Marcus Luttrell on Having a Movie Made About His Story

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Taken from JRE #1622 w/Marcus Luttrell:

Van Robinson
Van Robinson 2 timmar sedan
Joe Dirt🤣🤣
17-55 Sardarwali Ahmadzai
17-55 Sardarwali Ahmadzai 2 dagar sedan
If you keep making movies on lone survivors, you can make 32+ millions movies, bcz the population of Afghanistan is 32+ millions and almost every one has a similar and even wose stories.
Donnie Jordan
Donnie Jordan 3 dagar sedan
Speaking of Bill rapem all Cosby. Unger should have sent him over to the middle east! He could either kill all those Terry's or used as a scare
James Porter
James Porter 3 dagar sedan
I love that they are drinking my favorite whiskey!
fattydingdongs 4 dagar sedan
He should have go to Jocko podcast. But yeah, Rogan probably give him some million bucks.
Patrick Stewart
Patrick Stewart 4 dagar sedan
Marcus pouring some Blanton’s?
Matt E
Matt E 6 dagar sedan
Please give this man my gratitude.
Kevin Verduci
Kevin Verduci 7 dagar sedan
I am so glad that Muhammad Gulab and his family is safe . I feel he deserves to be shown so much appreciation for helping our boys in uniform.he earned a peaceful and prosperous life
Flash Gordon
Flash Gordon 8 dagar sedan
Marcus your a legend, your lost brothers would be proud
Gray Patrick
Gray Patrick 8 dagar sedan
Ooh gonna watch the film right now. Its on uk Netflix 😉
Mr Humble
Mr Humble 8 dagar sedan
Reminds me the time i had to go on a mission with my crew 2nd brigades of infantry special 2b missions, I did 8 months with angels and i was under the wing of captain Alexander B Jones and General bill Dickson back in 00, we’ve got lost cz one of the rebels souldiers blew a main bridge in the city which fucked us up
George 9 dagar sedan
I thought this guy died.
Jeremy Gutierrez
Jeremy Gutierrez 9 dagar sedan
I love the respect joe has for this man & Marcus is so down to earth Best thing I’ve seen in along time
diabsoul 10 dagar sedan
Oliver Stone's take on Lone Survivor would've been interesting
Kristian Petkov
Kristian Petkov 10 dagar sedan
I can listen to Marcus tell stories forever
Julie Smith
Julie Smith 10 dagar sedan
F spotify,
Andreas M.
Andreas M. 10 dagar sedan
Is Joe Rogan really crying here, or what? He is just sweating, isn't he?
PeePeeMilk 10 dagar sedan
I watched the entire interview and am pretty upset that Joe never brought up the man that ended up saving Marcus.
Christopher Chapman
Christopher Chapman 10 dagar sedan
I have never heard a more perfect description of Jocko. "You ever notice how his face seems like it would fit perfectly in a Spartan helmet."
Aaron Chick
Aaron Chick 11 dagar sedan
Marcus I cannot express how grateful I am for your service
StiffyStiffler 11 dagar sedan
I can hear his storys all day every day
John John
John John 11 dagar sedan
Now do you people understand. This is why you stand for the National Anthem.
DAVBOXER 9 11 dagar sedan
I read his book a few years ago after I saw the movie. Amazing and a true hero. MATT BISSONETE, MARCUS LUTTRELL, CHRIS KYLE are the men. And they are only three we know. There are plenty of them out there and we should know each. They deserve that
Bruce Broussard
Bruce Broussard 11 dagar sedan
This guy is a true hero. He has my utmost respect. Hey NBA, MLB and NFL take note you bums.
Ian Whipple
Ian Whipple 12 dagar sedan
They need to have task force Patriot on here. At least Col. Cain.
MrTo3cutta 12 dagar sedan
"Break glass, in case of war" "those guys exist" - best description ever.
fattydingdongs 4 dagar sedan
Go listen to BTF Tony in Jocko podcast.
