Mark Sisson on Achieving Metabolic Flexibility Through Fasting

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Taken from JRE #1624 w/Mark Sisson:

Wylee Coyotee
Wylee Coyotee 6 timmar sedan
I read for intermittent fasting you're still supposed to get the 3 meals in the 8hrs
Wylee Coyotee
Wylee Coyotee 6 timmar sedan
Hesitant to try this if workout, cycle, and work for a living.
duelibop 9 timmar sedan
So is IF enough to build a flexible metabolism to burn fat as he describe or I absoultely need to do keto as well?
BaccaratFitness 12 timmar sedan
Close your eyes and listen to Mark Sisson and tell me he doesn’t sound exactly like Dan Gable.
Milton77 12 timmar sedan
Never knew obese people were super-survivors!
Amir Rizer
Amir Rizer 13 timmar sedan
Such an insightful video
ZZ Top
ZZ Top Dag sedan
Came here just for steroids
Dan Dag sedan
It’s crazy how addictive sugar is. I’m trying to cut back on carbs/sugar to loose some weight. I’ve never been more than 5 lbs overweight before but.getting older makes it harder. Being retired would make it easier. I’m surrounded by bad choices at work. Tough to resist M &Ms. 🙄
Miša Petrović
Miša Petrović Dag sedan
I do keto once a year for 3 months. First time I started I was dying for first 10 days or so. Now, I have only first day a little hard and then no problems at all. I think that is the flexibility he is talking about.
Passionate Living
Passionate Living Dag sedan
"the brain works better on keytones, than it does on glucose..." it's just not true, super interesting topic but in my view this "Keto" dieting or what ever version of fasting that's being perscribed is basing it's sole benefit from our bodies place of last resort struggle when it's food/glucose deprived. This has more negative effects than positive I believe, particularly when done repeatedly through one's life. Most of these people in my experience advocating these diets are addicted to coffee or other stimulants.
Jose Zamora
Jose Zamora Dag sedan
I’m eating one of his bowls as I’m watching this
ya bish
ya bish Dag sedan
Ramadhan mubarak 2021 everyone!!!
Патология Юмора
Патология Юмора Dag sedan
This fella should mention that he's on a hard boiled trt. This is the most significant part of why he looks shredded and slim
Brian C
Brian C 2 dagar sedan
Anyone with Thyroid disease watching this and thinking "yeah right".
longtimelo 2 dagar sedan
Why does Joe keep saying pasta is "eating normal". There is nothing normal about pasta. It's not even food. Your body doesn't know the difference between noodles and a snickers bar. It's all sugar--pure poison..
MJ Hickson
MJ Hickson 2 dagar sedan
For a couple years now I only generally eat once i get home @ 4-5 pm for a few hour window capping at 10pm. but alot of it and full comprehensive diet fats, proteins , veggies fruit and a whole grain carb carrier. It has been a game changer. I keep a little trail mix in my truck if im working hard amd you absolutely must stay liquid. A little coffee lots of water. Perfect for me. Push all day and no wasting time on lunch breaks and losing momentum on the job. When I am done for the day i am in full rest and recovery mode. My whole physique has changed gradually and mobility and overall mood is much better.
Megaman The Second
Megaman The Second 2 dagar sedan
Fasting and keto is just carnivore diet in disguise so is vegan diet because your cannibalizing your own fat that's why people feel great for the first few months then feel like shit fat stores depleted next is malnutrition and starvation
Bilbo Baggins
Bilbo Baggins 2 dagar sedan
When I do keto I have zero power and get my ass kicked at jitz
Blake Steele
Blake Steele 2 dagar sedan
The guy looks like a jacked Tom Waits.
Erick Parra
Erick Parra 2 dagar sedan
I believe it I lost 80 pounds on fasting but when I got corona I gain 30 that is getting hard for me to work out with a mask.
