Joe & GSP Talk About Aliens, Lost Knowledge

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Taken from MMA Show #107 w/Georges St-Pierre:

bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 2 timmar sedan
"They were communicating without saying things". Like Joe's shirt "I DO NOT FIT YOU"
Underdog Fantasy Football Greats
Underdog Fantasy Football Greats 5 timmar sedan
I have never been more certain that the human species discovered time travel: and it’s slowly being disclosed - we are going to understand so much more over the next few years.
paul .mccharmly
paul .mccharmly 8 timmar sedan
I need a time machine bro
Random Humanoid
Random Humanoid 11 timmar sedan
Greek fire was a great example of lost knowledge, I believe there also used to be some sort of unbreakable glass that we can't replicate.
Bryce Cline
Bryce Cline 11 timmar sedan
Nephilim are giants in the Bible, 10 spies go to the city of Canaan to come back with a report saying “we were in our eyes grasshoppers, and surely in theirs.”
Randal E
Randal E 11 timmar sedan
The man who built the Coral Castle in Florida figured out what the Egyptians knew.
Antony Jones
Antony Jones 11 timmar sedan
That’s why I have pittys at home in case they come.
Randal E
Randal E 11 timmar sedan
Imagine if the Library of Alexandria was moved before it was burned? Say to....the Vatican?
Tamara Brown
Tamara Brown 12 timmar sedan
Love you Joe Rogan ❤
Shadow meadow
Shadow meadow 12 timmar sedan
Joe has to invite Micheal Cremo to his podcast
Kesha Smith
Kesha Smith 12 timmar sedan
I remember as a little girl i would hear adults say when the rapture happens they will say aliens took us. They will always discredit God.
Doddith 12 timmar sedan
So Georges looking like a Russian now?
Leepluto *
Leepluto * 14 timmar sedan
Welcome back to yt finally and nice gsp
William Serre
William Serre 14 timmar sedan
Any links of the earth one and earth two thing they are talking about?
Presley Brown
Presley Brown 15 timmar sedan
element 115 ? 😂😂 this some cod zombies shit
Alexander V
Alexander V 16 timmar sedan
It looks like GSP is ready for some DMT.
Lejit Food Reviews!!
Lejit Food Reviews!! 21 timme sedan
Element 115 you say. Little sus...
coryn davies
coryn davies 22 timmar sedan
Aliens ? Sorry there aren't any , no proof , nothing . Fiction can be fun
Brandi Robinson
Brandi Robinson 23 timmar sedan
Frequencies- heal, destroy, levitate, agitate, sooth, liquify, energize, assimilate, hypnotize, open your eye.😉😊 We are key to everything. Photons are changed by our observance. What we perceive is based on our beliefs. The truth will indeed set you free. Dig deep. His-Story is just that. Time to write a new chapter based on facts. There is no separation. Everything is connected. The world is what you make it. What are you projecting? Be the frequency you want to receive. Love your interviews Joe. Thank you!
Shashank Shekhar
Shashank Shekhar 23 timmar sedan
Joe rogan is so impressed by pyramids i think he will Blown away he get to knew about kailasa temple from ellora which is carved out of stone from top to bottom.
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Dag sedan
2 yrs ago : GSP was educating Joe Now: Joe is educating GSP Joe has evolved a lot!
Mel Sml
Mel Sml Dag sedan
You should really have Jordan Maxwell on your show!!!
Vegas Rebel
Vegas Rebel Dag sedan
Some french guy already solved the pyramids.
Samuel Stone
Samuel Stone Dag sedan
Dude like I wish we knew everything we used to know
badmonkey91 Dag sedan
It's too bad the full video is on spotify. Such a poor site.
For The Love of God
For The Love of God Dag sedan
Should have never signed that contract. You didn’t need the money, you were already rolling in it.
Josh Tansey
Josh Tansey Dag sedan
Element 115 is this COD zombies aha
Michel Folco
Michel Folco Dag sedan
I mean 115 does not mean shit. We have known there is an unstable element 115 in the periodic table for a while.
