Is Alcoholism Genetic? Lara Beitz' Sobriety Journey

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Taken from JRE #1629 w/Lara Beitz:

Dave Brady
Dave Brady Dag sedan
I'm struggling with booze and deep down am ready to quit Thanks
SirChebster Dag sedan
I swear it is common knowledge that, alcoholism much like drug abuse is genetic, the same with mannerisms and interests.
Lee Polson
Lee Polson 2 dagar sedan
So he talks about a freind who ate a star of death on Joeys pod and went on a downward spiral. Hello Owen Benjamin you insanse person!
Jose Delgado
Jose Delgado 5 dagar sedan
For some 2020 was horrible for me it was the year I started making a change in my life. I started working out. Investing in stocks. Stopped drinking almost every night. The year 2019 was great but every time I could after work I'd drive myself to a bar and get myself fucked up every night. Nowadays I haven't stopped drinking but I've toned it down to have fun and not be a depressing alcoholic I'll have maybe a seltzer or 2 and call it. Love me them cactis with 1 I'm chillen
Jose Delgado
Jose Delgado 5 dagar sedan
I believe it's definitely environmental and genetic.
Lisa Steffler
Lisa Steffler 6 dagar sedan
yes...this is why alcohol is also referred to as "spirits", because negative spirits enter the body when your judgement becomes impaired from a harmful substance. Does gasoline and alcohol share similar substances???
Scott Simon
Scott Simon 7 dagar sedan
Brizzly 7 dagar sedan
I quit drinking when I realized it’s just poison
Michael Tanner Moss
Michael Tanner Moss 8 dagar sedan
LovinLIFE9419 8 dagar sedan
Reminds me of the Bible verse “The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.” So true. Anyone who gets sober is incredible. Also, she kind of has a Kathy Griffin vibe. Not sure what it is.
Thoughtsonpaper 9 dagar sedan
I do not have alcoholism on either side of my family, but I do drink moderately everyday. I have 2 glasses of wine after lunch and 2 after dinner. I know that's on the heavy end of moderation, but I've promised anyone I know that if they ever see me in a stupor, slur my words, or a blackout that will be the last day I drink. It hasn't happened, but I also haven't skipped a day in 2 or 3 years either. Not sure what to do or where I'm at on the spectrum.
RRR 555
RRR 555 9 dagar sedan
Alcohol is cool, until the HANGOVER kick in. Never like the shit very much. Sober for like? 1 year? Drugs arent for me. Exercise is enough.
Dyers 9 dagar sedan
That would be the same as over eating is genetic. Its not. Its just that so many people do it they can never blame themselves. Its so random. If it were genetic The entire family would be drunk all the time.
Erik Gomez
Erik Gomez 9 dagar sedan
Joe might be an alcoholic too, but he laughs way too much when she’s talking about some serious trauma. Im a vet and saw some fucked up stuff, but none of that compares to alcoholism. Alcoholism isn’t like DMT or marijuana, that shit is deadly and ruins your life, it’s one of the few drugs that can actually kill you just to detox from it and those hallucinations are goddamn terrifying 100% of the time. Really cringing all the way through this, been there and doing that. Glad she was able to get sober
Human Being
Human Being 9 dagar sedan
GHB... sounds like she might have been drugged with the OTHER date r*pe drug... In lower dosages GHB is euphoric and can be reminiscent of cocaine, but without the fiend like quality. It also floods your brain with chemicals that would usually only be released in the smallest increments, accounting for a hangover.
Dana McArdle
Dana McArdle 9 dagar sedan
14th year
arfae ffwe
arfae ffwe 10 dagar sedan
Omg the “shark eyes” thing. I had a buddy that would black out like that and would only respond when you addressed him as Murphy.... his name was Casey
redcomic619 10 dagar sedan
My father and grandfather are both alcoholics. I don’t drink at all. People wonder why a grown man like me refuses to take a sip of alcohol, but I cannot risk it...
jojube27 10 dagar sedan
No it is not genetic. both my parents were alcoholics, and I don't drink. I Smoke enough weed to be in a Cheech and Chong movie thou LMAO
Weight Loss 101
Weight Loss 101 10 dagar sedan
sober one hour now...praise me...week humans!!!!