Gang Green
Gang Green 2 dagar sedan
I can listen to this guy all day.. #stopeating #fast4life🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️
Clasic x Knight
Clasic x Knight 2 dagar sedan
Funny, ive lived my whole life eating like this. I knew they were wrong! Lol
LGNDS23 2 dagar sedan
How do you know if you’re metabolically flexible, like you were an athlete but put on weight the last year would you be flexible because of the work your body is used to the years prior or not because of the habits from the last year?
BoxingPride 2 dagar sedan
That’s why Muslim people are much healthier than others when fasting Ramadan and staying away from pig meat
moentertainement 3 dagar sedan
Can someone who is doing long periods of endurance training still go keto? Doubt it, don’t think any tour de France rider is keto...
Eli Juan
Eli Juan 3 dagar sedan
Ramadan Mubarak ☪️
Raptor Leaf
Raptor Leaf 3 dagar sedan
Type in Pierre Trudeau great reset & see what comes up.
YonaPops 3 dagar sedan
Dick Gregory said this years ago
Kalmer Henrico
Kalmer Henrico 3 dagar sedan
Lol joe rogan thinks the great reset is a conspiracy theory, when they’ve (WEF and elites) have talked openly about it
alex alfonso
alex alfonso 3 dagar sedan
Great analysis, I'd just caution that people sometimes hear this sorta thing and walk out thinking that carbs are your enemy, when the main point is Moderation
Rebecca Dawn
Rebecca Dawn 3 dagar sedan
Fasting is excellent...encouraging people to eat death is not. You can safely fast 40 days.
Buddha - Kings Inc.
Buddha - Kings Inc. 3 dagar sedan
Important footnote: women fasting shouldn’t go beyond 12-14hrs/day, 3-4 days/wk. And keep a close eye on signs of hormonal imbalance and metabolic distress (e.g.: being cold, very tired, short-fused)
M Daily
M Daily 3 dagar sedan
I do a simple 12-14 hour fast everyday, I eat dinner before 7pm, and my first bit of around 8 or 9am, low calorie higher in protein diet. Works well for me and is easily achievable and maintaining.
donadthegonad 3 dagar sedan
Joe "conspiracy theory" Rogan. (sell out Joe)
Michael Ma
Michael Ma 3 dagar sedan
This should be one of the top goals for every person. Instead we're told the answer is to eat soy, grains, and antidepressants.
Mike Brown
Mike Brown 3 dagar sedan
Funny christians been fasting for 2000 years every party acts like their on to something Show your talent me science is just catching up to a book that's 2000 years old
Jon Johnson
Jon Johnson 3 dagar sedan
While this man is working for the betterment of humans, the Communists that seized our Republic on Nov 3 have much different ideas. Do not shoot yourself up with that bullshyt vaccine boys and girls. Wake the fk up before it’s too late.
Neightiznot 3 dagar sedan
this is cool and all, but it doesn't make sense to me to change all these ways to people that had an incredibly low life expectancy etc.
ChewieOne 3 dagar sedan
I was borderline obese from overeating. Then i had gall issues and turned all yellow in the face, couldnt sleep because of the pain and the doctors told me to have surgery. Awesome, huh? But i refused to have my gall bladder cut out since i have an excellent homeopath, and the pain receded after a couple days, but i still felt so miserable i did not eat for almost a week, after that I started with gruel and so on. I lost like 30 pounds and learned that I can indeed beat obesity while not feeling hungry at all. It was a key experience for a better life. I always remember it when i need to shed some of that returning overweight again, and then I only eat once a day, but lunch, not dinner. Its really all i need, because real hunger is a rare thing where i come from. The fight will go on as long as i live i guess ;-)
sitora khay
sitora khay 4 dagar sedan
Great watching this during Ramadan, finally finding out my fasting is not unhealthy.
eut256 4 dagar sedan
clear and concise with good tempo. Good job.
untitledundefined 4 dagar sedan
Is that James Hetlfied?
John Denton
John Denton 4 dagar sedan
Great Reset is not a conspiracy. There's literally hundreds of videos from the World Economic Forum that clearly states the idea and plan. Along with the prime Minister of Canada.
