The Advice GSP Gives to Young Fighters

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Taken from MMA Show #107 w/Georges St-Pierre:

Strip 4Gxxdrich
Strip 4Gxxdrich 2 timmar sedan
Haha GSP jealous ya right he’s one of 3 goats and the best welterweight of all time. The truth hurts don’t ask if you don’t like to hear the truth. Y’all get hurt by word’s not everyone can be a GSP, Jon Jones or Khabib.
Mak P.
Mak P. 2 timmar sedan
GSP is like the real life movie JCVD.
Mario Marini
Mario Marini 6 timmar sedan
GSP changed his game plan and executed it in almost every fight he had. Very rare. To me no other fighter has done that as clearly and adaptively as George. It's very impressive
DeathToCockroaches 12 timmar sedan
Love GSP but what a shit advice, how could there be champs with a mentality like that? What makes it hard is all those people trying to become the champ even if you see no talent in them they would probably beat all people commenting in here
Seferino Dag sedan
Pure class act
Diego Tobaski
Diego Tobaski Dag sedan
Isn't this the guy that plays Batroc the Leaper in Winter Soldier?
Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis Dag sedan
Spotify doesn't let me watch your show in Ukraine. It's a shame
Crimes X
Crimes X 2 dagar sedan
Georges "would you like to play a little bit" St. Pierre
Tenshyun 2 dagar sedan
"yeah GSP is not a finisher, a decision fighter, he is boring" GSP: When i see that my opponent is the one that needs to take the risk because he is losing, i relax. save myself for another day. Damnit George, you strategic genius. Anyways, This man is the perfect example of Discipline. in and out side of MMA
AV47 2 dagar sedan
gsp might not have finish all his fights but he finished careers
Our World Below?
Our World Below? 2 dagar sedan
My god, fuck that bit off at the end will ya. If I wanted Spotify I'd have it.
Mikey Vasquez
Mikey Vasquez 2 dagar sedan
Trying to find old Delia and Jones episodes. Where they at?
Carissa Jessop
Carissa Jessop 2 dagar sedan
He is such an amazing human, wish he wld become a coach.
Azraf Khan
Azraf Khan 2 dagar sedan
Not khabib :)
luis ernesto albujar canelo
luis ernesto albujar canelo 2 dagar sedan
GOAT of GOATS, maybe kabhib close a little to his legacy
Mango 3 dagar sedan
Joe really begging people to download Spotify at the end lmao. we don't want to dawg
bawse13 3 dagar sedan
I love the fact that gsp referenced pulp fiction
Amit Beats
Amit Beats 3 dagar sedan
Why would GSP have any reason to be jealous??? Lolll
Bradley Robinson
Bradley Robinson 3 dagar sedan
brain damage is nothing to f*
umadbro998 3 dagar sedan
In the add after the video joe kinda sounds like a transgender LA chick
Gary Day
Gary Day 4 dagar sedan
Wut a great guy President
Cap’n Salt
Cap’n Salt 4 dagar sedan
My sparing partner needs to hear this but on the real tho, GSP is the GOAT of mma and a fellow Quebecois, mad respect for his wisdom and knowledge
Swag Planet
Swag Planet 4 dagar sedan
This guy is SANE. He gets it
Yashua Mpolokeng
Yashua Mpolokeng 4 dagar sedan
Truth bombs
Phyzukx Del Corumbra
Phyzukx Del Corumbra 4 dagar sedan
Weird to see gsp with hair lol
Gabriel Endicott
Gabriel Endicott 4 dagar sedan
Damn GSP done hit me hard with that one...
Vince Blas
Vince Blas 4 dagar sedan
Man GSP so nice ❤
Estevao Giordani
Estevao Giordani 4 dagar sedan
Georges is the definition of a martial artist! What a guy!