Rappers Digest
Rappers Digest Dag sedan
Tee Frankenstein
Tee Frankenstein Dag sedan
Pyramids=Power Plants
Ari Palmer
Ari Palmer Dag sedan
Joe, please discuss the most recent UAP acknowledgement by the Department of Defense! Would love to see Bob Lazar back on the channel after the DOD June release of info on UAP phenomena
James Devine
James Devine Dag sedan
Gonna have Tom Dongo on soon I heard?
jd p
jd p Dag sedan
GSP is the Alien. 👽
Gregorio Dag sedan
If you really listen to Joe speak hes kinda a master of none .. he dabbles in everything but doesnt know much about them all ..except BJJ how have you never heard of Greek Fire ? Also its modern equivalent is Napalm
JESUStheATHEIST1 Dag sedan
Spotify blows
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman Dag sedan
Joe ''we are better than bees'' Rogan
Tac Dag sedan
Next time Bob Lazar is on ask him some complex science questions. You will quickly see how full of shit he is. Ask what tools he used to reverse engineer and disassemble spacecraft. Also the hand scanner was featured on Close Encounters of the Third Kind a month before he came out with his BS. Fools.
Christian H.
Christian H. Dag sedan
Gobekli Tepe. F Sumeria.
Gofa420 Dag sedan
Unsubscribe from your channel. You're a sell out.
Coyote Dag sedan
Joe bought out to control the narrative, they are already deleting old content they don't like, won't be long before he is totally controlled; he will end up toeing the line, that's a shame.
Clockwork Man
Clockwork Man Dag sedan
some times it feels joe wants to believe in a god but also still wants to believe in science/evolution maybe not a traditional god, but aliens if they created or stimulated our advanced evolution are kind of like gods to us just seems like he wants to believe in something more..... i suppose both can exist in a way
Awesome August
Awesome August Dag sedan
I love how gsp is a big jre fanboy
rasha upa
rasha upa Dag sedan
These aliens are actually demons....thats why go back to the bible guys
w4shep Dag sedan
Another lost technology... Damascus steel. A metal so strong it could cut through other metal weapons - gone forever.
Buttbanging Trannyliberal
Buttbanging Trannyliberal 2 dagar sedan
Been studying fifteen years. I havnt seen this guy yet.
Buttbanging Trannyliberal
Buttbanging Trannyliberal 2 dagar sedan
We probably got Bluetooth in our heads.
Bryn Cowart
Bryn Cowart 2 dagar sedan
Listen, I wanna get people’s opinion on this... I am accepting of the very likely possibility that extra terrestrials exist and that they are here on earth... but Bob Lazar’s testimonies were bullshit from a body language and logical standpoint. First of all, he had that guy with him who, after Bob said anything, the guy interrupted and was like “yeah, and our documentary explains this more” like they were tryna sell some shit. Secondly, Bob never gave an ounce of technical knowledge regarding engineering, physics, or design. Thirdly, his body language was, to me, that of someone who was trying to be deceptive. He kept pausing because he had “headaches”, he kept dodging questions and/or redirecting the conversation when Rogan asked him specific questions that required specific technical answers, and the way he formed sentences was super slow, like he was creating the story in his head. Just my opinion, but as a mechanical engineering university student, and the lack of technical information in Bob’s video leads me to believe that he’s on some BS
Flynn B900
Flynn B900 2 dagar sedan
GSP knows his fucking shit. Everything Joe was saying GSP was already replying and giving his own insight. I love these types of episodes about aliens and ancient technology, GSP is a fucking awesome guest
100th Level Chronic
100th Level Chronic 2 dagar sedan
gods, the weapons grade level of ignorance in this video and the comment section is hilariously stupid. i'd expect better from GSP except that he's from quebec so....
RobertBobby PelletreauJr
RobertBobby PelletreauJr 2 dagar sedan
Whos the guy with the jamaican accent?
Wayne Saggs
Wayne Saggs 2 dagar sedan
Greeks used shaped mirrors to focus the sun's rays to burn.durrrrrr
Edward mac
Edward mac 2 dagar sedan
Joe when are you taking Todd standing up on his deal to show you bigfoot? Your now an outdoor hunter guy...take him up on the offer
Yarr YoHo
Yarr YoHo 2 dagar sedan
Agree with most alien stuff. But, hearing people insult Egyptians intelligence about the pyramids is just rediculous. Egyptians were smart. The technology was lost. Not aliens for this one.