Sg1 Ds9
Sg1 Ds9 4 dagar sedan
So Mark eats twice a day and weighs 164 pounds. Really?
Matthew 4 dagar sedan
Wtf just happened to eating less/smaller meals?
Metal Hamster
Metal Hamster 4 dagar sedan
How to achieve metabolic flexibility through ... Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone :) Rename the video.
Matitza Richie
Matitza Richie 4 dagar sedan
People are that afraid to spend a little money on Spotify that they don’t realise it’s free to watch JRE on Spotify 🤡 🤡🤡
Steve Baker
Steve Baker 2 dagar sedan
Man I can't wait for the clown emoji to stop being popular. For me it's mostly that I don't have any reason to use Spotify, whereas I surf SVfrom anyway and typically stop at a JRE that looks interesting to me. I don't set reminders/alerts for when the show is released. I use Apple Music (paid) and am pretty happy with it. Aside from that - the lack of comments is a big part of it for me. I think I've heard they are working on this but afaik it isn't implemented yet. I think the greatest strength of SVfrom media is that it gives viewers a real voice between the comments and like ratios. When a company or handful of individuals who happen to have a platform/following try to jam something down our throats we can stand up for or against it instead of being in the dark. For example, as much as those damn clowns irritate me I am glad I read your comment because it is significant that he left SVfrom and I hope there becomes a reason to start using Spotify over something else. I think many people don't want to have to jump through hoops to get the content they like because it's spread across a dozen platforms
Bro Duke
Bro Duke 4 dagar sedan
Do a segment on achieving optimal health by eating pizza and gummy worms
Sam Appleseed
Sam Appleseed 4 dagar sedan
You lose body weight by creating a caloric deficit. .You’re body will maintain muscle and burn fat more efficiently when in this deficit by by eating adequate protein, keeping your caloric deficit modest enough and using your muscles through resistance training. All the keto diet does is break down the dietary fat you eat into ketones, which your body can then use for energy before it is typically stored as body fat in its original long chain fatty acid form when in the presence of adequate glucose. There is no hard scientific proof that keto will be any more efficient at muscle sparing or stored body fat burning , as long as you are eating enough protein and doing heavy resistance training while in a caloric deficit, using any other diet.
David Gearardo
David Gearardo 4 dagar sedan
Im 50 and I Started ketovore and intermittent fasting on nov.1 2020, I have lost 105 lbs. In 6 months and 12 days, it is just the way I live now, not a diet, when I break my fasts its 90% proteins and 10% veggies, feel great, and I sometimes do 48 hour water only fasts, handled like its nothing. Wish I would have known this 25 years ago. But I do take supplements. So I don't lose minerals.
Double R
Double R 4 dagar sedan
Joe people fast for 10, 20, 30, even 40 days with no problem. Calling it crazy without knowing what you're talking about is ignorant.
Rob Z
Rob Z 4 dagar sedan
He says fanny pack. I say fatty pack.
Sue Jones
Sue Jones 5 dagar sedan
Joe is an idiot and a complete moron! Hey joe, where do you think the term “the great reset” came from?! The elites are giving it to us! Yeah big conspiracy eh Joe?! 😂 Have you ever heard of the “world economic forum”?? Google a few things every once in awhile doh 🙄
Dominic 5 dagar sedan
If our hunter and gatherer ancestors had a Keto diet why did they die young?
William Kent
William Kent 5 dagar sedan
Luckily, a Warrant Officer was there and diverted a helicopter to take me to some help... as it turned out, I had no salt in my body. So, after that... I always carry like some sunflower seeds or spicy peanuts and such. How do you not go in to a coma in your fasting bull shit... or do you just sit on your ass, while fasting?
