Marcus Luttrell Remembers Real Life "Lone Survivor" Rescue

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26 dagar sedan

Taken from JRE #1622 w/Marcus Luttrell:

savagex466 Timme sedan
Just look at this guy. His eyes. The kind that can see right through you. Read you like a open book of every laungage that crepith the earth.
Quest4Adventure Timme sedan
Marcus, is One of the most interesting human beings on the planet.
Allen Mick
Allen Mick Timme sedan
This man has bad survivor guilt, you can tell it bothered him they put so much emphasis on him
Dan C
Dan C 3 timmar sedan
In just a short time this guy saw the worst things and the best things human beings can do.
Austen kreiner
Austen kreiner 3 timmar sedan
This dude is fucking crazy bro
laurence mark
laurence mark 4 timmar sedan
9:50 anyone else see the glass move??
Jamie Taylor
Jamie Taylor 8 timmar sedan
Legend I’d stand side by side and shoot taliban with that guy any day
MrDeseption 9 timmar sedan
My god you can see him reliving every second in his head.. powerfull
AdamLowdog 13 timmar sedan
He said I was a nobody that shit really will never be a nobody again sir you are an American hero
Lionel Mora
Lionel Mora 15 timmar sedan
Wow..... amazing story..
David berman
David berman 16 timmar sedan
That man is a hero!!!!
sidgartha 17 timmar sedan
He said all his fingers are ripped off, he has all his fingers?
TheBeastly92 17 timmar sedan
@9:50 the container moves by itself wtf
Edward Maqeda
Edward Maqeda 18 timmar sedan
First time I listen to someone and believe them.
ryan geck
ryan geck 20 timmar sedan
God damn that’s some fucked up shit hearing him go into every detail and sensing every emotion shit was crazy my high ass thought I was in that shit I swear to god fuck
Luke 18:13
Luke 18:13 20 timmar sedan
8:11 😔❤️
Ryan Freebody
Ryan Freebody 21 timme sedan
Shit man you could see him reliving it, he had the eyes that have seen shit you wouldn't even begin to fathom just 1% of it. Shit is crazy, a lot of good men died in that operation too, I'd hate to live on knowing I survived and my buddies didn't and those that came to save me didn't all make it back out, but, I guess you have to be strong as it would be selfish to be upset and broken by it, because they paid the ultimate price with the ultimate sacrifice to get your ass out of dogde, that's pretty crazy to just imagine/think about and this guy lived through pure chaos/hell.
Outdoor Living
Outdoor Living Dag sedan
This is why we need to take better care of our Veterans, some of these men and woman have been through hell. God bless all of you and thank you. 🙏
Luke Murray
Luke Murray Dag sedan
9:51 probably the wire but the tub starts moving hahaha
Jabba John
Jabba John Dag sedan
I'm a Nobody 😱😱
McCuck81 Dag sedan
I’m in pure silence listening to this mans story.
Jamal Aden
Jamal Aden Dag sedan
Lone Survivor my ass.....more like War Criminal getting dealt with by the mighty Taliban !
yourducky 22 timmar sedan
You want a cookie or?
Alexander Medina
Alexander Medina Dag sedan
wow... what a story
Kayla Casey
Kayla Casey Dag sedan
I saw him speak in 9th grade in San Diego. Amazing speeches. Incredible story
Grasshopper Dag sedan
Reading that book multiple times and then seeing the movie was like watching two different things. I know that had to be difficult to fit into a 2 hr movie but they messed so much of that up.
Ziul Zelev
Ziul Zelev 2 dagar sedan
When he pauses, is cuz he has to make up the lie.
Dwizzleusa 1984
Dwizzleusa 1984 22 timmar sedan
Lol do what
Ziul Zelev
Ziul Zelev 2 dagar sedan
I believe a lot of thse guys are just adrenaline junkies that get their fix under the pretext of "patriotism " They get killed or injured & expect our sympathy, they fought for an oil company, not for anybody's freedom.