Chris Farion
Chris Farion 10 dagar sedan
Ya his questioning has changed. Scripted shit and unfollowed. Hell congrats on the 250million but lost me. Welcome to Joe being back on news radio wohoo.
Swag on 1000 Jameson
Swag on 1000 Jameson 10 dagar sedan
Lob City
Lob City 10 dagar sedan
dads alcoholic I'm a stoner 😂
iwannababillionaire 11 dagar sedan
It's like that Pacino Godfather scene, "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!" -- my relationship with alcohol nearly every friday/saturday.
grae starr
grae starr 11 dagar sedan
hi lara, looking forward to getting to know ya. no weird shit, just a one way thing thing love.
nick richard
nick richard 11 dagar sedan
joe where is episode 331?
Danny Jr
Danny Jr 11 dagar sedan
Yeah you gotta want it. It genetic my Dad drinks like 10-12 hard Jack drinks a day. He's now 60 I'm now 36 and I drink 3-4 tall boys a night. We both work and take care of things but yeah don't call us late at night.
AntwonDaBusiness 11 dagar sedan
Addiction isn’t genetic. It’s the individuals choice and actions. Anyone can become an addict.
My 11 Bad Kids
My 11 Bad Kids 11 dagar sedan
She looks like she used to get blackout drunk and wake up not remembering the train run on her.
Robert Dutton
Robert Dutton 11 dagar sedan
It's probably genetic but also life is hard.
Elias Soto
Elias Soto 11 dagar sedan
Joe nows how to stir the pot first he had Devi lovato . And now these
M B 11 dagar sedan
Female comedians are gross.
membear 11 dagar sedan
the only people who look into gerbil's eyes are Joe Rogan and Richard Gere, allegedly.
De_La_Riva 11 dagar sedan
My dad was quitting stuff from my whole life till I was like 12 lol
Slowpoke rodriguez
Slowpoke rodriguez 11 dagar sedan
Nope my father loves it i dont
staywoke 11 dagar sedan
Please keep her and her ideology out of Texas
Trevor Smith
Trevor Smith 11 dagar sedan
Can agree my mother was an alcoholic my entire life, despite not completely enjoying the lack of control which comes with being drunk, yet I still find release and relaxtion in drinking almost to the point where I can't stop myself. Thanks for the podcast!
Michael 11 dagar sedan
Shitty decision making is
Hayden Pettit
Hayden Pettit 11 dagar sedan
Day 1 for me.. again. I went sober for 1 year 7 months before relapse in November 2020 and I’ve been knocking back 20 units a day since. Good luck to anyone else in this position 💪🏼
Shelley Dunkle
Shelley Dunkle 10 dagar sedan
I'm praying for you. God bless!
Karim Karim
Karim Karim 11 dagar sedan
Alcoholism is not genetic. There’s an underlying issue. It’s like saying depression is genetic. We dont want to be saying choices are genetic.Joe is starting to get fony to me. He agrees to too much bs. You can disagree and still have a conversation
Chris Connor
Chris Connor 11 dagar sedan
damn joes really vibing with her
roskoeheat 11 dagar sedan
Grandmother and my father were hardcore drinkers and passed away from the abuse..I quickly learned one was never enough. I might have a drink once a year now.
baron white
baron white 11 dagar sedan
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Ian Lundquist
Ian Lundquist 11 dagar sedan
I m not an alcoholic , but I did butt chug a half gallon of vodka before work.
