Mark Sisson on the Importance of Cholesterol, Problems with Statins

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Taken from JRE #1624 w/Mark Sisson:

That Bro You Know
That Bro You Know 3 dagar sedan
Finally. Now. Please explain that LDL is NOT cholesterol.
Megaguy 4 dagar sedan
Will Farrell died his hair for a new movie
Tom LeClair
Tom LeClair 4 dagar sedan
Mark said that he wasn't a conspiracy theorist - however, he states that statins may be the greatest hoax ever within the pharmaceutical industry (and I agree) BUT guess what Mark, this was done on purpose just as your instincts tell you - hence, the conspiracy! Why are people so afraid of being labeled a conspiracy theorist - small groups of powerful people have been gathering around for centuries for the purposes of controlling societies, without them knowing while deceiving them - that is the definition of conspire. Also, the people at the top aren't stupid - THEY are well organized and pay the smart folks very well to keep the information concealed from the masses - we the people who choose not to inform ourselves are the stupid.......Propaganda only works if the consumer BUYS the shit!
BaccaratFitness 4 dagar sedan
It's funny, Sisson sounds like Dan Gable.
Hard Truth
Hard Truth 5 dagar sedan
Statins are poison.
Janice P
Janice P 7 dagar sedan
It's amazing how much damage the food and drug administration has done. Yet people still blindly follow the "experts".
Sunny La
Sunny La 7 dagar sedan
JRS = Joe Rogan Sellout 🤮
edward k
edward k 7 dagar sedan
forget about the money come back to youtube
ColorblindPictures ColorblindPictures
ColorblindPictures ColorblindPictures 10 dagar sedan
I wish Joe Rogan would leave spotify for deleting "controversial" episodes
Wayne Hanna
Wayne Hanna 10 dagar sedan
Perhaps they could shed some light on Viagra and it's apparent benefits of reducing Heart attacks in patiences with current heart issues!
nick richard
nick richard 11 dagar sedan
joe where is episode 331?
Jesse Stanley
Jesse Stanley 11 dagar sedan
Doctors are here to lower lifespan not to increase it that’s what COVID is all about and vaccines 💉
Camila Ramos
Camila Ramos 12 dagar sedan
Raise your hand if u think this guy sounds like a rich af white privileged old man that Does Not eat frozen food heated on a microwave wtf.
Daryle Hayward
Daryle Hayward 12 dagar sedan
The American Heart Association just said that overall cholesterol has nothing to do with heart disease
Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins 12 dagar sedan
Awesome. Not a doctor telling us about medical hoaxes. Next week not a nuclear engineer telling us why Chernobyl wasn't bad.
Ny deer Hunter
Ny deer Hunter 14 dagar sedan
Both my leg arteries are clogged now what do I do 🤔
Janice P
Janice P 7 dagar sedan
I recommend Dr. Berg's channel.
ömer özgür çelik
ömer özgür çelik 14 dagar sedan
Who the fook is that guy fitness something shuuuut up man , how can you be entitled to speak something out of your profession. And also when that something 'statin use ' is been proved by many meta analysis of hundreds of randomized controlled prospective , retrospective trials . Dear layperson cholesterol can be oxidized into a reactive form which is forming plaques in your arteries . Statins primarily block liver production of cholesterol.
ömer özgür çelik
ömer özgür çelik 14 dagar sedan
@H Hijazi İ am so emberrased sorry i mixed up
H Hijazi
H Hijazi 14 dagar sedan
Thank you for adhering to science, but you have two drugs mixed up. *Statins* work by inhibiting an enzyme in the liver that is responsible for producing cholesterol. *Ezetimibe* works by inhibiting intestinal absorption of cholesterol from foods we eat.
achilles Herrebrugh
achilles Herrebrugh 14 dagar sedan
You got that wrong Rogan I got high Cholesterol but Im skinny hence you dont have to be fat to have high Cholesterol
Kevin Libby
Kevin Libby 14 dagar sedan
High cholesterol is nothing more than the check engine light. I’ve been saying this for years. Cholesterol is ESSENTIAL! Blood, water and cholesterol is the top 3.