William Kent
William Kent 5 dagar sedan
What about the sodium levels... I died in the Marine Corps, one time after depletion of salts
Illusive. 5 dagar sedan
I did intermittent fasting for 1 year and can honestly say it has had very minimal effects on my body
Jake Sherron
Jake Sherron 5 dagar sedan
No, it’s TRT not fasting bs
Abraham Synth
Abraham Synth 5 dagar sedan
Ramadan fasting is good for this. No food or water from dawn till dusk. Only thing one shouldn't do is eat a lot after you break fast. Just eat only enough to fill 2/3 and drink lots of water.
Jacobo Reyes
Jacobo Reyes 5 dagar sedan
Like a fanny pack lol
Ben Rent
Ben Rent 5 dagar sedan
So if your doing intermittent fasting and still lifting-what should ur daily fast be?!
Tumen Odnuud
Tumen Odnuud 5 dagar sedan
Spoiled white man stuff
don toews
don toews 5 dagar sedan
good news on the virus in Dr thomas levy's latest book Rapid Virus Recovery free at Nebulized (inhaled) hydrogen peroxide kills viruses quickly and is as cheap as fuck
Massiv Da OG
Massiv Da OG 5 dagar sedan
So I’m not fat I’m just in survival mode !
idratherfly2000 6 dagar sedan
Anyone else think this guy looks like the Juice Weasel from In Living Color?....
Richard Littlewood
Richard Littlewood 6 dagar sedan
Can’t lie, in the thumbnail I initially thought it was James Hetfield 😂
Yanuario Arias
Yanuario Arias 6 dagar sedan
lol you don't die if you fast for a week or even 4 weeks, as long as you have stored body fat and drink water when your thirsty. there is a guy who was obese weighed over 300lbs fasted for a whole year and ended up weighing about 150lbs at the end of the year. i've done 4 day fast, i do 40+ hour fast twice a week right now.
Omar Barre
Omar Barre 6 dagar sedan
Great reset conspiracy theory?? lol The world economic forum literally has it on their website lol
David Berger
David Berger 6 dagar sedan
Joe that's not the standard American diet.
H M 6 dagar sedan
Right in time for Ramadan 👍🏽
c Dittmer
c Dittmer 6 dagar sedan
Working 2nd shift helps. I eat at around 7pm. Dont eat again till about 11am. Bowl of cereal and maybe yougurt and o.j. Drink a lot of water. work out in afternoon before work. I've done this for 35 years. People think they need a lot of food. You don't.
Cotivity 6 dagar sedan
Any person that has good genes: "I've unlocked the secrets of the universe".
Dalal Jaz
Dalal Jaz 5 dagar sedan
Руслан Шахматов
Руслан Шахматов 5 dagar sedan
Excuse, how do you know if you have bad genes or not, give tour genes a chance.
Yenny Borja
Yenny Borja 5 dagar sedan
Melly Mel
Melly Mel 5 dagar sedan
What are good genes?
david 5 dagar sedan
Sounds like an excuse 🤠
John Jinkle
John Jinkle 6 dagar sedan
This guy looks like joe Biden’s cooler older brother
39Thorns 7 dagar sedan
Cool to see Mark Sisson on JRE!!!!! Primal Blueprint literally changed my life.
Skrailing 7 dagar sedan
I wonder what his PED regimen is. He can not tell me he is clean.
WH2012 7 dagar sedan
Joe, the ‘great re-set’ is not a conspiracy theory.
Wave Rider
Wave Rider 7 dagar sedan
Joe is stupid if he doesn't believe in conspiracy aren't facts. Do your homework dude and you will know what is going on in the world instead of the bullshit saying must be a conspiracy theory.
John Dee
John Dee 7 dagar sedan
rofl... "Conspiracy". ahah Its in front of your eyes. They tell you on live tv. Why would be conspiracy when they are telling you straight in your dumb S face?
Sam Loomis
Sam Loomis 7 dagar sedan
Who is mark sissy?