Alex Rojas
Alex Rojas 12 dagar sedan
I quit sometime December of 2019. I find that if you put a date it adds pressure. Dont think about how many days just one at a time really that's it. Pray. Meditate. Get close to your loved ones. You can do it maddog
Daniel Ef
Daniel Ef 12 dagar sedan
Alcoholism isn't genetic. Thats just making excuses...its learned from one's environment and upbringing. If ones parents drink and live a certain way, that person is gonna want to do that because that's life to them. Everyone is a product of their environment, it just depends if a person is IN their environment or truly a part of it. My favorite quote to live by is "to live in the world, but not of it"
eddie mclaughlin
eddie mclaughlin 12 dagar sedan
when you stop ,people have more of a problem than what you caused on it
HkFinn83 12 dagar sedan
Alcohol lowers blood pressure and relaxes you, it’s real healthy unless you go way too far. Just take it easy and have a couple you maniacs.
qwertykb 12 dagar sedan
When you love someone, that makes you sober on alcoholism n be hopeful about wonderful future. And also when you are put in jail , that makes you sober really fast.
- JustMaxPirk
- JustMaxPirk 12 dagar sedan
That spotify shit is a lie. The app sucks and does not work in the background like the SVfrom app. It also loses its place and restarts all the time. I only watch the clips now because of this BS with the spotify app.
Polydueces 12 dagar sedan
There are people in my family that are alcoholics. Meanwhile I can't stand the feeling of getting tipsy, so I'm done after 1 drink. And I drink so little that my tolerance is real low.
Mark B
Mark B 12 dagar sedan
Is shame hereditary ? Find the wound and heal it... no genes needed.
PapaShanks 12 dagar sedan
no alocoholism isnt genetic, you are just addicted to drinking
Tyler DiDay
Tyler DiDay 12 dagar sedan
Right at the end of this episode Joe mispronounces her last name and it seems like such an awkward ending
KRL Productions
KRL Productions 12 dagar sedan
The only thing genetic is joes gut
Johannes Horn
Johannes Horn 12 dagar sedan
Would be very interesting if you could get Martin Armstrong from the movie Forecaster on your podcast. :)
Benzo 12 dagar sedan
I consider myself a really healthy alcoholic. I’ve been to the hospital twice already for acute pancreatic pain, the last time I was actually asleep for 2 days at the hospital and couldn’t walk for a few days. That was 4 1/2 years ago and now I drink on the weekend but I drink at least a bottle of tequila in two nights but I workout hard on cardio 5-7x’s on the weekdays. I wish I could just drink once a month or so and not every weekend because I’m afraid I’ll develop some type of disease and I’m only 28.
Forrest 12 dagar sedan
Almost 12 hours sober, thanks for the help
Sigh 12 dagar sedan
To everyone on their sobriety journey I see you! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 I’ve been clean from meth for a year and a half.
Smarternu 12 dagar sedan
It is a strange disease because you can control the outcome.
V 12 dagar sedan
Sometimes, but other times even after you have recovered, the damage has already destroyed your body. That’s what happened to my dad.
Renaldo Olson
Renaldo Olson 12 dagar sedan
This podcast keeps getting worse and worse. Everyday its people no one cares about. WE WANT COCO
Winkie's Diner
Winkie's Diner 12 dagar sedan
Just break your deal and come back, please.
MrRodgy 12 dagar sedan
Joe Rogan are you psychic, serious question by the way and not related to this video at all.
Jason King
Jason King 12 dagar sedan
I'm boring now because I don't drink anymore. It sucks but it's the truth. I had way more friends when was drinking. Now I have none. Zero. If it wasn't for my wife and my job, I'd never leave the house. I hate life.