Nixon Eli
Nixon Eli 4 dagar sedan
LIES! National Sports are all fixed so becoming a champion is all about accepting the fix
Kedir Yebre
Kedir Yebre 4 dagar sedan
Toggle navigation Spotify is currently not available in your country.
RafeAme 4 dagar sedan
Brilliant content and insight from GSP.
Daniel Gray
Daniel Gray 5 dagar sedan
That’s why he’s one of the G.O.A.T.! Young fighters listen up!
WesloTheTerrible 5 dagar sedan
Watched from UFC58:St.Pierre vs Penn & Still Watching in 2021‼️GSP▫️🐐❕
En1gmatic1 5 dagar sedan
I think GSP and Kobe Bryant are the top 2 stadards of greatness who seem to have the highest amount of knowledge that they really know how to articulate and are able to explain every nuance of their craft that they got through humble curiosity. Listening to those 2 speak it's so obvious how they've achieved such levels og greatness in their rsepective crafts
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 5 dagar sedan
Gsp dropping life gems on us
shaheer 5 dagar sedan
Just a number
Just a number 5 dagar sedan
Unique insights from GSP I hadnt really thought about before.
Deez Nutz
Deez Nutz 5 dagar sedan
First time seeing gsp with hair... I’m not use to this.
Pennywise 5 dagar sedan
GSP’s English has improved 💯 % ...I can understand him a lot better now then I used too...Come back to SVfrom Joe Rogan !!! Spotify is 💩 !!!
Rick DaRula
Rick DaRula 5 dagar sedan
He was ahead of his time
Zephyrus34 5 dagar sedan
God I loved fighting when I was younger (18-27), never started one but finished them all. I couldn't do it for sport though, I love my career lol and respect all those along with GSP for stepping in the octagon. Takes grit and heart and that's what I love about this sport. It's real with all the emotion
Kaycee 310 Toys and collectibles
Kaycee 310 Toys and collectibles 5 dagar sedan
What is the lesson for the day. Don’t sparr like it’s a championship fight and don’t hit full Power to the head.
Syntax! 5 dagar sedan
This guy couldn’t speak any English like 5 years ago wow
Adam Barrera
Adam Barrera 5 dagar sedan
Jay R Jr Jay R Jr
Jay R Jr Jay R Jr 5 dagar sedan
Wow everything about this guy says CHAMPION
Mike. 5 dagar sedan
Someone needs to tell GSP that's his front pocket.
Thabiso Khumalo
Thabiso Khumalo 5 dagar sedan
Former world champlom😂😂
Desecrator6 6 dagar sedan
Lol him having hair trips me out
Brianonabike 6 dagar sedan
If GSP started a SVfrom channel based around traveling to give the inside scoop on some of the most world- renowned gyms, that would be such an amazing channel for MMA. If someone could put that bug in his ear, it would be huge.
CaballoFrisson! RanchoGTZ!
CaballoFrisson! RanchoGTZ! 6 dagar sedan
Am 24 years old I want to be a ufc fighter am I still in a good age to be a pro fighter
Jimmy Dean
Jimmy Dean 6 dagar sedan
Weird seeing GSP with a butch lesbians haircut.
Kenny Tran
Kenny Tran 6 dagar sedan
GSP would be in for a shock if he went down to Sanford MMA and sparred lol. Those guys go fuckin hard. I remember seeing one video of Rockhold throwing full kicks and punches as if it were a real fight
eqseep 6 dagar sedan
Some Bruce Lee level wisdom here
eqseep 6 dagar sedan
the French Canadian Bruce Lee lol
JJ K 6 dagar sedan
His English has gotten so good
Cyxh 6 dagar sedan
Mammals learn through play. No big cat teaches it’s cub to go full throttle. We learn through play.
Toma Khaliel
Toma Khaliel 6 dagar sedan
GSP talks and sounds like Bruce Lee.
majomszex92 6 dagar sedan
I love how he mentions champions get figured out, atleast how to avoid being finished. And then there is Khabib, nobody even came to close to having an answer.
