Demi Lovato on Doing Jiu-Jitsu

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23 dagar sedan

Taken from JRE #1625 w/Demi Lovato:

Stevenbarreracat 5 dagar sedan
where is poot lavato
Ghost_Bear 5 dagar sedan
Hope she sticks with it!
Scott Dyer
Scott Dyer 6 dagar sedan
She’s is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, her voice is better than anyone I’ve ever watched , just stay on it and I know actually how she feels
M Ruiz
M Ruiz 6 dagar sedan
Joe Rogan : Demi Lavato is amazing at jiu jitsu I think if she takes it really serious she can really give any of the female fighters in the UFC a probably i really think she can" 😂😂😂😂 Joe hypes up anyone he's friends with.
julie heffernan
julie heffernan 7 dagar sedan
Wheres the full episode 😐
Vincent Anzelone
Vincent Anzelone 7 dagar sedan
Didn't she say gender reveal parties are transphobic?
UV0023 7 dagar sedan
The chemistry the have though!!
Street_ Mobbing
Street_ Mobbing 8 dagar sedan
Next episode: Demi Lovato on doing heroin
Vianna Taba
Vianna Taba 9 dagar sedan
i’m so proud of the person she has become
nick richard
nick richard 11 dagar sedan
joe where is episode 331?
James The Car Guy
James The Car Guy 13 dagar sedan
Demi Lovato reviewed my friends piano cover of one of her songs on SVfrom!
Abena Sunshine
Abena Sunshine 13 dagar sedan
URGENT: Joe Rogan + Team and Fans: Please re-upload all the Dr. Steve Greer interview you've deleted from all your channels!!!! The information he shares is so important!
Steven Hilderbrandt
Steven Hilderbrandt 13 dagar sedan
Who is she? Never heard of her. Again I don’t listen modern music especially garbage bubble gum pop music
Wait! She has asthma and she smokes? I'm genuinely surprised
Fireoncityy 14 dagar sedan
Ick. Intolerable
Adrian G
Adrian G 14 dagar sedan
Good to see her doing well 😍
yukineswan 14 dagar sedan
Hair bangs cal arts style
Sniper 11 N.D.
Sniper 11 N.D. 15 dagar sedan
She is kind of a shy person.
Valerio Mori Ubaldini
Valerio Mori Ubaldini 15 dagar sedan
Very nice! Keep up the good work 👏👏
BobLoblaw23 15 dagar sedan
Her laugh is almost as jarring as kamalas
x5079x 15 dagar sedan
kelsey stramel
kelsey stramel 15 dagar sedan
Please talk more about your autoimmune...our community needs more spotlight, so those who are going through it can realize they have an autoimmune disease!
kelsey stramel
kelsey stramel 12 dagar sedan
@Gabriela M. thats why I wanna know! My husband has lupus, I have connective tissue. So many people live with this thinking they are supposed to feel this way and don't know there is a disease for their symptoms...she has a platform and would bring so much awareness.
Gabriela M.
Gabriela M. 12 dagar sedan
But which autoimmune disease does she have?
Haragoth 15 dagar sedan
This episode was pretty vapid
Jim Hubaut
Jim Hubaut 15 dagar sedan
Get Tom Cruise on here
Scott Simon
Scott Simon 15 dagar sedan
Matt STEGMAN 16 dagar sedan
Looks like someone cut her hair with a spoon.
U.S.A Commentators
U.S.A Commentators 16 dagar sedan
Screw spotify for taking this show out of SVfrom, realizing how though competition got i don't blame them, still... fuck em
Pacotv Games
Pacotv Games 16 dagar sedan
Brenda Maxwell
Brenda Maxwell 16 dagar sedan
Demi, this gal can count on one hand how many times she has posted a " comment" on a YT video, but I just had to call you out, girl ! I believe in you and I believe in what you are doing and more importantly, Being, but, yes BUT being a gal with your resources , you can't say Jim-Jitsu is second to meditation for your well-being and NOT have a personal trainer ( who is COVID Tested ) to come to you and continue training. Come on , girl, you know you can most certainly do that ! So, now you have to ask yourself why you're Not. Much Love
Mummy Napkin
Mummy Napkin 16 dagar sedan
I'm confused on why this has so many dislikes... I'd imagine it's cause people think she's full of shit which is possible but I have no real reason to doubt it. I think she probably got her blue in a year cause of her status sure, maybe others wouldn't have but hey I honestly just think it makes her a better person at the end of the day even if she doesn't experience the full exhaustion real BJJ brings.