Johnathon Livingston
Johnathon Livingston 15 dagar sedan
Don’t listen to this guy. There is no single greater risk factor for heart disease than LDL cholesterol levels. Saturated fat raises LDL. Dietary cholesterol raises LDL too, but has a minimal impact on some people and a major impact on others.
iLeanonsyrup 16 dagar sedan
Wish they would have touched on fish oil pills as that's a healthier alternative to the medicine from what I've read
WNxNokturnal 16 dagar sedan
Statins hurt kidneys too. Many Dialysis patients are on statins
ömer özgür çelik
ömer özgür çelik 14 dagar sedan
@WNxNokturnal Yes true , also in rhabdomyolysis Heme compounds may cause acute tubular necrosis i can't deny that both are true .
WNxNokturnal 14 dagar sedan
@ömer özgür çelik no it's not a joke? I've worked in the hospitals Renal dept for 20 years. The problems we see is when statins can cause rhabdomyolysis, which breaks down the muscle creatine causing severe kidney damage. I've seen it happen many times, though it's not very common
ömer özgür çelik
ömer özgür çelik 14 dagar sedan
Whaaaaaaattttttttt nooooo that has to be joke the reason dialysis patients are statins because end stage renal disease ( The ones on dialysis) causes increased lipids (fats ) in the blood , so the aim is to reduce further increase by statins . Aw god .
Kyle Ferguson
Kyle Ferguson 17 dagar sedan
This guy is ignoring decades of medical science about the dangers of high cholesterol. No science background, no medical training. Why are we listening to this guy?
juryrigging 13 dagar sedan
@Kyle Ferguson Fair play, I can own up to my mistakes. I was getting mixed up with the whole doing work as a patent clerk, and in my haste to fight a stupid comment I forgot the rest and made an even stupider one. But one moronic misfire doesn't invalidate the rest of my comment. The research is out there for anyone with the drive to learn. Not for you? Fine, no one is forcing you to listen, and I agree that anyone who bases their understanding of science purely off the words of some guy on the internet is dumb. But you argued the man, and you did so from a place of ignorance to what he knows or whether he had anything to back his position. So I'm not the only one saying stupid things.
Kyle Ferguson
Kyle Ferguson 13 dagar sedan
@juryriggingIf you consider a PhD in Physics from the University of Zurich a “non-science” background then I guess your right.
juryrigging 15 dagar sedan
Einstein didn't have a science background either. Why do we listen to him? Professional bodies often get stale in their thinking, and breakthroughs often come from those attacking the problem from a different angle. As it is, this isn't something Mark came up with himself. Nor is he ignoring decades of research. Rather, his views are formed from decades of medical research. Mark was a victim of medical guidelines and it was quite literally destroying him. His body was breaking down despite doing everything *right*. So he looked into it himself and found a body of contradictory work, which helped him regain his health. He keeps up to date on the literature and changes his stance based on new findings. While he may not have a formal medical background, he has put in enough work over the years that to say he doesn't have one at all is misguided. He is also in touch with a community of medical professionals who through their practice have come to similar conclusions, and are working to improve patients' lives where others in their profession have failed. If you want to be sceptical, by all means do. Scientific scepticism is healthy. But appeal to authority in an attempt to discredit someone you know nothing about, on a subject he knows quite well, is just plain silly.
SSaini 16 dagar sedan
@Coco Large clogged arteries and heart attacks are a real thing though
Coco Large
Coco Large 16 dagar sedan
Decades of dogshit studies tell you elevated cholesterol is bad for you the same way having lots of firemen is cause of a large fire. Cholesterol is meant to repair an underlying problem, not the cause of the problem.
Linda Valdivia
Linda Valdivia 17 dagar sedan
Luv Him!!
MTB999 17 dagar sedan
Is this James Hetfield's dad? ;)
REMM 17 dagar sedan
I am a doctor and I strongly disagree with your cholesterol theory. I'm uptodate with all the cholesterol guidelines and biochemistry and what he said it's just not true.
Kevin Libby
Kevin Libby 14 dagar sedan
Of course you disagree. You’re nothing more than a drug dealer and was taught nothing about nutrition.
Coco Large
Coco Large 16 dagar sedan
And that's why doctors don't heal jack shit.
cinIALVEspO w
cinIALVEspO w 16 dagar sedan
Are statins good or bad tho, my grandad takes them and I'm worried
Pete Sahad
Pete Sahad 17 dagar sedan
I watched a commercial just for the word "tremendously".
