Jim Breuer's Coronavirus Questions

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Holly David
Holly David 9 minuter sedan
11:20 Jim's friend's situation is exactly why we have to stay home. Our pay-to-play healthcare system is inadequate despite being the most expensive on the planet. They could barely handle things before Covid, they definitely can't handle it now and they don't care if they kill people that don't have insurance.
V N 6 timmar sedan
You can’t just give out antibiotics freely. Never forget the looming threat of antibiotic resistance. Why do you think antibiotic free meat is required.
aidan mcnally
aidan mcnally 9 timmar sedan
Does nobody know what antibiotics are? If they just give them out willy-nilly, then bacteria becomes resistant and they have to make new ones, and it takes years and a lot of effort and money to create new ones, IF you can. This is called bacterial resistance or antibiotic resistance. Some bacteria are now resistant to even the most powerful antibiotics available because of overprescribing antibiotics.
Shawouin 10 timmar sedan
IF the parents themselves are not responsible, who will?
AJ Simon
AJ Simon Dag sedan
Antibiotics do nothing for viral infections, hence why they’re called antiBIOTICS, and they’re not prescribed in these situations because were running out of antibiotics and bacteria are rapidly becoming resistant to the ones we have available, so it’s best not to take them unless you have a bacterial infection
Steve W
Steve W Dag sedan
Jesus this Jim bloke is bloody annoying to listen to.
tolpacourt Dag sedan
Most people are NPCs. Most people don't know their opinions or worldview were assigned to them by the schools they attended and the MSM they watch.
SirChebster Dag sedan
America, your government is fucked and your president has dementia, god save you.
Nuclear Winter
Nuclear Winter 2 dagar sedan
Yeah, I watched my mom pass away from a window last January. Not from Covid, but not being able to be with her, everyone can get fucked.
Fightingback 2 dagar sedan
This guy's got the right attitude. Wish others understand this
Buddhabrot xiii
Buddhabrot xiii 2 dagar sedan
but hey, Jim B is a GREAT story teller, goddamn
Buddhabrot xiii
Buddhabrot xiii 2 dagar sedan
IN OCTOBER 2019, BILLY GATES DID A DRILL PANDEMIC. ITS DOCUMENTED. IT WAS MEANT TO PREPARE US FOR A PANDEMIC. That CANNOT be a coincidence. Because it was meant to prepare, and look how unprepared we are. Maybe it was meant to prepare something else, not for our protection.
Bohenek Horsemanship
Bohenek Horsemanship 2 dagar sedan
Huge respect for Jim... he knows this shit is a fucking scam
SheWasAsking4it 2 dagar sedan
7:38 the 2.6 Comorbidities has since been changed to an average of 4 Comorbidities. www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid_weekly/index.htm#Comorbidities
Rick Kooy
Rick Kooy 3 dagar sedan
True that!
Falsechicken 3 dagar sedan
Good on you Jim.
effat ansari
effat ansari 3 dagar sedan
That story is so true it is not only happening in new jersey but all around the world really and the saddest part is no one is doing anything about it .... what kind of a world are we living in rn ...
Account 3 dagar sedan
This was pretty stupid, antibiotics are not being given easily because then you are more likely creating general antibiotic resistance! Also all drugs have side effects so it's not like you should have these without thinking
jeff tripp
jeff tripp 3 dagar sedan
Question everything, yes...but have the brains to identify what is real and what is bullshit. Saying that this illness is fake, or not harmful is ignorant. We need to be smart enough to see it from all angles. Don't be a sheep that follows the government, and the media, but don't be a flat earther moron that jumps on the "Its all a hoax" bandwagon! I hope Joe can stay the independent thinker that I have seen him be in the past. That's what made the show good.
Sal Arena
Sal Arena 4 dagar sedan
INFLUENZA A & B!!!!!!!!!!! God Dammit!!!
John Pruett
John Pruett 4 dagar sedan
People should stay away from anyone in the medical industry.
Jhonsun 4 dagar sedan
This is so true. All this blind faith in the experts - people willing to roll the dice with their family members and their livelihoods because the experts say so, and they don't know what they're talking about.
Jorge Garcia
Jorge Garcia 4 dagar sedan
Why does Jim look like he's on a permanent bender?