Sven Nevermore
Sven Nevermore 6 dagar sedan
He is really good in analyzing and has high IQ in Mma fight.
Emanuel 6 dagar sedan
If I had one day to train with GSP, I would be like a kid in a candy store.
Angelo Rodriguez
Angelo Rodriguez 6 dagar sedan
Joe I wish you asked him if he could take Jon Jones?
Paul 6 dagar sedan
GSP is such an intelligent guy
MEANZWORLD TV 6 dagar sedan
I'm not a huge MMA fan, but I can listen to GSP talk about it all day. Very humble individual. He represents Canadians very well.
Brodie Schroder
Brodie Schroder 6 dagar sedan
What a smart cookie
Miguel Rodríguez Delgado
Miguel Rodríguez Delgado 6 dagar sedan
Will the full interview be on SVfrom or just Spotify?
Victor Rangel
Victor Rangel 6 dagar sedan
Definitely the best of the best in the top 3 All time in MMA
Nicholas Morrissey Kepha
Nicholas Morrissey Kepha 6 dagar sedan
I wanted to reply to you about GSP's advice to Conor, but couldn't find the video on the JRE page. So, I will post my reply here. Success can be subjective. As for GSP saying Conor isn't hungry, or you saying that, GSP has a net worth of about 30 million dollars. Conor I think has hundreds of millions of dollars (publicly 148 million). I don't think GSP is "hungry" either. The "fight community" both loved and hated Conor. I think it wasn't Conor's wealth, but actually attaining most of his goals, mellowing out and not fighting with anger. I also never saw him as going to be some old beat-up MMA teacher either. So, I imagine he has already attained if not all them, almost all of his goals with MMA. Does that mean he is unsuccessful? Not possibly the greatest fighter of my generation? "Not hungry"? I don't really think so. I'd say, the most successful and not angry would be better put. GSP seems a very wise fighter but I'd have to see a bit of hypocrisy there. Maybe it is semantics. To me, I think Conor doesn't really carry the same anger. I think if he feels it is necessary to find some spiritual meaning to continue getting punched in the head, he might for a few more years. I am guessing that one of the last things on his check-list for MMA will be going out with a bang. I don't think we will see the likes of Conor for quite some time once his is finished with MMA.
Christopher 6 dagar sedan
So basically, take your ego as much out of it as possible.
J Murphy
J Murphy 6 dagar sedan
Haha so funny with hair
Jhhhjbv Kkjjj
Jhhhjbv Kkjjj 6 dagar sedan
True goat 🐐
Canadian Prepper
Canadian Prepper 6 dagar sedan
GSP while sparring---"You dont have any fight coming bro... You need to relax" Sparring partner------- "This guy is scared of me, I must hit him harder" GSP----"OK I must answer back" Sparring partner---- Dies
Aizikov Yonatan
Aizikov Yonatan 4 dagar sedan
Shit CP is here! Cheers!
Nick Danzinger
Nick Danzinger 6 dagar sedan
GSP-- I am not imprezzed by yur performanz
Brian M
Brian M 6 dagar sedan
Come back to youtube man! this is the place to be and GSP should make a channel too, his knowledge should be kept somewhere
the youtuber
the youtuber 6 dagar sedan
Is just me, or they look alike sooo much
Gabbo 6 dagar sedan
I miss full episodes of JRE on youtube... spotify sucks.
Lamar Scrotum
Lamar Scrotum 6 dagar sedan
George “would you like to play a little bit?” St Pierre
2021 News
2021 News 6 dagar sedan
he’s sounds asian
Jazzbuh 7 dagar sedan
GSP is that legendary Pokémon that keeps evolving and hasn’t reached its final form yet.