Terrack 300
Terrack 300 12 dagar sedan
The real question is how much of his "story" is legit??, and we all know americans love bigging themselves up more than what they really are lol
Sam Lee
Sam Lee 12 dagar sedan
He reminds me of mayhem Miller
Zodian Barrera
Zodian Barrera 12 dagar sedan
"If you screw up and dishonor my friends I'll kill you" I lost my mind.🤣🤣. Thank You for your service Sir, and may your comrades forever be remember for their bravery. O
patri harvey
patri harvey 12 dagar sedan
Not that you’ll ever see this, but Marcus I want you to know how much I appreciate what you did. Being pulled from the team to “do more” couldn’t have been easy. And while I’m not the greatest with finding the best words, I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. I’ve gone through a lesser hell, but I was hit by a car in 2017 and had to learn to walk again. I wanted to give up but having read your story and listened to your speeches about drawing a line and crawling past it kept me going. It may not be what you wanted, but God wanted you to tell this story for a reason.
coolguy473 13 dagar sedan
Break glass incase of war 💪
Ben 13 dagar sedan
What happened to the rest of the podcast on Spotify??? It ends on a toilet break? Marcus wasn’t done 👎👎👎
Bob Reynolds
Bob Reynolds 13 dagar sedan
I really like this guy.
Jason Scroggin
Jason Scroggin 13 dagar sedan
Why can't I find the full interview!? ...ufdfdghdssdhjfd
David Jefferson
David Jefferson 13 dagar sedan
I wish Marcus had caught those guys that murdered his dog Dasy, before the Texas Rangers got them..
Dominic Vega
Dominic Vega 13 dagar sedan
Buzz lightyear to the rescue
John Lai
John Lai 13 dagar sedan
Spotify sucks come back bro
covlad2009 14 dagar sedan
Are they drinking wild turkey 101?
Hhhbvc Vvvv
Hhhbvc Vvvv 14 dagar sedan
On SVfrom there is the video of taliban,chasing them down the mountain in the video you hear “Marcus there’s no were else to go” that’s when they jumped of the cliff...from the prospective of the taliban Called operation red wings ambush footage-
Zaurbek HALILOV 14 dagar sedan
So Joe..can u ask him about the goal of the war.. I mean the Taliban are still there.. Still ruling.. And the opium is still coming to the usa...
Mr Turkey
Mr Turkey 14 dagar sedan
Haha rogan is getting teary eyed lol
encitic 14 dagar sedan
It's almost 1 am I'm high in bed and a random add popped up outta no where bright asf, wtf youtube lol fucking blind now
LickVIP 14 dagar sedan
I don’t give a f$ck what anyone says. He got his friends killed because he got soft. He should have never left them goat herders leave. What the kinda seal is that? He got everyone killed and he knew he was signing a death certificate for his comrades but he did it anyways
John Schultz
John Schultz 14 dagar sedan
One of the best episodes ever they should have muhhamad goolab on
JL 365
JL 365 15 dagar sedan
Joe’s looking buff 💪🏼
David Buonfiglio
David Buonfiglio 15 dagar sedan
This is why the USN is the best.
David Rieger
David Rieger 16 dagar sedan
“The best cash you can have is a friend”
Porkchopper82 16 dagar sedan
Why did you cut the Spotify? I want to hear what he thinks about current state of things.
Peter Tahoe
Peter Tahoe 16 dagar sedan
Jaime, frame Joe left of Center and the Guest Right of Center. It will look much better
richardm 16 dagar sedan
I particularly liked that scene with Eric Bana calling his team to jump on the CH-43. Get your knickers on guys, lets gooo! Must have been the work of Peter Bergstein. Eric Bana was a "Munich" actor where ghews can assassinate their enemies and it isnt terrorism. Thanks for fighting for our ehhh freedom!
richardm 16 dagar sedan
Anyone care to ask why all the US SEAL's were Jews in real life in the movie? That make take some real bravery to ask.
richardm 16 dagar sedan
Peter Berg, Oliver Stone, sounds like heaven! Oy Vey!
richardm 16 dagar sedan
Its odd none of these heroes ever speak of the Federal Reserve. Maybe Jocko perhaps?