I said maybe and that's final
I said maybe and that's final 12 dagar sedan
I'm 3 yrs sober now. It's wonderful. I binge watched a lady on SVfrom. Her channel is This Naked Mind. She's great. I used to think it was genetic, like born within you to become addicted or not. But now I think it's a learned behavior. Maybe not learned but a downloaded or programed thing from being raised by faulty parents. From ages 0-7 it's your parents job to teach you about the world (this is green- that is poison-this is a cat) then from 7-12 it's your parents job to help you learn who YOU are (do you like green beans or peas- do you feel hurt- do you like that person) . But they usually teach you how to be them (eat this because I made it- that doesn't hurt, don't be a baby- hug your aunt even if you hate her), so you end up drinking or taking drugs because you feel guilty being you or you don't know how to be you and it feels crappy because it's too hard to be someone else. It's called Codependency. I also watch Lisa A Romano on SVfrom. Start from her oldest videos because if you jump right in to her recent ones, it gets a little wonky. Good wonky but you should build up to it. Good luck to anyone trying. It's easier that you think. YOU GOT THIS!! *CHEST BUMP*
BLUEDRAGON7777 12 dagar sedan
But only because why talk about my own beng drinking that usually ended up with me in a routine not anything as interesting as that. Ha ha ha.
BLUEDRAGON7777 12 dagar sedan
Wow that's reminds me of Jim Cunningham my grandfather. An the reason why my mom acted the way she did 😂. He did go back to it at the end which is surely what killed him. 🤣😔🤔🤓 also that my other grandfather was also mostly a drunk. Although he made 80 yay.
Dick Bump
Dick Bump 12 dagar sedan
I stopped drinking after about a month of drinking when I was introduced to weed.
Chris Black
Chris Black 12 dagar sedan
Alcohol is NOT genetic, I'm clearly an alcoholic, have been for 10 years now, but none of my family drinks. Trust me this is false information
Cori Michael Parrott
Cori Michael Parrott 12 dagar sedan
Why tf cant i see the pods individual???
Cody Tignor
Cody Tignor 12 dagar sedan
Justin Gold
Justin Gold 12 dagar sedan
I've always had a go to vice,when I eventually gave up the drink I swapped it for heroin,clean from that now too but I'm on a substitute but at least I don't get hangovers anymore.....c'est la vie 😉
Zaidie Bhat
Zaidie Bhat 12 dagar sedan
We need Nick Diaz on the show📌📌📌📌📌
Refurbished 12 dagar sedan
Don’t blame your life’s mistakes on inheritance
Tristan Martinez
Tristan Martinez 12 dagar sedan
Unless it skips generations then I call bs neither of my parents were drunks but I drink too much. My dad says it’s weakness and I tend to agree, I think at the end of the day you just have to decide for yourself that this shit isn’t good for you and you’re gonna do something about it.
Micah D
Micah D 12 dagar sedan
Tips for sustained sobriety: skip the AA cult (17% success rate - founded by literal puritans) and microdose psilocybin mushrooms. This is the most evidence-backed method to become truly well (not just sober). After you become mentally healthy, you will be able to drink in moderation with ease.
daniel ashley
daniel ashley 12 dagar sedan
Life is a blanket you stitch it and weep what you’ve sowed literature is a material for people to stitch into their lives where you are in life is from the material you’ve stitched and your weeping what you’ve sowed some material you’ve sowed needs to be unstitch to break the pattern and new material is needed to change the pattern You stitch by reading and writing the material you plan to practice in order to sow it into your life Every letter is a stitch into the words to sow
daniel ashley
daniel ashley 12 dagar sedan
“The God of all Mankind comes from the spirit within them which they have transformed into the Word giving it a separate body to lead them in the world in which they exist”
John Smith
John Smith 12 dagar sedan
Alcoholism is hell. But never give up. It can be overcome.
camerica7400 13 dagar sedan
Psychedelic use is genetic, the chance that somebody will try psychedelics in there lifetime and use them more than once seems to be genetically linked. Possibly even caused by the use of parents consuming psychedelic substances while younger.
david web
david web 13 dagar sedan
I became an alcoholic when the pandemic happened, but I wouldn’t say it has impacted my life and destroyed relationships. I just like to go out to bars and relax and watch the game and converse with people. I can control my drinking and I consider myself to be a highly functioning alcoholic. You’d be very surprised some people are highly functioning alcoholics. But with the pandemic going on and with the state of politics that the country is in every time i watch the news it’s like “I need a drink” It’s gotten that stupid.