Finch Harper
Finch Harper 17 dagar sedan
Bad cholesterol=Money Money Honey
Tom Freer
Tom Freer 18 dagar sedan
Go listen to joe organ on Spotify if you want to hear 20 minutes of ads before the podcast begins. Never heard more ads anywhere ever in my life. No kidding...
Adrian Flores
Adrian Flores 16 dagar sedan
You can fast forward right through them though.
MegaVegan 18 dagar sedan
Here we go, Ancel Keys, the great boogeyman. Except that 60+ years later, studies are still confirming his findings on saturated fat and cholesterol.
MegaVegan 18 dagar sedan
This dumba$$ has never heard of reverse causality. Cholesterol is the only *required* risk factor for atherosclerosis. All other risk factors (smoking, obesity, hypertension, diabetes, inactivity, genetics, etc.) are only contributory factors.
jay fray
jay fray 18 dagar sedan
i went to spotify registered but it kept no poblems.switch back joe!
bkparque 18 dagar sedan
Statins are probably main factor on covid deaths
radcow 18 dagar sedan
Stains are one the biggest cons jobs in history from what I understand only very small number people need to take them Edit Wow he just said it
RAW FOOD PHILOSOPHY 18 dagar sedan
I agree completely and I think we should be questioning questioning more and more people who are in Authority positions I'm starting not to trust people who have dedicated their lives trying to achieve power
bkparque 18 dagar sedan
It's a newton's 3d molecule trying to control quantum problem. Memory is quantum
Isak 18 dagar sedan
Stay with peace!
Guillermo Romer
Guillermo Romer 18 dagar sedan
So this guy knows more than the American Collegue of Cardiology, he should study more, perhaps some basic physiology.
turtlemastertimmy 18 dagar sedan
@Guillermo Romer Yes. Of which epidemiological and animal studies are quite low. Our current health recommendations are one of the reasons for our current health crisis. I used to follow recommendations and had mediocre health. Moved over to a low carb diet (with fruits/vegetables), no wheat products, no processed carbs, no added sugar, and my heath improved drastically. I was consuming more that the recommended levels of saturated fat, cholesterol, and salt, and yet my health has improved drastically (I have had plenty of blood tests). My blood glucose levels stabilized and I was able to keep weight off. I was able to build more muscle. My resting heart rate and blood pressure stabilized. Our current recommendations are a sham
Guillermo Romer
Guillermo Romer 18 dagar sedan
@turtlemastertimmy that’s not right at all, there’s a pyramid called evidence base level, it’s the scientific methodology.
turtlemastertimmy 18 dagar sedan
Do you know how difficult it is to force a massive institution to reverse its position? Their recommendations are based on shotty studies from many years ago. They continue to attempt to justify it with crappy epidemiological studies and rat studies and the rest, however I have yet to see a single double-blind study (the gold standard) testing these claims that doesn't support the side of Mark Sisson. Our health agencies don't have much credibility.
TheDizastarmaster 18 dagar sedan
Seamlessly stream? Not my spotify experience !
Tetroploid 18 dagar sedan
This guy just ignoring the mountain of evidence to support the development of atherosclerosis and subsequent heart disease. Smh.
Tetroploid 13 dagar sedan
@turtlemastertimmy Have you actually read these studies, or even at the very least the title? Again; link me up the studies that show a high fat diet is productive for cardiovascular health, or at a minimum the reduction of atherosclerosis. Where did you get this feed? Never assumed anyone would actually read it? Moron.
Tetroploid 18 dagar sedan
@turtlemastertimmy Had a look at the first 3-4, I see some weight loss references specific to individuals with high insulin secretion (or pre-type 2 diabetics), however, no reference to the effects of high cholesterol/saturated fat diets on both serum cholesterol and the development of atherosclerosis. I'll have a deep dive into the rest later.