Brutusthebarber Beefcake
Brutusthebarber Beefcake 2 dagar sedan
Some shit noone should ever have to go through. That's a fucking man speaking. I went to war, but not like this.
A Passerby
A Passerby 2 dagar sedan
It’s worth knowing that Mohammad Gulab, the man who saved Marcus, managed to escape the Taliban and is living somewhere free from the Taliban’s grasp. That man put his entire family in danger for helping a foreigner, much respect to him
phychmasher 2 dagar sedan
Nice try, Marcus, but I know you're really a cyclops with a prosthetic nose placed in the middle.
NORTHEAST JERK 2 dagar sedan
"man, it was a hell of a week"
T424 2 dagar sedan
It was a huge mess at the top of the command chain. That mission should never have taken place. A guy mentioned when he went there in 2007 that it would take a complete battalion to take control of the south and even then it would take weeks to secure it as even the locals that saved this guy turned on the troops thereafter. The mission itself was badly designed where it left the 4 men stranded. They should've sent in 4 teams of 4 as it was a huge arms smuggling route, knowing they would've been outnumbered and dealing with heavily armed forces if they made contact. They had terrible coms too so there was bad judgement on that too.. it was just doomed from the get go they had no chance. The decision on the shepard's was made with a clear understanding but they had handle it wrongly in letting them getaway so fast more or less the same time they began their retreat. Two of them could have paced on with most of the gear leaving two others to watch over the shepard's before bounding them together to make their way down again leaving the two seals to join up with the others giving them a lot more time to make coms and figure away out
Dylan Mcglone
Dylan Mcglone 2 dagar sedan
I literally cannot find any full interview videos ? Anyone else experience this ?
Dwizzleusa 1984
Dwizzleusa 1984 22 timmar sedan
Search better lots of stuff
brian hill
brian hill 2 dagar sedan
I really miss the uncensored joe show
Voytek 2 dagar sedan
Dude, everyone in SOF community knows you are lying. Anyone in SOF community knows that SEALS are fucked up. Get therapy, stop laying, making up shit
yourducky 22 timmar sedan
Are you in SOF? because it just sounds like you're a keyboard warrior lmao
Noah Gonzales
Noah Gonzales 2 dagar sedan
Yo does anybody else notice that thing move at 9:52?
Ian Lucero
Ian Lucero 2 dagar sedan
Joe Tube
Joe Tube 2 dagar sedan
Damn, real real
Golden King
Golden King 2 dagar sedan
Jorge better have trained with guy's twice his size because that's what Usman is.
hairlesheep 2 dagar sedan
This episode alone will make me sign in for the Spotify podcast. This was insane!
Saint Xavier
Saint Xavier 2 dagar sedan
The Grace of God.
FFFA 3 dagar sedan
“ the finger of God. They can look at you and just erase you”😂😂😂 what type of shit is that?
Jake Munoz
Jake Munoz 3 dagar sedan
“Shampoo hydrate” ~ Mohamed Gulab
Joey D
Joey D 3 dagar sedan
Most respect for this warrior and any that served.
ftoalan 3 dagar sedan
9:48 does something slide across the table?
christoph christopher
christoph christopher 3 dagar sedan
this guy is hurting so bad
Mojo 1/1
Mojo 1/1 3 dagar sedan
Respect Brother! You have me emotional
MaineBoxing BiKer
MaineBoxing BiKer 3 dagar sedan
I wonder how the Talibans side of this story goes.
305wicks Fx
305wicks Fx 3 dagar sedan
his face can tell that moment had affected his life by the way he acts
ldn0224 3 dagar sedan
If this doesn't make you love your country I don't know what would.
Mark Giroux
Mark Giroux 3 dagar sedan
I'm glad Ryan Reynolds finally got his head enlargement surgery
Zip Jones
Zip Jones 3 dagar sedan
Isn't that exactly what they did ? Pick an A list actor for his Marcus's character... Because to be honest I didn't know any of the other actors until that movie lol
Caesar Ayala
Caesar Ayala 3 dagar sedan
Sounds fake.
