Eric Weinstein on The Power Structure of Harvard Burying His Work

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Taken from JRE #1629 w/Eric Weinstein:

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Eric whinestein
Bobbycrf450 5 timmar sedan
Dave champion dr.reality
Mr Wister
Mr Wister 5 timmar sedan
Seems like Eric got faded and started airing out some dirty laundry.
Matteo Gigliotti
Matteo Gigliotti 7 timmar sedan
Waiting you’re telling me he wasn’t bullied in this?!!
Gay Orphan
Gay Orphan 10 timmar sedan
"Why" "and i said 'what'.." 🤣🤣🤣
Microcosmic Experience
Microcosmic Experience 11 timmar sedan
Eric Weinstein: "I have a theory of everything." Harvard Physicists: "Ok boomer."
Saul Solid Beats
Saul Solid Beats 13 timmar sedan
Bring Neil Degrass tyson
Hideaki Page
Hideaki Page 14 timmar sedan
Harvard must have got that model from the University of Cambridge.
barry oconnor
barry oconnor 16 timmar sedan
Dillons question is one we should all ask ourselves. I'm ok because recently i smashed my neighbours wife.
MR Noorlander
MR Noorlander 16 timmar sedan
In 50 years this might be the most important Joe Rogan Podcast ever. Huge respect for Eric Weinstein to share his Magnum Opus in this way.
Ger 17 timmar sedan
Love both these guys, especially together. They are peanut butter and jelly.
Matt 19 timmar sedan
nobody cares Eric
Jonah Davidov
Jonah Davidov Dag sedan
James Reape
James Reape Dag sedan
Eric is a brilliant dude. But man he is wrapped tight. Let some shit go Brother!
Marky Mark
Marky Mark Dag sedan
Pingtrip made me think this interview actually happened with Jim Breuer. This is way more boring than Joe and Jim bullying him.
Jaff Jaffar
Jaff Jaffar Dag sedan
#1628 and not #1629
Allen Booth
Allen Booth Dag sedan
It does seem Joe is changing his personality style more and more to be critical of key figures that come on his show. I understand $100m is more than enough to influence someone, but it's still disappointing to see.
Musician Mastery
Musician Mastery Dag sedan
“I felt like John Lee Hooker in an orchestra” Ahhh SHIT Eric, you got me in the feels on that one.
Joe King
Joe King Dag sedan
There's no shortage of work to be done accounting for work that's been done.
Gus Constantine
Gus Constantine Dag sedan
Eric Weinstein is real life Walter Bishop
Ding Lao Bing Lao
Ding Lao Bing Lao Dag sedan
So another soft individual is mad his work isn’t the best. Got it
Podcast Humor
Podcast Humor Dag sedan
Tim Dillon simply asked Weinstein what he’s ever done and it really struck a nerve with Weinstein. He is so unhealthily self-conscious that he ranted to Joe Rogan for hours about all of his almost accomplishments
Jay Mata
Jay Mata 2 dagar sedan
This guy is such a scam.
Mick Obrien
Mick Obrien 2 dagar sedan
I didn't go to Harvard. Maybe that's why I can't understand what the Fk! he's complaining about. Harvard is an elitist dbag place. Who didn't know this? What did he expect at Harvard? Fair play and accepting diverse thought? HAHAHA
Paul Schuyler
Paul Schuyler 2 dagar sedan
Thus appears the true nature of Academia.
Wally 2 dagar sedan
Eric is one bitter individual, he cannot accept that maybe he ain't as good as he thinks he is.
Duffy Moon
Duffy Moon 2 dagar sedan
Eric is over rated and he knows it. You can really see it in this JRE
Swammey 2 dagar sedan
Self absorbtion is a drag
J JVS 2 dagar sedan
Weinstein comes across as seriously more booze
J JVS 2 dagar sedan
Is Weinstein high or drunk?