Mummy Napkin
Mummy Napkin 16 dagar sedan
Wait nvm the dislikes are probably cause people are still made that JRE went onto spotify and hasn't been the same since which I get lol
Red Reubin
Red Reubin 16 dagar sedan
Who's here after Miley Cyrus's story about kicking the shit out of Demi?
Dustin Myers
Dustin Myers 16 dagar sedan
Poul Stemet... )))
Evan McArthur
Evan McArthur 16 dagar sedan
So I guess Demi Lovato sucks big time now, but not as badly as that shitty non-haircut sucks.
Chelsea Daley
Chelsea Daley 16 dagar sedan
Demi is such a strong women she really knows how to keep staying strong 💪🏻
Kyle Williams
Kyle Williams 16 dagar sedan
She’s never done Jiu-jitsu has she?
Drew Forrester
Drew Forrester 17 dagar sedan
What a cry baby 😭
manuel senk
manuel senk 17 dagar sedan
Demi Lovato on doing Heroin
Moley Russell’s Wart
Moley Russell’s Wart 17 dagar sedan
She was scared of catching covid cause she had asthma, but was happy to take heroin and crack........
Happy Perv
Happy Perv 17 dagar sedan
I wanna roll with Demi
rayan a. hosn
rayan a. hosn 17 dagar sedan
😂😂😂😂😂 demi lovato’s laugh must have popped joe’s eardrums
Tracy Cox
Tracy Cox 17 dagar sedan
Only in America will they reward and praise drug addicts, mental disorders, self mutilation, strippers etc... Idiocracy is here, drink Brawndo it's got what plants crave.
Laquisha Jones
Laquisha Jones 17 dagar sedan
Im fluid with my jujitsu 🤣🤣🤣 no your just a weak and confused celeb who OD's and is lost and confused about her identity fell so sorry for you.
J 17 dagar sedan
Blue Belt my ass.. this dummy could barely answer questions and she lying or confused. Smh she not a blue belt. That’s at least 2 years of BJJ consistent
jkranites 17 dagar sedan
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu meets a catch wrestler...BJJ guy leaves with a broken limb
Jack Reed
Jack Reed 17 dagar sedan
theyre the best band in texas, joe, have Khruangbin on
Life is a dance get your groove on
Life is a dance get your groove on 17 dagar sedan
this girl is a mess and this podcast is bullshit. she represents for me cultural rot: 'pansexualism', identity politics,....yada yada
ALIENCROW 17 dagar sedan
Whats with the little boy haircut??????
Josh Williams
Josh Williams 17 dagar sedan
this is so forced
Mike Walters
Mike Walters 17 dagar sedan
Demi loves jits
Joe Snooze
Joe Snooze 18 dagar sedan
Read her water bottle
Christopher VAN WAGNER
Christopher VAN WAGNER 18 dagar sedan
She's got the crazy 👀!
John Doe
John Doe 18 dagar sedan
The more I use Spotify to watch JRE the more I like it it's becoming pretty apparent that it was a better place to be then SVfrom so I don't blame him anymore I also feel like people are way too sensitive and expect way too much out of programs and services... just the fact that being able to lock my screen and still listen to it not being a premium feature is awesome everybody else is trying to squeeze every f****** dime they can get out of people even though they're already trillionaires
John Doe
John Doe 12 dagar sedan
@Joshua Isaac you don't have too... They're all skipable
Joshua Isaac
Joshua Isaac 13 dagar sedan
Why so I can pay for premium and still have to listen to wack ass ads.