Patrick Pomerleau-Perron
Patrick Pomerleau-Perron 4 dagar sedan
16:58 That laugh XD
Patty Padilla
Patty Padilla 4 dagar sedan
Griffin O'Connor
Griffin O'Connor 4 dagar sedan
If you watched this and want to follow Jim Breur, here's your sign.
Gustavo Ávila
Gustavo Ávila 5 dagar sedan
Jesus, this guy is a joke
Alexander 5 dagar sedan
I am in complete agreement with Jim Breuer.
Bender Rodriguez
Bender Rodriguez 5 dagar sedan
Truth: Nothing keeps the essentials safe. We weren't expected to live through the 1st wave. That was why we never got bonuses. We were simply called "patriots" and when the outcry got loud because the unemployed got more money than us, sadly, and with shallow resignation, the unanimous reply that was agreed upon with an asshole's sheepish shrug by all sides was, "It is what it is."
Boost Junkie
Boost Junkie 6 dagar sedan
I was on life support in acoma for 4 day's. TELL THEM THAT THEY ARE FIGHTING FOR THEIR LIVES!!! THEY DONT KNOW!!!!
Idania Arroyo
Idania Arroyo 6 dagar sedan
CDC is nosey!!!
Holly Roxy
Holly Roxy 6 dagar sedan
I love this man ❤️👏👏👏
Christian Tyler
Christian Tyler 6 dagar sedan
Jay Days
Jay Days 6 dagar sedan
I’m a paramedic and this 💯 all I’m saying.
Tony D
Tony D 6 dagar sedan
Jim Breuer your are so the Man...right on👍
Demetris. 6 dagar sedan
This man is nuts
Brett Dillon
Brett Dillon 6 dagar sedan
If they wouod not allow me to see my dying family member I would just gun down everyone in the hospital until I saw my loved one.
Gregory Gomez
Gregory Gomez 6 dagar sedan
This video is painful to watch holy shit.
Brett Dillon
Brett Dillon 6 dagar sedan
I would love for Jim to be my bodyguard
70 WolfNippleChips
70 WolfNippleChips 6 dagar sedan
Antibiotics will not help when you have a virus. It can actually make things worse. His doc is a moron for not explaining that. Jim's a moron for not knowing it already. He's a parent.
Dusty Peppers
Dusty Peppers 6 dagar sedan
Hell yeah Jim. Heart of a lion and mind of a logical thinker.
europa 6 dagar sedan
Live free. Individual liberties, protected by private property rights ( you own your mind, body and soul/ ideology) upheld by voluntary contracts enforced by small local government.
R D 6 dagar sedan
Whaaaaat an idiot....
_ Whatsername
_ Whatsername 6 dagar sedan
CV19 is a virus. Antibiotics only work on bacteria. 😂 They don't quickly Rx them any more bc of people like you who over use them and cause antibiotic resistance.
Jeff Froment
Jeff Froment 6 dagar sedan
Come on Jim you should know better than that. The Government is not here to protect us. They're here to control us. Come on people wake up already.
DINERO VS JUST 6 dagar sedan
Now this is a guest I’ve gotta look into.
DINERO VS JUST 6 dagar sedan
Damn. He used his brains to become a comedian? Genius orator!!!!!
Aaron Trades
Aaron Trades 6 dagar sedan
This is the most intelligent bobble head I’ve ever seen!!
fullthrottlewrx 6 dagar sedan
because of the lies - when something SERIOUSLY BAD does actually come along, we won't believe a word of it. thats the TRUE damage being done right now
lifestyle126 6 dagar sedan
Have you thought about future viruses and epidemics that can happen due to global warming and glaciers that are currently melting? Ice from past ages that can contain viruses that may be more aggressive than covid-19? Maybe it's clever to have a global test to prevent us from harm in the future. However, I think it's also clever to be aware of our human rights and privacy at times like these, and figure out what kind of systems and scientific facts that actually are legit.
Josh Gearhart
Josh Gearhart 6 dagar sedan
Jim's got it ALL figured out, everybody! Next time there is an unprecedented global event, make sure to call the comedian and rock band singer...
Andrew Palmer
Andrew Palmer 6 dagar sedan
Love you Jim...