Sean Rahaman-Singh
Sean Rahaman-Singh 2 dagar sedan
Poor rich professors don't like their drab offices. Smh
Colleen N’Jonny
Colleen N’Jonny 2 dagar sedan
God bless Tim Dillon for asking the questions we’ve all been asking , that Joe is too afraid to. 🤣❤️
William Wallace
William Wallace 2 dagar sedan
We live in a criminal system where human capital, like financial capital, is misallocated.
Ben Shabtai
Ben Shabtai 2 dagar sedan
Joe comes off as a real dick here.
SWIFTzTrigger 2 dagar sedan
Tim Dillion the true genius in this story xD
weeb 2 dagar sedan
Joe's conspiracies origin never left him. Good to see he still discusses all sorts of conspiracy theories. My man.
Diego Caballero Orduna
Diego Caballero Orduna 2 dagar sedan
CPI using gauge theory, but it didn't work because some dude at Harvard tweaked some weights in an arbitrary distribution which you can't characterize with a mean anyway. This guy is full of it.
Jakob Rassi
Jakob Rassi 2 dagar sedan
dodge coin is going to the moon spread the word of the dodge
Young Wmhs
Young Wmhs 2 dagar sedan
Tom.dillon arguement time stamp?!!!
siegmund freud
siegmund freud 2 dagar sedan
YouDontWantToHearThis 2 dagar sedan
Harvard used to be the pinnacle of higher education on this planet. Then one day, Harvard woke up.
Billy Tessio
Billy Tessio 2 dagar sedan
Somebody show Adam MacKay this video.
Edward Bibillio
Edward Bibillio 2 dagar sedan
I'm lost. Have no idea what this dude is talking about.
Cobra Commander
Cobra Commander 2 dagar sedan
Isn’t this similar to what happened to his brother Brett, the Uni buried his discovery on Lab Rats by refusing to publish his findings?
Eddie Pikulski
Eddie Pikulski 3 dagar sedan
Joe - You should just go kick his ass Eric - No, why Joe - I'm joking Eric - I know Joe - Laughing hysterically
Randall Pattee
Randall Pattee 3 dagar sedan
Why I didn't go to Harvard is because I couldn't see it at the time either but evidently not in the same way that Eric won't see it in the time. Hmm. maybe he's smart enough to know how that recursive gizmo works granted most supposedly see it as a linear narrative with lots and lots of hitchhikers. As each hitchhiker sees nothing but hitchhikers in due turn. My best guess is that Harvard had to default to the populist strategy while not wanting to hurt Eric's feelings about..We need it now and sometimes when the store is out of cheese ya just got to put your thumb on the scale.
DaveWhiteInYoFace 3 dagar sedan
🗣 🎙 “Tim Dillion and Eric Weinstein go HEAD to HEAD IN THE OCTOGON!”
Aristotle 3 dagar sedan
Eric has self-esteem issues. Which is weird because he has an ego the size of Harvard.
Larry Taylor
Larry Taylor 3 dagar sedan
America First
America First 3 dagar sedan
"I Know! Why! I know!"- Eric Weinstein poor guy will never get his recognitions, if he doesn't move on, you're brilliant, you can renovation another field in education!!!!
America First
America First 3 dagar sedan
Good for you Eric Weinstein very healthy to address that publicly!! Very strong!!!
America First
America First 3 dagar sedan
Never accountable, the "political elites"....
America First
America First 3 dagar sedan
They are stealing tons of cash off us Americans, with the covid 2Tril rescue plan, n 3tril tax plan, and the going green climate plan is going to get us out of our socks next....fuck us the greed is totally fn disgusting 😡😡😡😡
GioSh 3 dagar sedan
Eric Weinstein is top 0.0000000000001% Intelectual. No Kap. Tim's joke shouldnt be bothering him
Asa Nisi Masa
Asa Nisi Masa 3 dagar sedan
Look up the interview with John Lithgow in the Harvard magazine regarding Bishop Desmond Tutu.... When they offered Desmond Tutu and honorary degree John Lithgow suddenly became a right proper Boer... I love that he's talking about the redefinition of the consumer price index... Following Margaret Thatcher at the Reagan administration redefined unemployment 17 times in a row... This is what created the climate for Alex Jones and riots in pandemics
sthompson10214 3 dagar sedan
Weinstein has gotten a big day head lately I mean he always has had one but
becraul 3 dagar sedan
This was a horrible and tense interview, I have never seen Eric Weinstein so out of confort. Joe obviously does not seem to like this man, or there is some tension in terms of their narratives, or whatever. I couldn't finish this episode.