Tetroploid 18 dagar sedan
@turtlemastertimmy I’ll take a look, thanks.
turtlemastertimmy 18 dagar sedan
@Tetroploid 1. Trumbo P, Schlicker S, Yates AA, Poos M., Food and Nutrition Board of the Institute of Medicine, The National Academies. Dietary reference intakes for energy, carbohydrate, fiber, fat, fatty acids, cholesterol, protein and amino acids. J Am Diet Assoc. 2002 Nov;102(11):1621-30. [PubMed] 2. Ebbeling CB, Feldman HA, Klein GL, Wong JMW, Bielak L, Steltz SK, Luoto PK, Wolfe RR, Wong WW, Ludwig DS. Effects of a low carbohydrate diet on energy expenditure during weight loss maintenance: randomized trial. BMJ. 2018 Nov 14;363:k4583. [PMC free article] [PubMed] 3. Ludwig DS, Ebbeling CB. The Carbohydrate-Insulin Model of Obesity: Beyond "Calories In, Calories Out". JAMA Intern Med. 2018 Aug 01;178(8):1098-1103. [PMC free article] [PubMed] 4. Nordmann AJ, Nordmann A, Briel M, Keller U, Yancy WS, Brehm BJ, Bucher HC. Effects of low-carbohydrate vs low-fat diets on weight loss and cardiovascular risk factors: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. 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Tetroploid 18 dagar sedan
@turtlemastertimmy The science is clear. Link me up this evidence.
Andy 18 dagar sedan
It is standard protocol for diabetics to be on statins. A lot of older people are on statins too.
turtlemastertimmy 18 dagar sedan
Yes and that's the problem. Our health recommendations are a problem and have been for years. It isn't the doctor's fault, because these are the recommendations. It's the researchers bought and paid to peddle nonsense to us when we have the right to know what's healthy and what's not
spookdude devito
spookdude devito 19 dagar sedan
This episode is almost worth joining Spotify......almost
Adrian Flores
Adrian Flores 16 dagar sedan
It’s free. I don’t understand the hate.
Atlanta Guns
Atlanta Guns 19 dagar sedan
Eat more fatty fish, problem solved
Elevated Performance
Elevated Performance 19 dagar sedan
Yeah the way he is explaining it makes it seem like u can eat shit food.....
Cous Cousy
Cous Cousy 19 dagar sedan
Fred McMillen
Fred McMillen 19 dagar sedan
Stating hurt me so bad couldn't take them, muscle pain bad.
Ryan U
Ryan U 19 dagar sedan
Photon 19 dagar sedan
Is fuxking joe reading off a script ?!!!!?!!
Michael Carroll
Michael Carroll 19 dagar sedan
The correlation between statins and life expectancy increase is the very well known. The reason cholesterol is no longer looked at as being the main cause of cardiovascular disease is because of the efficacy of statin treatment. Joe, ask some more questions and call people like this guy out on his angled BS. I’m someone who runs almost daily and believes in taking care of yourself through nutrition and physical exercise...but I know this guy is full of it.
Michael Carroll
Michael Carroll 5 dagar sedan
@Matthew Jeffers I do use my head and eat a balanced diet with cholestrol in it. Some people have genetic conditions that produce elevated amounts of cholestrol through their liver and this leads to higher rates of cardiovascular disease and death. The main point is that statins aren't the evil being presented. The drugs have contributed to increase in life expectancy. I don't have brain fog due to a vegan diet and would never advocate for extreme dieting. It's not healthy. If you eat a balanced healthy diet and excercise regularly and have high cholestrol, then take a statin if recommended by a doctor.
Matthew Jeffers
Matthew Jeffers 10 dagar sedan
Use your head, if cholesterol was bad for you then we wouldn't be able to eat fish, eggs, milk or any meats because they're all loaded with cholesterol. 95% at least of fruit and vegetables are man made in the grocery stores. Our ancestors from anywhere in the world wouldn't have been eating any of that shit prior to 200 years ago. Also breast milk is loaded with saturated fat and cholesterol for a reason. Your brain is cholesterol and saturated fat, try going vegan and within a year you'll start to experience major brain fog and similar problems. I would know, as I unfortunately did that.
Pooyan 1920
Pooyan 1920 19 dagar sedan
The moment he said I'm not a doctor just a research guy they lost me
Cous Cousy
Cous Cousy 19 dagar sedan
Why is that? The point is the vast majority of Doctors over the past 40 years, have pushed lies and caved to pharmaceutical companies. Some Doctors are righting the wrongs, but non-doctors are needed to ask questions and speak on their own experiences. This dude is 60+, looks great, so...might want to listen to people who have turned their own life styles around even if the don't have an MD.