Investing with Nick Cowles
Investing with Nick Cowles 17 dagar sedan
The movie was great but the book is 10x better. in the movie, him being rescued is like 20 minutes, in the book, him being rescued is like 20 chapters. The amount of bullshit marcus went through while running for his life for a week is insane. when youre done with the book, you really do feel proud to be an american. marcus is a true hero.
Truth Dr
Truth Dr 17 dagar sedan
Imagine fighting , shooting bombs , and then all a sudden you stand face to face with a beast like this. And realise youre so fucked.
life full of pain
life full of pain 17 dagar sedan
hate fact that joe is on spotify cuz i cant listen to his broadcasts from my country
C Pat
C Pat 17 dagar sedan
Thank you for not giving up
faivish belchstein
faivish belchstein 17 dagar sedan
Hardly....hardly a hero. He caused the deaths of over a dozen highly trained men who came to rescue HIM from HIS bad decision.
Logan Lucas
Logan Lucas 17 dagar sedan
Movie actor - Strong, cool, stealthy type Real dude - couch potato dude
A Lo
A Lo 18 dagar sedan
“I carry a lot of weight, 19 promises” Fuuuckkk meeeeee
GET2222 18 dagar sedan
Even after watching this, I’m not jumping to Spotify to watch the rest even though I have a paid premium Spotify account. It’s not going to happen... my habits are formed. Spotify is for music, period.
Jackson Scofield
Jackson Scofield 12 dagar sedan
No disrespect to you, they paid joe nice and proper but give artists less than shit
Jackson Scofield
Jackson Scofield 12 dagar sedan
Sucks to suck ;) recently downloaded it after years of refusing over moral grounds just to hear jre once in a while
Nel 18 dagar sedan
Richard Rawlings without the goatee.
Brumsly Brumbino
Brumsly Brumbino 18 dagar sedan
It’s awesome to see Marcus like this. The man’s been through hell, even back here with the incident concerning those punks shooting dogs, and yet you see him here and you get the feeling that nothing can beat this guy. Awesome human being, and the ideal patriot.
Alex Carling
Alex Carling 18 dagar sedan
Jesse Ventura says your a liar 🤥...
Ben Jammin
Ben Jammin 18 dagar sedan
Peter berg - Friday night lights tv show exec producer and movie director.
Josue Ocampo
Josue Ocampo 18 dagar sedan
Marcus is my american hero
Pepper Spray
Pepper Spray 18 dagar sedan
If we have "those guys" why was the election stolen with no repercussions?
Patrick Gallagher
Patrick Gallagher 18 dagar sedan
Imagine a Chris Kyle / joe rogan podcast
GreatWhiteSwag 18 dagar sedan
On Spotify this episode cuts off in the middle. Luttrell goes to take a piss and then the episode wraps on that. Am I missing something?
Kim Zammit
Kim Zammit 18 dagar sedan
Ditch Spotify Joe !!! We need you on youtube in these crazy times
Ricky Koptyra
Ricky Koptyra 18 dagar sedan
Why did it feel like they weren't done and it cut off? Was it longer than 2hrs 45? Thays all my spotify said the runtime was.
GreatWhiteSwag 18 dagar sedan
Same thing I wondered. They started a topic but he needed to take a piss and come back then the ep cut.
chris ayres
chris ayres 18 dagar sedan
he see's it as a loss(assume it's because of the lost of his brothers), that's amazing because if the film is anything close to what happened, these guys definitely won in the way that they fought and the moral decision they made in the beginning which ultimately led to the events that followed and i believe that decision was a higher presence or karma playing a part in that he happened to end up surviving with the sacrifice and help of the villagers that face taliban opposition on a daily basis , lucky we have people like him serving and protecting
Maciej WrOtEk
Maciej WrOtEk 18 dagar sedan
whats this line in a movie mean " i know guys who are doing 20 years for taking enemy weapon" whats that mean ? after they decided to let hostages go scene
michael cook
michael cook 18 dagar sedan
ive been subscribed to JRE for years, but he let SPOTIFY CENSOR him and then LIED to us about it to protect spotify and himself.. such a TRASH MOVE.... im UNSUBSCRIBING now. ....wheres the american flag joe? your masters didnt like it?
theplourde 19 dagar sedan
I have a hard time watching this movie. The first time through I stopped at what happened to Ben Foster’s character (I know he was a real person and his name) and didn’t pick it up again until three days later. Cried at the end.!