A 1
A 1 2 dagar sedan
Evolution is crap science
Andrew Karpyszyn
Andrew Karpyszyn 2 dagar sedan
Rogan and GSP need to do some DMT and ask the Elders about aliens and lost knowledge.
Pythro 2 dagar sedan
Aliens watching from their ships: THe hell are they smoking?
4th Time
4th Time 2 dagar sedan
It’s just our old language not new
Jake Dailey
Jake Dailey 2 dagar sedan
GSP is a philosopher who fights
Joe Blow
Joe Blow 2 dagar sedan
I would love to have a conversation with gsp he sounds like he would be fun to smoke a joint with and just talk
Josh Noel
Josh Noel 2 dagar sedan
Look into the guy in the early 20th cent who built his stone garden in florida.. Claims he used the secrets of the pyramids to build it by HIMSELF!!!
Josh Noel
Josh Noel 2 dagar sedan
Used reflection devices to magnify solar energy to burn ships near harbour!! was badass!
S C 2 dagar sedan
Some people can communicate on a higher consciousness, instantly and universal, the things that can be tapped into is unbelievable, seen it done (very rewarding, 😉😉)....
garytruck 2 dagar sedan
GSP is the perfect JRE guest
mike portnoy
mike portnoy 2 dagar sedan
Absolute nonsense. Aliens? Really?
Laza MMA
Laza MMA 2 dagar sedan
@mike portnoy i don't believe anything , but possibility of alien life is very real , not nonsense.
mike portnoy
mike portnoy 2 dagar sedan
@GM3 you're right. But why are "they" not still showing up?
mike portnoy
mike portnoy 2 dagar sedan
@Laza MMA total nonsense. You only believe what you want to believe.
Laza MMA
Laza MMA 2 dagar sedan
how is that nonsense ?
GM3 2 dagar sedan
There are over trillions of planet so its not non sense there is a very high possibility plus there are many planet which are older and bigger than us which are suitable for life
Λευτερης Παναγιωτοπουλος
Λευτερης Παναγιωτοπουλος 2 dagar sedan
Joe, GSP & aliens. my dreams have come true
Mushroom Kingdom
Mushroom Kingdom 2 dagar sedan
GSP, Alex Jones, Eddie Bravo and Joe = would be best podcast of all time.
James Devine
James Devine Dag sedan
Joe Rogan and Tom Dongo would be the perfect episode!
Mason Prisco
Mason Prisco 2 dagar sedan
I really hate that a man with that haircut can beat the brakes off of probably any single one of us watching this right now...
Total Grand
Total Grand 2 dagar sedan
Dont mistake aliens with paranormal beings, assume they are two seperate categories.
Devansh Singh
Devansh Singh 2 dagar sedan
This right exactly what I live for.
Kufu Tasaday
Kufu Tasaday 2 dagar sedan
The guest seems smart, he also seems like he might be a good fighter in the future
Robert Johns James
Robert Johns James 2 dagar sedan
Before humans are created visible and montrous being are present on earth with the same gift of "free will".. god send prophets of their kind to remind them of the existence of god ad their purpose to be created.... they resist and mst of the prophets are killed by their own hands... then god send an army of angels led by Azazil which is one of the most pious creature created by God....
saul Guerrero
saul Guerrero 2 dagar sedan
Pyramids were built by Aztec people we all know this . Even Mexico City was built close by towns and pyramids Teotihuacan .google it .. all Latin people know the Aztec and Mayans were the builders
Ryan Live
Ryan Live 2 dagar sedan
With regards to the pyramids.. Everyone says the stones were pre made but what if they were made and cast in place? It would be far easier to pass buckets of sand to fill up a cast than pull tonnes of stone up a steep ramp
Matt Wheatley
Matt Wheatley 2 dagar sedan
Look at your guests eyes sell out
Roy Martinez
Roy Martinez 2 dagar sedan
I call horse shit.
Long Dukdong
Long Dukdong 2 dagar sedan
I do not believe any military or Government reports on these phony alien reports. Anyone in power is proven to me they are lying scum bags. Completely red herrings to the truth. We are the priests of the temples of Syrinx. The obelisk of light that dwells inside us is the creator of ALL. These scientists know nothing because they do not know where to look.