Hardcore Herbivore
Hardcore Herbivore 20 dagar sedan
“I’m not a conspiracy theorist”. Followed with conspiracy theory about pharmaceutical industry and sugar industry working together to sell Statin drugs.
Hardcore Herbivore
Hardcore Herbivore 19 dagar sedan
@Icarus Windjammer Wrong, about 80% of pharmaceutical drugs that are sold go to animal agriculture. Saying they have a stake in that, is just business. In comparison, "sugar gate" is a conspiracy theory.
Icarus Windjammer
Icarus Windjammer 19 dagar sedan
Not a conspiracy, just business.
Oscar Aguilar
Oscar Aguilar 20 dagar sedan
Cardio is proven to lower bad cholesterol so try to just get a minimum amount through food, and go for a walk everyday. You guys that are eating mcdonald's and stuff and have healthy levels are lucky I have heart issues in my family if I'm not careful I can put myself in a tricky situation fast.
Mr. T
Mr. T 20 dagar sedan
What a liar,,, cholesterol isn’t a problem and “most” doctors agree with that?!? Ya friggin right,,, Only low carb idiots believe that b.s.
graylobo133 20 dagar sedan
He pretty much called Joe an idiot. Whn he said all these idiots at the gym for hours and eat a ton at same time
Su Ba
Su Ba 20 dagar sedan
Always some dingleberry with zero qualifications who thinks the exact opposite of what science says is the best solution.
Su Ba
Su Ba 19 dagar sedan
@Icarus Windjammer well, since heart disease is the #1 killer world wide, and people with high cholesterol tend to have their hearts explode, I think it's safe to assume it's not good to have high values of cholesterol.
Icarus Windjammer
Icarus Windjammer 19 dagar sedan
What do the most recent studies show? The most recent study my Doctor says they use are about 30 years old. From 1990 she said.
D Singh
D Singh 20 dagar sedan
The french consume huge amounts of saturated fat (no wine and olive oil isn't a factor in protection)..they smoke like troopers too...yet low heart disease. If you think cholesterol causes heart disease then why do 'fibrates' (that reduce cholesterol ) not reduce heart disease? For more info read Dr Malcolm kendrick's (a medical doctor ) book the 'cholersterol con'. The key factors in heart disease are stress and sugar
_Raz 20 dagar sedan
"I don't believe in conspiracies", while Joe rightfully brings up a proven conspiracy where Harvert scientists were bought to produce bullshit papers. Classic.
Remi Fjelldal
Remi Fjelldal 20 dagar sedan
Mark sisson is an idiot. Cholesterol is the main risk factor for cardiovascular disease. this has been KNOWN for decades, Mark is misrepresenting the science.
Cherokee140Driver 20 dagar sedan
Sure. Sure. My hereditary hyperlipoproteinemia type 4 requires no treatment. Statins are bullshit. Carry on.
Matt Liston
Matt Liston 20 dagar sedan
Who the hell is this jabroni? 'I'm not a doctor; I just do a lot of research'. Well shut the hell up then.
Tyler Owens
Tyler Owens 20 dagar sedan
"Statins are the greatest hoax ever".... "I am not a doctor"...."I just read a lot". One of those arrogant people. All you need to know. Save your ears.
Chad 20 dagar sedan
Ancel Keys died at the early age of 99 years old.
H D 18 dagar sedan
He lived in a region of italy where the diet consists of high levels of saturated fat and cholesterol.
Martin J
Martin J 20 dagar sedan
All you need is vanilla pudding.
salty mister
salty mister 20 dagar sedan
Unfortunately the only way to lower LDL is with statins
K Sdizz
K Sdizz 20 dagar sedan
Read Marks book “Primal Blueprint” it changed the game in the health game.
nunya bidness
nunya bidness 20 dagar sedan
“I’m not a doctor, I just do a lot of research and reading.” Just like a doctor.
nunya bidness
nunya bidness 20 dagar sedan
Guy looks better than me and I’m 30.
Ucchi 21 dag sedan
Mark mangaged to make only false claims in this video
Ucchi 21 dag sedan
Mark is a quack.
Ramin Samander
Ramin Samander 21 dag sedan
No medical degree and have something to sell you.... must be right about everything. Why is nothing being questioned anymore on thus show?
SeaDawgOST 21 dag sedan
Haha this guy is talks out of his ass. Yea the side effects of Statins can have some side effekts but having high cholesterol and getting a heart attack is way worse.