Ken Gregory
Ken Gregory 3 dagar sedan
God i don’t think we really understand how terrible we are for not taking care of these men and women that go to war... they deserve anything they want when they want, just off respect
Tristan Chase
Tristan Chase 3 dagar sedan
Marcus is by no means healed, you can see it all over him that he still has a lot to deal with, but he's one of the lucky ones who has support and help thrown at him as well as an outlet to be heard. You can totally see how there's a very fine line between him sitting there telling this story all these years later on Joe Rogan's Podcast, hurting but healing,,,, and sitting in some dive bar in a nowhere town drunkenly telling this story to no one for the 1000th time, hurting and never healing. For every one story we hear like this, there are hundreds if not thousands more just like it that we don't. "Expendable Assets" whose souls died in battle, but whose bodies live on, quietly dying over and over again in their heads.
Bb Ll
Bb Ll 3 dagar sedan
Cpt Tom Dodge
Cpt Tom Dodge 3 dagar sedan
Go look at what the locals said. I believe them, and the guy who saved them. They got ambushed hard and I’m guessing, according to the testimony from of the locals, that it was over quick and Marcus had full mags.
Ian Cross
Ian Cross 3 dagar sedan
trung hoang
trung hoang 3 dagar sedan
We need a T-Shirt: Shampoo - Hydrate?! Haha
Celathian Aaron
Celathian Aaron 3 dagar sedan
Dominick Cruz has entered the chat...
Robbie Herman
Robbie Herman 3 dagar sedan
this man has a season pass to the salty splatoon
Fer Cabrera-Gilbert
Fer Cabrera-Gilbert 4 dagar sedan
Matt Picicci
Matt Picicci 4 dagar sedan
The sacrifices made to protect this Republic. God Bless Marcus and his brothers!
Marvn Alln
Marvn Alln 4 dagar sedan
I have got to watch this entire episode. Dude is my hero just based off the movie. This is the first time I ever seen him since I learned of him. I’m 36 years old and this dude is a hero in my eyes 🇺🇸
Johnny Muriel
Johnny Muriel 4 dagar sedan
Just choked me up how he enters the past n relives it without loosing it!!! Thank u sir!!
Cesar Gomringer
Cesar Gomringer 4 dagar sedan
The dude looks weird bro weird eyes 👀 he got weirder after his rescue .. that shit he survived was craze he born again
Jay S.
Jay S. 4 dagar sedan
1:20 What a fucking liar. The Rangers found him upright and walking around with some of the villagers.
Tyler Stewart
Tyler Stewart 4 dagar sedan
9:51 the cup thing on the table moves by itself
The King's Court
The King's Court 4 dagar sedan
ML, glad you made it back brother! Hooyah!!! Stay well, and thanks for the film... regardless of the lost details in it, they gave a good impression of the ghosts God Bless! My Mom BAJ wrote the Bible, "Men in Green Faces" along with GW!
Dane Ryan
Dane Ryan 4 dagar sedan
"If I told you, you wouldn't believe" You're right, I don't
xxxtentacion’s cell mate
xxxtentacion’s cell mate 4 dagar sedan
McMoneymane 4 dagar sedan
Typical US military propaganda. Many of luttrell’s claims have been debunked and proven false by Mohammad Gulab. But the story sells to the masses
Qais Ra
Qais Ra 4 dagar sedan
You know I'm really glad to see that people are starting to see us (Afghani) as actual human beings and not some non-believer killing maniacs, Thank you for the supporting comments, it makes me have hope that the world will stop seeing us as the bad guys and that we might be free one day as well.
Jared Woerner
Jared Woerner 4 dagar sedan
Joe Rogan is such a good listener... which is why his podcast is the best.
Jmc 007
Jmc 007 4 dagar sedan
Fantastic simply fantastic.