WESTERN NY BIGFOOT 19 dagar sedan
No movie link?
DOC_HOLLLIDAY_ 19 dagar sedan
"Break glass in case of war."
Andy Brennand
Andy Brennand 19 dagar sedan
Spencer Hillman
Spencer Hillman 19 dagar sedan
He seems to have left out the part where the book and movie were made up and not remotely close to what actually happened. The whole thing is a fallacy and a scam.
WykedGame 19 dagar sedan
A lot of troops deployed just using up toilet paper.. No disrespect to any of our military branches etc.. Just saying, a lot of it is beyond unnecessary..
gino tedeschi
gino tedeschi 19 dagar sedan
“Quote” ... where my likes at 👀
Jake 19 dagar sedan
I tried going to Spotify to watch the full episode and got 10 full minutes of ads before it started. Thanks Joe, I'm closing the Spotify app again
Travis Hutton
Travis Hutton 19 dagar sedan
What happened at the end of the podcast . Did they split it into two parts or just end it without ending it . Just curious .
John Westley
John Westley 19 dagar sedan
This guys a hero but he’s hard to watch/listen to 😂
jose flores
jose flores 19 dagar sedan
Anybody else notice the interview just abruptly end when Marcus had to pee
Dan Wrt
Dan Wrt 19 dagar sedan
I’d love to listen to this but not on Spotify
Steve From Yellowstone
Steve From Yellowstone 19 dagar sedan
This guy only speaks in cliches lol great man but holy shit
Nathan Long
Nathan Long 19 dagar sedan
Lone Survivor is the only movie I own that I actually waited anxiously for release!! I'm from south west Va and after watching movie in theater, everyone( in sold out theater) stood with tears in their eyes and applauded! Not one person left until the end of the credits and lights came on. This is the best military style movie of all time for me. I love a lot of military movies btw. Marcus is a true hero, along with all the fallen soldiers. God bless America
x5xruud 20 dagar sedan
Whenever I try to open the JRE podcast on Spotify on my phone the app shuts down...
vargas2k2 20 dagar sedan
Didnt he try to deport the guy who saved him because he thought that the truth about how it all went down would come out? Does he talk about that?
Juan Reyes
Juan Reyes 20 dagar sedan
Marcus Latrelle
Juan Reyes
Juan Reyes 20 dagar sedan
I love this guy. GOD BLESS HIM. That's the definition if a warrior.
Brad Fraser
Brad Fraser 20 dagar sedan
This guy and his team went though hell,but the movie ..Bullshit
Salvus 20 dagar sedan
I went dove hunting with marcus 4 years ago, I was 14 and he brought the the son of the man who was the "american sniper" The real guy who has passed away. Marcus didn't do much shooting but when he did birds were dropping left and right. Pretty quiet guy, also the american snipers kid was my age and was kind of antisocial. Me and our group of kids did are best to make friends with him but he always seemed sad.
L0rd_of_Hollows 20 dagar sedan
the difference between PKA and JRE? PKA talks about rape every episode.
MaMerric 20 dagar sedan
Based on what I've read Chris Kyle is more genuine than this guy.. Just saying.
JakeCharles 20 dagar sedan
You can just tell by the look in his eyes how serious he was when he said; “if you do anything to dishonour any of my friends, il kill ya”
Mike Stanek
Mike Stanek 20 dagar sedan
Has the abrupt ending to this episode actually been addressed yet? We all know this episode wasn't really over. Apparently they were going to start talking politics and people think Spotify just cut it out. Rogan just give the money back and get away from Spotify man. It sucks. Their app is awful. Everything about it sucks.
Nate Tomasso
Nate Tomasso 20 dagar sedan
He looks like former UFC fighter Jason "mayhem" Millers older brother. Or just Miller himself? Hmmmm 😆 🤣 😂
mbrishke 20 dagar sedan
Haven't really watched him speak publicly in the last 7-8 years. Happy that he sounds like a he's doing well.
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