Brian Wood
Brian Wood 21 dag sedan
Joe gettin chubby
r j
r j 21 dag sedan
Best explanation on cholestrol. There is also a part 2
Newf Lover
Newf Lover 21 dag sedan
I have chronic leg pain thanks to statins. I now have to take pain meds for it. Even having been of if statins for almost 6 years the leg pain is still there and getting worse. I’ve also have had my distal tendon rupture and a calf and bicep muscle tear. No doubt due to the damage statins have done to my muscles. Thanks to the opioid crisis, it’s real fun getting the pain meds, but statins are prescribed like candy. I take cocq10 and extra vitamin d. There are so many stories of people that as they get older can’t walk due to damage from statins. I hope that doesn’t happen to me. Statins serve a purpose, but once I was diagnosed that they caused the muscle pain, I was amazed as to how many people this has happened to. Im lucky that I don’t have the rhamdomyalisis (sp).
Newf Lover
Newf Lover 19 dagar sedan
@Ryan Thank you much. I’m taking a non statin drug that is keeping my cholesterol in check. Unfortunately I have issues on both sides of my family that doesn’t help. I just wanted to let people know about the muscle pain, it’s much more prevalent than they tell you. Thank you though. Take care.
Ryan 19 dagar sedan
Diet has been show to be able to reduce cholesterol to a point to where there's a chance you could potentially get off the statin, assuming your genetic baseline levels aren't too elevated. Whole food plant based diet w/o added oil is the specific diet shown to benefit heart disease patients, even reversing it in some cases. - one of many studies showing the effects Look into it if you're interested, either way hope you get better
Un ciclista en Buenos Aires
Un ciclista en Buenos Aires 21 dag sedan
Tired of this shitty miniclips, when will the show go full in youtube Joe?
Utah Getmetwo
Utah Getmetwo 21 dag sedan
I get all my medical advise from uncertified guests on SVfrom. My cardiologist, neurologist and primary care physician dont know sh*t, but this guy......genius. When I hear "I'm not a doctor" and "I'm not a conspiracy theorist" I immediately believe everything they say. Thank you, I just fired my medical team.
ömer özgür çelik
ömer özgür çelik 14 dagar sedan
Finally some reliable comment . :) Dumb ...f$#s that lack critical thinking are there where some self proclaimed expert potentially causing public health damage.
Gabriel Tello
Gabriel Tello 19 dagar sedan
Lol read Death By Food Pyramid
MisterCovek 19 dagar sedan
@Ali M My doctor agrees with the random dude on youtube.
Ali M
Ali M 19 dagar sedan
@MisterCovek but when it comes to advising people about their health you need a medical degree to demonstrate you understand the science of the human body. I'm not taking medical advise from a random dude off yt.
MisterCovek 20 dagar sedan
Argument from authority. I can use the same argument... "My doctor thinks the same way this guy does". Now what?
Jacen Grey
Jacen Grey 21 dag sedan
If you want a light-hearted but in-depth insight into what's being said here, search Fathead on SVfrom. Edit: Also Cereal Killer documentary.
Austin Haufle
Austin Haufle 21 dag sedan
Y’all, this man has a bachelors in biology. Do not trust his recommendations
s w
s w 21 dag sedan
Stop calling it bloody covid! Its the flu for gods sake. The ignorance is just unbelievable
s w
s w 21 dag sedan
Pseudo Science. Just like virology. These “scientists” have gallons of blood on their greedy hands
Tokes Alotta
Tokes Alotta 21 dag sedan
As a teen in the 90s I noticed that people in the past, and alo farmers seemed to eat way more fatty foods, but they weren't fat. I asked if butter, lard etc were so fattening why didn't it make those folks obese? If it was so unhealthy why were those folks not only healthy, but also in better physical condition? There were other factors such as they were more physically active. They also didn't intake nearly as much sugar.
Wolfwarrior 21 dag sedan
Processed fat and processed sugar are both bad for you. Those same farmers had heart attacks and got fat and old. Give me a break. So many excuses to eat like shit
Erik Swiger
Erik Swiger 21 dag sedan
Brain and nerve tissue are made of cholesterol. All hormones, not just sex hormones, are made of cholesterol. Not only does the body produce cholesterol, it extracts it from our waste and recycles it. Seems like the body goes through a lot of effort for a "dangerous" chemical like cholesterol.