Lonni A.
Lonni A. 3 dagar sedan
You’re right Eric. Should have kept that to yourself
Mr Cras
Mr Cras 3 dagar sedan
Joe treated Eric like shit here. Actually made me mad.
Kenny Ragan
Kenny Ragan 3 dagar sedan
Just a little glimpse at the games being played by the 'elites'. That "power needs to show how powerful it is" comment certainly rings true when you look at today's current events.
Carnival of Light
Carnival of Light 3 dagar sedan
Eric Weinstein is not a likable guy
wojak 3 dagar sedan
liberal snake eating it's own tail and liberals cry foul. love it
TheDigitalRealm 3 dagar sedan
Theres two problems going on here. The first is that Eric has very little self awareness and takes himself far too seriously, considering himself a scorned Genius not given his rightful credit. He's also not a great communicator at all. But the point he was trying to make about Tims joke is that he could have rightly made that joke thinking eric never actually did anything because Erics work was buried and misused so of course tim wouldnt know about it anyway. Eric also just doesnt have a particularly nice personality, hes not likeable especially compared to someone like Brian Greene. Problem 2 is Joe refusing to let him finish his point, and instead wishing to pick at Erics (obvious) issue with Tim Dillons Joke, which almost seemed kind of defensive. Ultimately it seems like Joe either wasnt interested in, or couldnt follow what Eric was saying so he picked up and ran with something he could. Joes done it before with other guests.
kubinzz 3 dagar sedan
5:24 dude literally looks in the past.
chris garcia
chris garcia 3 dagar sedan
If boring was a person...its this podcast
9MeteorImpact 3 dagar sedan
If a group controls the 4 centers of power in a society, it can control the society: the Political, the Financial, the ACADEMIC, and the ecclesiastic.
9MeteorImpact 3 dagar sedan
What Eric is describing here with regards to inflation is some "Eyes wide shut" bullshit. Unacceptable levels of sophisticated crime. If you commit credit card fraud you go to federal prison, but if you steal trillions from the working class, no one bats an eye. We are not playing the same game, we the people are being taken advantage of by psychopaths and we're either too comfortable, or too ignorant to notice.
ZeGypsy 3 dagar sedan
Holy shit Eric Weinstein is a pompous prick. Have you seen his self-proclaimed revolutionary economic theory ? It's complete horseshit and then he goes on Joe Rogan claiming that a cabal of scientists and economists are trying to bury his work. There was nothing to bury, No papers, no books, no actual theory - just three youtube videos where he incoherently rambles about how to use particle physics and mathematics in economic models. Embarrasing.
ZeGypsy 3 dagar sedan
Eric Weinstein is such a self-important prick. He didn't even make an actual paper. Physicist in general doesn't take him seriously, because there is nothing to take seriously. Nobody tried to bury his work. There wasn't any work to bury.
BB 10
BB 10 3 dagar sedan
This guy is off the chart!! Talking about subjectivity boils to belief; therein Joe should really read some Derrida, Feyerabend or get Sam H. back for philo 101. Very few would follow the objective line in rythtm and pitch.
yeed 3 dagar sedan
No one cares, Eric.
Randolph Michel
Randolph Michel 3 dagar sedan
So basically the economy is rigged and he wanted to fix it.
PlayGirl 3 dagar sedan
Once again he proves how stupid he is, now if he would just shut his stupid mouth and listen.. Stop interrupting the guest because you do not have a clue of what they are talking. Try to encourage expression of the guest. ugh!