29-0 13 dagar sedan
I hope mushroom therapy and or dmt therapy can ease USA off alcohol. Early/mid pandemic my state legalized “to go” drinks at bars. Because bar owners are dependent on alcoholics and alcoholics are dependent on alcohol. It’s a match made in capitalist heaven.
J0e T
J0e T 13 dagar sedan
I have a mental disease for being straight thinking I am a male that likes females.... Lets see if this gets deleated...😂🤔
B Fowl
B Fowl 13 dagar sedan
Does Rogan hate Opie?
Guerrero Eddie
Guerrero Eddie 13 dagar sedan
I doubt it genetic my grandpa and dad are alcoholics and I hate beer I tired it couple times I get feel wasted with 2 modelos lol 😂 I rather go for a hike
Jeep Wrangler
Jeep Wrangler 13 dagar sedan
Alcoholism is just weakness. Have some self control and move on
Chloe & Leo
Chloe & Leo 13 dagar sedan
Leave Spotify and please stick to SVfrom
Ken Rehill
Ken Rehill 13 dagar sedan
No, it’s a choice like taking drugs.
Karim Karim
Karim Karim 11 dagar sedan
I agree with this. What does genetic means? Saying this to me is like relinquishing accountability. We always have free will. Life is a bunch of choices we have make some easy some hard.
mirza nuhanovic
mirza nuhanovic 13 dagar sedan
get wes watson on the podcast
MJF 13 dagar sedan
If it’s genetic it skipped a generation in my family. Pop was a mean drunk, old man was sober, I was a happy drunk
Kitty Genovese
Kitty Genovese 13 dagar sedan
I had my last beer Saturday if I do this right. My body is dying. And this photo is alcohol related.
Grace Pictures
Grace Pictures 13 dagar sedan
3 months sober here. First month wasn’t to bad. The 2nd and third month has been the most darkest. Feeling everything again is hard. But gotta keep fighting bc I hear it gets better.
coolers. 13 dagar sedan
alcohol should be illegal and not marijuana... #420
Boyan Ivanoff
Boyan Ivanoff 13 dagar sedan
no its not, plus shes a woman
The Time is Now
The Time is Now 13 dagar sedan
What does that matter? 🙄
Sypher 13 dagar sedan
my dad was an alcoholic among other things. i myself started drinking very young, and i found that when i drank, I felt how i "should". not afraid of the world. not anxious. makes me an overall better person, better at anything i try. i can actually talk how i want to and feel things for once, and it feels too right. it's scary, because alcohol is a horrible thing. but so tempting.
Sypher 13 dagar sedan
certain mental tendencies or being drawn towards certain things could be passed down i imagine
D D 13 dagar sedan
It’s often a dopamine deficiency. Call it adhd or whatever you like. It’s not a will power thing in any way shape or form. And if you think it is. Please reconsider.
Chris Bird Jowaisas
Chris Bird Jowaisas 13 dagar sedan
such a cool human
Drake Santiago
Drake Santiago 13 dagar sedan
While most addictions may have a genetic component that PREDISPOSES you to succumb to the addiction, there is nothing in genetics that PREDESTINES you to become an addict. That distinction between predisposing and predestining is important, because people like to use genetics as an excuse which absolves them of personal responsibility. They like to use genetics in the way that we say genetics determines height, skin color, hair color, bone structure, etc - things that we have no real control over. Yes, someone who is PREDISPOSED to an addiction may have to struggle harder to avoid the addiction than someone who isn't predisposed, but as many people who quite such addictions life long attests, genetics doesn't make overcoming those addictions impossible.
TheTomSanders 13 dagar sedan
OMG you are so wrong about vegans. Do you really believe your poor excuses for killing animals? You are making a fool out of yourself. I thought you were more intelligent than that.
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