C Marin
C Marin 7 dagar sedan
*GSP advice to young athletes* " I am not impressed by your performance"
Daniel Z. Harris
Daniel Z. Harris 7 dagar sedan
thank the great Nipsey Hussle for coining and modernizing the phrase “its a Marathon not a sprint” 💪🏽
Jean-francois Duval
Jean-francois Duval 5 dagar sedan
Who ?
slipknotsk8ter89 7 dagar sedan
"Are you intoxicated?" GSP to his sparring partners
God Hates Math
God Hates Math 7 dagar sedan
I knew he was secretly one punch man. When he fights he goes bald
Dustin 7 dagar sedan
I remember not being a huge fan of GSP when started becoming big, but not because of who he was, but because I was just a big Matt Hughes guy. However, that quickly changed. GSP is such a humble, respectful, and driven fighter he sits at the top of my 'goat' list. Just a great dude
Scott Simon
Scott Simon 7 dagar sedan
Joseph One
Joseph One 7 dagar sedan
Alejandro Gomez
Alejandro Gomez 7 dagar sedan
You want to be a world champion? Look at how hard people like Elon Musk works. You gotta turn into that. Conor wasn't joking when he said "this is an obsession".
Kenzo Poe
Kenzo Poe 7 dagar sedan
Who else is not able to watch the JRE on Spotify? Since yesterday, I can watch anything else on Spotify except for JRE. It just says "Playback Failed"
EJM 7 dagar sedan
I'm currently in my mid 20s, been training for a decade to one day be pro and champion, in addition already working my career job. If I ever get the opportunity, I will fight professionally, and once I retire, I'll go back to my career job.
Gogeta Blue
Gogeta Blue 9 timmar sedan
I wish you the best
Ιωσήφ Φράγκου
Ιωσήφ Φράγκου 4 dagar sedan
Keep doing what u love ,follow ur dreams that’s exactly the same plan I want to follow .Hope u succeed!
Ninety Ten
Ninety Ten 7 dagar sedan
so many people need to hear this. i’m tired of telling people to chill out during sparring because they think they need to knock me out to get better
Oaxaca Flocka Flame
Oaxaca Flocka Flame 7 dagar sedan
Gsp is the coolest.
stringsnare 7 dagar sedan
This was a real talk for many different careers.
max sorento
max sorento 7 dagar sedan
GSP is the GOAT
Chris Oyola
Chris Oyola 7 dagar sedan
I trained regularly with amazing boxers some top 10 in the world and Olympians from Eastern Europe. They told me they fight for real four times a year and that is when they get paid. It is a pure stupidity when people are sparring as if it was a real fight. Fight camps sparring is focused but never crosses the line of fighting to end someone. Can't stand some gym cultures where they try weed out people by trying to hurt them in sparring. While I respect Mayweather as a boxer, I do hate how he tries to make viral all these gym wars. He is continuing the poor culture in gyms where people get hurt and learn nothing.
Lucifer 7 dagar sedan
40 + more podcasts deleted by Spotify
Adam Chapman
Adam Chapman 7 dagar sedan
GSP is the best guy for MMA he doesn't talk shit just fight.
Big Boy Pants Golf
Big Boy Pants Golf 7 dagar sedan
Is GSP the nicest guy ever or what?
itsGdublan 7 dagar sedan
George saint pehair
dorsandotcom 7 dagar sedan
real montreal legend here
Nimo Kali
Nimo Kali 7 dagar sedan
The background of this studio sucks! Freaking restaurant. Looks like ass.
Paul Merjudio
Paul Merjudio 7 dagar sedan
I’m new to UFC, about three years watching it, new events and past events. I still haven’t watched any GSP fights.
Weyal B
Weyal B 7 dagar sedan
I needed this.
konstantin stemmermann
konstantin stemmermann 7 dagar sedan
GSP, love the guy............but that haircut...........just NO!!
Franzus Gütlus
Franzus Gütlus 7 dagar sedan
This is my concern for Kevin Holland. He has no time to play and improve between fights. His fights are too close to each other.
Dino V
Dino V 6 dagar sedan
Kevin plays in fights.
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