Long Dukdong
Long Dukdong 2 dagar sedan
These aliens are constructs of our sub conscious mind. They are called archetypes. Carl Jung already discovered the truth many years ago! Read Archetypes of The Collective Unconscious by Carl Jung. People are so dumb! There is absolutely no proof these things came from any planet. Overwhelming proof they are hallucinations or even collective hallucinations by a group.
Steezy Vigil
Steezy Vigil 2 dagar sedan
Gsp sounds dumb, speak correct english or just shut up
RickyLafluer 2 dagar sedan
Aliens could be humans from the future observing their ancient civilization undetected so humans from their past don’t get to advanced to soon and mess up the time space continuum
LeglessLex 3 dagar sedan
I was sitting in a forest with really low cloud cover, something clearly flew over as the sound of the motion was obvious. But it hovered with zero sound Even though it was a mechanical object it would be felt and if the cloud wasn't their it would have been exposed
CrabBubbles 3 dagar sedan
We already communicate's just that most people can't receive/decode it yet.
Matt Barnes
Matt Barnes 3 dagar sedan
Batroc the leaper!
SYKOMORF 3 dagar sedan
Funny no ufo captured on quality phones ... thought they were everywhere ... idiots
marty williams
marty williams 3 dagar sedan
Has anyone checked on Bob Lazar since the government came clean? He may've hurt himself jumping up and down, followed up by break dancing. At least that's what I see in my head when I imagine him getting his words confirmed.
Marcus Brody
Marcus Brody 3 dagar sedan
9:00 shmh joe greek fire is the inspiration for wildfire in game of thrones jeez lol. I love your podcasts i was just surprised that you didn't know about something I knew about since I was 10 years old
noseishin 3 dagar sedan
Joe, I can’t believe that you think Bob Lazar is anything but a liar. He is a con man. It is so odd that the king of calling out bullshit can’t see thought that guy. That is because he wants to believe. Plain and simple.
Marie Adventure
Marie Adventure 3 dagar sedan
3,000 years in the future, the people will talk about how narcissistic people are in the 21st century, taking selfies of their butts, twerking, sending d-pic, posting food pics, fake happiness on facebook, etc.
Runtz 512
Runtz 512 Dag sedan
people already talk about that
Brandon 3 dagar sedan
Brandon 3 dagar sedan
earth is flat.... come on.... you people are delusional and so gullible.
Winston Smith
Winston Smith 3 dagar sedan
Travis Walton was working with a team of guys who were behind on a contract and needed an excuse as to why they hadn't completed their work. What better than being abducted by aliens. Keep up Joe.
Buttbanging Trannyliberal
Buttbanging Trannyliberal 2 dagar sedan
Alex R
Alex R 3 dagar sedan
when i close my eyes and hear GSP voice, i feel like i'm listening to jean claude van damme
Teko-DevPro 3 dagar sedan
Good podcast !
Ian Crouse
Ian Crouse 3 dagar sedan
The Great Pyramid was built with a ram pump, water locks, and barges. Back breaking labor wasn't used when this was constructed. When finished, it was a huge water pump that turned the desert into gardens.
Mushroom Kingdom
Mushroom Kingdom 2 dagar sedan
Where is this theory explained? Would love to know more
Eric Torres
Eric Torres 3 dagar sedan
This is bogus the anomalies didn’t move the same way in fravor video the camera moves with the object neither video the anomalies move in spectacular ways the moves normal
Paul Cuntt
Paul Cuntt 3 dagar sedan
Joe 'TRT' Rogan
Michael Harris
Michael Harris 3 dagar sedan
Fuck spotify
Casper Hope
Casper Hope 3 dagar sedan
How Awesome is It that GSP just taught a million People about ” Greek Fire " 🔥🔥🔥 🤔
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Dag sedan
ngl kinda happy he doesn’t fight anymore...he’s still got his faculties. Legends, both of them.
Durban PoiZN
Durban PoiZN 3 dagar sedan
Aliens dont exist people. Stop taking DMT
Ub Bujanda
Ub Bujanda 3 dagar sedan
I'm so glad to hear jo on board with this UFO shit
Bud Worthy
Bud Worthy 3 dagar sedan
80,000 ft to 1000ft in a second would mush any passengers...wouldnt it be teleportation as we call it atm.
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