Gebsus 21 dag sedan
Like most things in life follow the money.
l l
l l 21 dag sedan
Welcome to The View with Barbara Rogan.
Joseph Parmenter
Joseph Parmenter 21 dag sedan
Please please people. Do not take your health and medicine advice from a podcast. See your physician and make informed decisions in consultation with an actual expert.
Rose Cook
Rose Cook 21 dag sedan
Lmao this guy’s marketing high cholesterol. Take a chemistry course and learn about the cell wall and cholesterol.
Mike Massie
Mike Massie 22 dagar sedan
600 to 900 mg of pantethine a day will lower your cholesterol as well or better than statins, and without the side effects.
Steve Sosebee
Steve Sosebee 22 dagar sedan
Statins gave my brother diabetes !!!
Steve Sosebee
Steve Sosebee 22 dagar sedan
Inflammation kills !!!
Wicked Serpent
Wicked Serpent 22 dagar sedan
The company that made the first statin also made viagra. when you lower the cholesteral in men, they lose the ability to get boners because of low testosterone. (which is the least of the problems you have with low cholesteral as having low cholesteral is even more dangerous than AIDS) You don't have to be an illuminati level conspiricy theorists to suspect that the push for doctors to give people statin is to increase sales of viagra. But HEY! Thats just a theory, a GAME THEORY!
Go 01100110 01110101 01100011 01101011 01101111 01100110 01100110
Go 01100110 01110101 01100011 01101011 01101111 01100110 01100110 22 dagar sedan
I am very sad.
Joe Botz
Joe Botz 22 dagar sedan
The reason cholesterol is demonized is because initially they did not understand the mechanism. Cholesterol forms hard plaque when it repairs the vein or artery that is damaged. What kills you is the soft plaque You Don't See
Ceez B
Ceez B 22 dagar sedan
Here’s what’s dangerous about people like this guy. Just because this system works for him doesn’t mean it works for everyone. Also - if doctors agree that cholesterol is actually good for you, why are they still trying to lower cholesterol levels. He’s possibly saying the truth but it would be great if he could have a medical professional back up his claim. I never like when a person uses the cop out “I’m not a doctor but...” if you’re not a doctor then don’t state your opinion as facts unless you have an actual doctor back up your claim.
xannyphantom 22 dagar sedan
Statins save more lives then do more harm this guy is bias
Deus Vult
Deus Vult 22 dagar sedan
Kevin Nash, james Hetfield, Epstein, this guy looks like everyone
Nicolas Kremmin
Nicolas Kremmin 5 dagar sedan
Sounds and looks like Chris Hansen too
Michael Perry
Michael Perry 22 dagar sedan
Love Mark and I follow his diet. However, statins break up the plaque that causes blockage In arteries. I wonder how many people will stop taking statin because of it.
Steve McRichards
Steve McRichards 22 dagar sedan
His original point stands. Fat people are fat and unhealthy and drugs don't save your life.
Winston Schwarz
Winston Schwarz 22 dagar sedan
Not taking my statin anymore!
DarthBane1024 22 dagar sedan
I eat 6-8 whole eggs a day and my Cholesterol was 108 this week at my annual physical. Cholesterol is necessary and keeps people at optimal health.
Craig Crawford
Craig Crawford 5 dagar sedan
108 is so low you are almost guaranteed cancer. You need to be around 250 total cholesterol to have a normal functioning body
X Phile
X Phile 17 dagar sedan
Eggs do not contain a harmful type of cholesterol. The US gov needs to specify this and stop labelling just "cholesterol".
Vihree Linja
Vihree Linja 21 dag sedan
I eat mostly meaty n fatty foods but near zero sugar and no mcdonalds or tv dinners... I do love a pizza and some kebab...did some blood work and my good Cholesterol was over the marginal and bad cholesterol was under the didnt know what to say cause he never seen numbers like mine xD
Jacob Smith
Jacob Smith 22 dagar sedan
Thank you for acknowledging how easily Scientist’s get paid off. Now consider that next time you talk about COVID.
Bilal Raibati
Bilal Raibati 22 dagar sedan
blah blah blah, some truth to it though.
Angel 22 dagar sedan
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