Austin Littke
Austin Littke 7 dagar sedan
Eh i think this guy is a bit full of crap. Bs u cant efficiently switch to fats when u fast if u never did keto, show me the science behind that garbage statement
nick lowder
nick lowder 7 dagar sedan
Whenever my buddy starts talking about Mark SIsson, he has to clarify to me that he's not talking about Marxism.
Carlos Montana
Carlos Montana 7 dagar sedan
Elegant design, almost like a supreme being may have come up with it. Smart people crack me up.
Dilshod Umarov
Dilshod Umarov 7 dagar sedan
that's why Muslims do fasting once a year for 30 days in a row during the Ramazan
Taran Hase
Taran Hase 7 dagar sedan
What about the planet?? keto is litrally killing the planet, the grain that feeds the animals we eat can feed the entire human pop 2x over And fat makes you fat and tired (keto just looses the water weight), its harder to turn into an energy source, its like burning oil instead of petrol Wake the fuck up people, for your childrens sake
Chris Develing
Chris Develing 7 dagar sedan
Did he just say "it was designed" ? Well, well, well.
Internet PhD
Internet PhD 7 dagar sedan
lol joe rogan saying you would die for a couple week fast. not at all
sup Bro
sup Bro 8 dagar sedan
one whole summer i drank a scoop of whey with water and 2 clas a day and that was it. best shape of my life but i was absolutely miserable 😂😂
RP 8 dagar sedan
OMAD also boosts immune system and testosterone
Gordon Ingram
Gordon Ingram 8 dagar sedan
My secret to staying jacked is to eat 1.5 Lbs of Trout per day coupled with spinach and egg plant
John Jordan
John Jordan 8 dagar sedan
Mark Sisson on taking testosterone and then telling us how to be healthy even though 99% of his health is because of the testosterone.
Ale. G.
Ale. G. 8 dagar sedan
Being "poor" is the best way to do what is being said here... Laugh my azz off.
Ironmurs 8 dagar sedan
For in shape people, I do feel light strength training while fasted not only helps get through the fast, but helps maintain strength and accelerates the conversion from glucose burning to keto burning.
Synergy Revolution
Synergy Revolution 3 dagar sedan
I don't know about that. Probably strength training before or at the very beginning of the fast. But during the fast? Every time you strength train your body looks for glucose and burns whatever glucose it can, this was shown by Dr. Peter Attia when he monitored his ketones and blood glucose round the clock while in ketosis and went through his daily routine, every time he strength trained, he went out of ketosis. Strength training before fasting, even a very intense session that'll leave you lying on the ground could speed things up because it quickly increases your sensitivity to insulin and that's one of the first few things that needs to happen before you shift into ketosis. You'd have to intermittently fast for a few weeks to get the same sensitivity to insulin that you would get from one high intensity strength training session.
Peter Bulloch
Peter Bulloch 6 dagar sedan
Your body gets in its highest fat burning mode after 14 hours of not eating and remains for about an hour or so, this is the ideal time to excercise if wanting to burn fat for those who use intermittent fasting.
Anamaria Gerea
Anamaria Gerea 8 dagar sedan
I wonder how many people that understand the basic functions of the human body are rolling their eyes at this bollocks 😅
GE B 8 dagar sedan
The Great Reset is not a conspiracy theory. They even have a podcast and talk about their aims.
Tony X
Tony X 8 dagar sedan
Discrimination against carbs !
eric garnet
eric garnet 8 dagar sedan
The Muslims knew this way back in the day. 30 days of pure fasting. Your body feels great
Dug FmJamul
Dug FmJamul 8 dagar sedan
Jesus did it for 40 days, and BEAT Satan
Willie D
Willie D 8 dagar sedan
I'm so unhealthy and I don't look it
Shaun M
Shaun M 9 dagar sedan
Finally someone has explained my natural lifestyle, I was judged so much for eating like this
Harvest 3 dagar sedan
Same. People always called bs when I said I ate once a day. Now it’s a diet trend.
Ryan VanDenBerg
Ryan VanDenBerg 4 dagar sedan
Most people don’t get it until health issues force them into it
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