RD Patterson
RD Patterson 3 dagar sedan
Wow, couldn’t care less about academic trivial nonsense. Especially coming from a complete whiner.
Seegz J.O
Seegz J.O 3 dagar sedan
Where is this full video
Chris Woo
Chris Woo 3 dagar sedan
I'm convinced that this kind of quiet assassination, or effort to disrupt, is far more common than people want to realize and is probably endemic at the highest levels of science and medicine as well as business and government.
Enrique Valladares
Enrique Valladares 3 dagar sedan
We from Florida are like the dick of the country just here to fuck it.
Lost fields
Lost fields 3 dagar sedan
Eric, the least likable of ALL the weinsteins.
Hardarr Enward
Hardarr Enward 3 dagar sedan
If you can't explore the fact of overwhelming Jewish over representation in both the Harvard elite and the student body, you'll never understand. Since we're talking to a Weinstein, I'm guessing that won't ever even be honestly addressed ...
b unangst
b unangst 3 dagar sedan
Joe severely undervalued all the serious implications of Erics transformative math being misappropriated by corrupt cut throat puppets in academia. Joe injected his personal social click of podcast bros at the wrong time! This math Eric didn’t get credit for has far reaching effects in ALL of our lives.
Jean Kruger
Jean Kruger 3 dagar sedan
Apparently Cornell West wasn't well regarded....and frankly, neither is Harvard by most people.
Always-Be-On-It 3 dagar sedan
This is why i don't associate with people that wear ties or work in institutional finance or iNvEsTiNg
Dan Star
Dan Star 3 dagar sedan
Please tell Eric to get with his billionaire friends, build a modern science institute and lab, then give middle finger to the tax supported, crony fleeced Ivory Tower. Privatives science discovery. Like much of it used to be.
CNCTEMATIC 3 dagar sedan
Jesus this guy is such a narcissist
Joshua Eimers
Joshua Eimers 3 dagar sedan
Joe called Cornell west a love intellectual🤣
AristophanesNow 3 dagar sedan
The Boskin Commission’s intent was to not only find bias in the CPI, but to conclude an upward bias! Boskin Commission goal was to “legitimize” what they wanted to do: reduce future SS payments. That’s the nature of seeking “bias,” you’ll tend to find just what you are looking for!
Wiley Lynch
Wiley Lynch 3 dagar sedan
Eric moans like no other and I'm guessing being really smart is a part of the problem 😆
2HOOD4U 3 dagar sedan
Edward D Mouphen
Edward D Mouphen 3 dagar sedan
I think I should care about what he’s talking about yet I don’t.
Joy Re
Joy Re 3 dagar sedan
I don’t understand a word of what he’s talking about. This dude is joke
Yaf Y.
Yaf Y. 3 dagar sedan
WireDog 3 dagar sedan
Eric needs a hug and a participation trophy.
Meg VonBuckmeow
Meg VonBuckmeow 3 dagar sedan
I'm not digging Joe's vibes in this one, because I'm getting what's being said.... but hes just being a dick about it sometimes... this is the 1 time I've ever felt this way though.
Daniel Airth-Nelson
Daniel Airth-Nelson 3 dagar sedan
Eric is angry and using JRE as a platform of reciprocity
Daniel Airth-Nelson
Daniel Airth-Nelson 3 dagar sedan
hard interview for Joe
S.P. 3 dagar sedan
Why quote the foundation
Bobo the Dorito Bandit
Bobo the Dorito Bandit 3 dagar sedan
Tim Dillion living rent free in his head
Hao Xun
Hao Xun 3 dagar sedan
So basically they are doing the same things they blame on the 1% economical elite [The rich] creating a nice club for them selves to fulfill their own needs for money and power.
MoonlapseVertigo 4 dagar sedan
Too bad this crap is exclusively on Spotify. RIP JRE.
mr. christopher
mr. christopher 4 dagar sedan
gonna be rough on people if they ever realize how many of the things we have been taught are lies and deceptions intended to keep them blind and lead them away from GOD
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