O Q 6 dagar sedan
Can this guy not just talk normally?
Jason 420
Jason 420 6 dagar sedan
Joe spews a bit of bullshit. Sellout.
Luke Walker
Luke Walker 6 dagar sedan
1) Steroids need to be saved for critical cases 2) antibiotics are only going to prevent/treat secondary bacterial infections - they won't treat viruses 3) Overuse of antibiotics will contribute to antimicrobial resistance, in which we'd have a bigger problem than covid
Marco Loretto
Marco Loretto 6 dagar sedan
It’s obvious they are blaming absolutely everything they can on Covid. At one point they were blaming Kawasaki syndrome which has been around for decades on Covid. If you don’t see how you were being played by the pharmaceutically controlled media and our pharmaceutically controlled elected representatives, you’re not paying attention even a little bit.
Marco Loretto
Marco Loretto 6 dagar sedan
This is a pandemic among the sick and the elderly. Children cannot get sick from Covid because of a protein identified by the Italians. Latteferrina.
Marco Loretto
Marco Loretto 6 dagar sedan
Antibiotics do not work against the virus. Just like masks do not work for a virus given the size of the virus. And they can do a tremendous amount of hurt since they will blow out all of your good got bacteria that you will need as part of your immune response for the virus.
Marco Loretto
Marco Loretto 6 dagar sedan
Antibiotics do not work against the virus. All they do is destroy all of your gut flora and make it harder for you to recover and fight the virus. Americans are so clueless when it comes to medicine that they think antibiotics are the answer to everything and then insist on being given them. The fact is antibiotics can hurt you in many ways and they are probably the most failed medical practice this side of leaching.
Marco Loretto
Marco Loretto 6 dagar sedan
PCR test is NOT for DX !! It’s on the package insert! And if you cycle it 80 times it’s 100% positive results! Sheeple!
Marco Loretto
Marco Loretto 6 dagar sedan
I got sick on purpose since I was curing all my friends and family. Cured in a day. Clo2 works EVERY TIME!! Avoid the FRANKEN VAX!!
Marco Loretto
Marco Loretto 6 dagar sedan
Clo2 cures Covid every time! www.clo2cures.org. No sheeple allowed.
Gabriel M
Gabriel M 6 dagar sedan
Extremely weird guy
Third Shifter
Third Shifter 6 dagar sedan
Hate Spotify. Wish this was still on youtube fully.
Дмитрий Курилов
Дмитрий Курилов 6 dagar sedan
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Leon B.E
Leon B.E 6 dagar sedan
They killed a lot of Americans to increase the COVID-19 numbers and push forward their narrative. They will pay for that with their souls.
Dazzling Cheek-buster
Dazzling Cheek-buster 6 dagar sedan
My brother Chris passed away on December 22, 2020 . I just feel what this man is saying. I wish we were able to be with him in his final moments of life.
Kristi Leigh
Kristi Leigh 5 dagar sedan
I'm so sorry to hear about your brother. Your comment stood out to be because December 22 is my birthday. I hate you weren't able to be with him when you needed each other. My heart goes out to you, and I'm sending you love and hugs. ❤
Banjo Banjo
Banjo Banjo 6 dagar sedan
Please move all your accounts to Bitchute, Rumble or other services. We need to DEMONETIZE SVfrom
G Zeronine
G Zeronine 6 dagar sedan
I used to look forward to watching Joe. I haven’t watched since he went to Spotify. Real bummer...
Paul Carter
Paul Carter 6 dagar sedan
He’s coked out right? I’m getting those vibes heavy
wayne5009 7 dagar sedan
Sad how many ppl are falling for this look at the history and ingredients of these vaccines
T G 7 dagar sedan
Not gonna lie definitely choked up when his family touches him and his heart rate goes up. I hate getting emotional. That’s honestly evil to separate people like that.
Angie Carpenter
Angie Carpenter 7 dagar sedan
The fact you are still refusing to have Del Bigtree on your show proves you’re a sell out @Joe Rogan.
Life Mastery
Life Mastery 7 dagar sedan
It's not that we don't question it the media just makes us think we do. I wear a mask but know it's bullshit.