James Deziel
James Deziel 4 dagar sedan
“Everytime I’d lose it one of my boys would say hey you’re gonna need this”
Ashton 4 dagar sedan
I went from verge of tears to laughing after “shampoo, hydrate” 😂
Ivan Ivanovich
Ivan Ivanovich 4 dagar sedan
I still can't help but wonder why on Earth they didn't take those Taliban shepherds with them uphill. Just as a security
Krista McMillan
Krista McMillan 4 dagar sedan
This guy sounds like a liar.
SoMeNaScArPiTmOnKeY #50NCWTS 4 dagar sedan
This podcast hit me hard. I used to work for MHR an underdog team in Nascars Xfinity series and we were lucky enough to get a chance to honor Danny Dietz and his family. I got to meet his mother and hear tons of stories. Honestly the most memorable time in my life. I still have the crew shirts that where made just for the one race. Still even have the blue vinyl wrap on my helmet. It's crazy to hear these stories and know people attached to them. God bless you Marcus!
Driver 71
Driver 71 4 dagar sedan
This has been by far the most intense interview I have ever seen 😳
Theodore Coleman
Theodore Coleman 4 dagar sedan
I saw the movie. Of course Hollywood will change the story to sell the movie...
ChumBue 4 dagar sedan
I'm curious on what special forces dont allow you to speak about missions. If any, are there?
JoThePro10 4 dagar sedan
did he say he never saw the movie? damn...
DS Daniels
DS Daniels 4 dagar sedan
Glorifying war is fucking stupid.
lexusmark1 5 dagar sedan
kudos to Joe for keeping his mouth shut and letting marcus talk...well done
Cliff Wayne
Cliff Wayne 5 dagar sedan
Whether you argue that we should or shouldn't be there is null.... these guys are sworn defenders of our country.... They have no say when or why their deployed to places in the world... bottom line is they put their lives on the line to protect you... Blame the politicians.
Cliff Wayne
Cliff Wayne 5 dagar sedan
I pray to GOD this soldier finds peace... You can tell he relives this day all the time. Sir, saying thank you for your service means nothing. Find peace, and don't harm yourself like many others that have experienced similar.
Marc Hord
Marc Hord 5 dagar sedan
Who are the 1k people who don’t like this. Crazy !
Luke Andresen
Luke Andresen 5 dagar sedan
Veteran here. Luttrell is a liar who cowered and ran which is why he’s alive and his brothers are dead. Do not glorify this man.
Sheep 5 dagar sedan
I've never cried in a movie, or a tv show or much at all, this dude telling his story, and his pauses made my eyes water. The things people do so we can enjoy our way of life is unbelievable.
The Slayer
The Slayer 5 dagar sedan
Who's chopping the damn onions 🥺
Rdawg 5 dagar sedan
This guy is a liar. He didn't kill one person that day. He didn't even shoot a bullet. he had all 8 full clips still. Also he exaggerated how many fighters there were. There were only 8 to 10 fighters and they slaughtered his team and all the other people on the heli. Shah was really good at his job and so were his team
Gavin Foutz
Gavin Foutz 5 dagar sedan
It's a shame Marcus lies and benefits from the death of his friends
Frédérick Rioux
Frédérick Rioux 5 dagar sedan
And I know the things after red wing operations .all what you have live thing go another mission's like therapy for be more strong and don't go down.. congratulations Marcus you do a good things for your country..I just want say ...Damm you Superman's unbelievable
Frédérick Rioux
Frédérick Rioux 5 dagar sedan
Champoo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣... crazy is the real legend..of them all.. unbelievable..héros 4 life... ☮️ And no words..just unbelievable..r.i.p his team.. on red wing's🤣😭all just real
brett reid
brett reid 5 dagar sedan
no that is not selfish at all Marcus, you deserved to be extracted and brought back to home soil you served your country.
Say Cheese Alex
Say Cheese Alex 5 dagar sedan
I went to the same highschool Marcus went to. Met him a couple times since he still lives down here. Such a nice guy
Justin Case
Justin Case 5 dagar sedan
Son of Honky Tonk Man.
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