub 20 dagar sedan
Zippy the pinhead?! Still not going to Spotify
Extraneus 20 dagar sedan
i dress like #Stanhope it seems
deshaun dozier
deshaun dozier 20 dagar sedan
U didn’t leave for a year, but went to Phoenix for New Years? I’m confused
ear ugo
ear ugo 20 dagar sedan
Dawgdamnit! Doug Stanhope making me wanna watch jo on Spotify. . .
ear ugo
ear ugo 20 dagar sedan
And then jo at the end reminding me why I dont.
joseph spagnola
joseph spagnola 20 dagar sedan
Im a plumber i work with peoples germs for a living. I didn't take one day off since this "pandemic" none of us have gotten sick. I literally have lived my life normal except some other man is forcing me to wear a mask everywhere. Just remember that 2.8 million people die every year of obesity related issues. if the government cared so much for your life then why is it completely legal to have commercials from McDonald's selling you un healthy eating habits while you all hide in your homes from a 99% recovery rate virus.
Pen Knight
Pen Knight 19 dagar sedan
You forgot to mention the 9 Million People a Year dying from starvation and malnutrition. That's 25,000 deaths per day and it has been going on for decades! 800 Million Plus have malnutrition or not enough food. 1 in 9 go hungry every night in a world that produces enough food for 13 billion people a year!?
Bryan Panic
Bryan Panic 20 dagar sedan
I dont get when people like him who trash people and does every unhealthy thing and then worrys about a cold with 99.997 percent survival rate. Mentally weak, cant do the math. But will tell you what a piece of s#!+ you are for knowing this is all a scharade. Joe is too nice.
Luke Nicholls
Luke Nicholls 20 dagar sedan
Stanhope won't wear headphones because it'll ruin his mohawk so Joe doesn't either. But years before, in the old setup Professor Brian Cox had pointed out to him that there's no reason for them, you're in the same room- you can hear each other.
JimBobBek 20 dagar sedan
Why does Stanhope look healthier ?!
mrzisme 18 dagar sedan
Looks like he’s been getting lots of sunshine and lost 15 lbs. Some people with bald heads looks bad, but he took the time to get his face the same tan as his whole head.
roomclear 20 dagar sedan
He looks better than he has in YEARS.
faivish belchstein
faivish belchstein 20 dagar sedan
this guy was never very funny and now is playing the chic crazy bit.
LaLa Johnson
LaLa Johnson 20 dagar sedan
---well went to Phoenix to visit a dog I almost kept....ok
Agent Beige
Agent Beige 20 dagar sedan
Me before watching this. Zero interest in mohawks... Me after seeing Stanhope with a mohawk. "Now I want a Mohawk" 😋
Coconut Squirrel
Coconut Squirrel 20 dagar sedan
Love Stanhope, but that hair is too terrible even for the joke
c. b.
c. b. 20 dagar sedan
‘Thrift store huh’ puffs cigar
Ty-Mu-YT 20 dagar sedan
Anyone who smokes cigarettes in someone’s house that doesn’t smoke them has no respect. Yes I understand joe is smoking a cigar. It’s definitely not the same. Those things stink and linger as fuck.
mansisity 20 dagar sedan
Miss watching him and Bingo on Howard Stern
fuferito 20 dagar sedan
For a second I thought Joe was interviewing Lisa Lampanelli.
Pen Knight
Pen Knight 19 dagar sedan
Cameron Cieglo
Cameron Cieglo 21 dag sedan
Doug is looking more and more like Michael Keaton.
Darrell White
Darrell White 21 dag sedan
People like this SCARE THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS OUT OF ME!!! A large portion of Americans have turned out to be SO SOFT, and trust the US Government to tell us the truth. This depresses the hell out of me 24/7! #takeyourlifeback #youvebeenliedto
Brad Horner
Brad Horner 21 dag sedan
Joe Rogan is intrigued by this thrift-store concept. He's heard about them.
TheColdrush22 10 dagar sedan
He knows about Doug and thrift stores. It’s weird condescending reaction.
SQUID LIPPS 21 dag sedan
Love that guy
A Mercer
A Mercer 21 dag sedan
"Food store"?
Ash Williams
Ash Williams 21 dag sedan
He's just to old for this cut.
Jose C
Jose C 21 dag sedan
He’s the new Jedi
David James
David James 21 dag sedan
I did what Doug did in the 90's when it was cheap. Just hung out in some town here and there.
scott joyner
scott joyner 21 dag sedan
wow, not leaving the house for a year doesnt make you wierd at all.
Andy P Arson
Andy P Arson 21 dag sedan
No Refunds.
T Obe
T Obe 21 dag sedan
Stanhopes life isn't for everyone, definitely not for joe. But i think it would be healthy for joe to spend some time in stanhopes world and vice versa. Joe could relax a bit and not be as serious and Doug could do with some of joes hard work and discipline
Pen Knight
Pen Knight 19 dagar sedan
It seems obvious that Joes way works much better.
Village Idiot
Village Idiot 21 dag sedan
Sean Rojas
Sean Rojas 21 dag sedan
0:42 "It's a long story" he mentions *on the JRE Podcast*
Koda Cole
Koda Cole 21 dag sedan
What a sheep
CRS NYC 21 dag sedan
Stanhope is a good comedian, but he definitely isn't for the mainstream. Homeboy is dark lol.
Ironside 21 dag sedan
All because of a fucking cold? It's people like this who are reason for the mass hysteria that will never go away. Its used for the reason only the shady politician's know but it's for our best interest.
Anatoliy Moroz
Anatoliy Moroz 21 dag sedan
Alcohol killed most of his brain cells
Byron ‘92
Byron ‘92 21 dag sedan
Honestly surprised he’s alive lol
LukeWarm05 21 dag sedan
I'd love to listen to the whole thing, but I just don't give a shit about Spotify...yet another account to go derelict after I listen to one show.
Zack Klein
Zack Klein 20 dagar sedan
podbean app
denis avdic
denis avdic 21 dag sedan
looks like joes brother ;)
yabigitisine 21 dag sedan
Fuck stanhope coming out transgender?
theclayishone 21 dag sedan
Kinda surprised he's still alive.
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