A Mishel
A Mishel 7 dagar sedan
That guy if filled with anger.
Adrian Foca
Adrian Foca 7 dagar sedan
Give you “this” steroids is not as available as u 🤔
jcnba28 7 dagar sedan
We should all be questioning authority, why are so many people blindly listening to the politicians and media? Do you actually think they have your best interest at heart? They don't give a flying fuck about you.
Tennessee Kid
Tennessee Kid 7 dagar sedan
I love how Rogans just really a deep state shill
Endangered Dangerous
Endangered Dangerous 7 dagar sedan
No one can ever have, what was considered a normal cold anymore. As it will be covid related. Governments and media have messed up the world. I've had a cold for 2 weeks now, runny nose sneazing. And I've told absolutely no one.
Joshua Clow
Joshua Clow 7 dagar sedan
My voice hurts just after listening to Jim haha
Kyle Lawns
Kyle Lawns 7 dagar sedan
The government ..worldwide is fucking all of us.lying.
IV Evade
IV Evade 7 dagar sedan
Jim knows what's up!!!
El Barto
El Barto 7 dagar sedan
The best medicine in the world is to relax. Stress makes it 10X harder to fight anything you're infected with. Just let go!
Andrew Pham
Andrew Pham 7 dagar sedan
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irishbear76 7 dagar sedan
Jim Breuer knows a helluva lot about the virus, and he is awake to the predation of children. I applaud him telling the gov. Ppl to go fuck themselves.
Awakening Svea
Awakening Svea 7 dagar sedan
Antibiotics does not kill virus, it only kills bacteria.
JBOM9000 7 dagar sedan
Jim would be almost impossible to be around in person. He’s like a child with downs amped up on Mountain Dew that hasn’t slept in days. Except he’s like 50... unbearable
LitlRRanman34 7 dagar sedan
You MUST Question EVERYTHING!!! Otherwise you will Lose Your Freedom!! and be Susceptible to Tyranny of All Sorts.
Chris Triptow
Chris Triptow 7 dagar sedan
It’s a Psy Op
Drewko 7 dagar sedan
2.8k zombie brained people are upset that the narrative they adore so much, is easily fractured.
Anade 1
Anade 1 7 dagar sedan
I love these covid videos. Keep em coming. Keep talking All we need to do is make sure we keep talking Division Bell Pinkfloyd
Scott Morgan
Scott Morgan 7 dagar sedan
I want to love this.
Hawk Fpv
Hawk Fpv 7 dagar sedan
Because bugs evolve to be stronger and over time these bugs will evolve to be stronger than the antibiotics.
Jonathon Brough
Jonathon Brough 7 dagar sedan
Damm Jim got old! Guess I did too...
moe perry
moe perry 7 dagar sedan
Be glad he doesnt live in Canada. Fuck around and get covid there, the gov is calling you constantly. I just have to cross the border (without stopping in canada) I get on average 20-30 calls every 24 hours from the Canadian gov. Can't imagine what living there is like, but if you dont follow their rules, you can go to prison for up to 3 years, and 750k to 1 million (Canadian) in fines.
John Willman
John Willman 7 dagar sedan
Antibiotics don’t work on viruses
T U 7 dagar sedan
My God, what is the point this guy is making? 18 min of saying practically nothing
Arky Garcia
Arky Garcia 7 dagar sedan
get this ish on the algorithm
Civic TypeR
Civic TypeR 7 dagar sedan
Hello guys , my mother and father had covid before it was mainstream maybe around month of march 2020, the doctor gave them antibiotics and they healer within 1 week.My parent around 50 of ages and they never do exercise but also dont eat junk food outside.They are not obese or anything.My mother had a more severe symptom than my father but it was just like a bad fewer.
3RD-EYE-NEENJA! 7 dagar sedan
Jim's 💯 correct 👍
Renee Santiago
Renee Santiago 8 dagar sedan
I need PRAYERS! 🙏 If I dont get the covid vaccine then I cant work in my field anymore. With 2 kids in the military with their own families. .....I had planned to relocate to their transfer to the states from overseas. I can work anywhere within an hour of a decent size city. I want to be with my grandkids but how can I support myself if I'm not working? So its take a vaccine I'm 100% against at this time OR lose my career.
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