D Legionnaire
D Legionnaire 18 dagar sedan
Moulya Shree HP
Moulya Shree HP 18 dagar sedan
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Tech Hawk
Tech Hawk 18 dagar sedan
*FUN FACT :* Joe Rogan is twice as rich as Demi Lovato 💸 !
Terry Lobos
Terry Lobos 18 dagar sedan
Is it possible to see her snatch anywhere? I always wandered what it's like .
Terry Lobos
Terry Lobos 18 dagar sedan
Demi Lovato ...hmmmm ..?? Why is that girl a somebody ? Can someone please explain it to me quickly !
Ricardo Pina
Ricardo Pina 18 dagar sedan
Her laughter is so infectious. 🥰
S Shane
S Shane 18 dagar sedan
How can she sue someone if they hurt her during training 😂
A M 18 dagar sedan
I would want to wrestle with her....not in a fight, but, she is such a major turn on to me! She also seems more down to earth than other Hollywood/ Singer types in the Industry!
A M 18 dagar sedan
She is just SO BEAUTIFUL and definitely a Genuine person.....Really Enjoy Joe's podcast!
J p
J p 12 dagar sedan
Turki 18 dagar sedan
What? She's a blue belt?
Jesus P
Jesus P 18 dagar sedan
I know that Taekwondo is definitely no jujitsu, but ever since I quit I started feeling gross. I went from being in The Jr Olympics and doing tournaments as a black belt while I was a green belt and when I finally got the black belt I felt so accomplished. I quit when I was 25 and need to get back into martial arts now that I’m 40.
Haboogie 14 dagar sedan
Ain't nothing to it but to do it! As an older person, Jiu-jitsu would be perfect to get into. Whatever you chose, good luck to you. 👍🏾
Cheekytita 18 dagar sedan
The first time I ever thumbs downed Joe
Full Metal Alchemist
Full Metal Alchemist 18 dagar sedan
Willie Desmond
Willie Desmond 18 dagar sedan
Seen demi in Dublin she is a great singer and smoking hot bit I like the short hair.
David Laudermilch
David Laudermilch 19 dagar sedan
Demi Lovato seems like a great person. props.
Mister Nobody
Mister Nobody 19 dagar sedan
Jiu jitsu is gateway drug.
Sam Baker
Sam Baker 19 dagar sedan
Ahhh kempo teacher totally went for sanity was restored xxxxxall hail sensei Mark Watson xxxxxxx
truth teller
truth teller 19 dagar sedan
You know what Robert told me? He said I want Israel in Nigeria! Hahahahahaha isn't he fkn awesome?!?! He's like I want Israel in Nigeria hahahahahaha!!!
Jake 19 dagar sedan
So Demi Lovato isn't afraid of Heroin and Crack but she's afraid of getting Corona, seems legit.
mg82 19 dagar sedan
Oh god more jiujitsu..
JC 19 dagar sedan
These are the Idols Hollywood props up. It's just beyond insane at this point. Joe sold out a long time ago.
Katy 19 dagar sedan
I'm so happy to hear she still does jiu-jitsu!!! My friend does it and it helps his anger and anxiety so much and it's very cleansing
Axel Neumann
Axel Neumann 19 dagar sedan
Can we have a podcast with just joe and jamie
Mike Setbacken
Mike Setbacken 19 dagar sedan
You should take a look at (Bruce See's All).. he is seeing structures and things flying on the Moon... seeing is believing.. Thank you....
Mark Lacouague
Mark Lacouague 19 dagar sedan
I was a Spotify Premium member for YEARS. After the JRE censorship, I cancelled it, I also don’t watch Rogan anymore for covering it up. Very sad.
name name
name name 19 dagar sedan
Joe admitted to censorship
killakali3000 19 dagar sedan
So they hand out participation belts lol.. jk 🤣🤣
Jack Machado
Jack Machado 19 dagar sedan
Demi looking like Selma Hayek and Doris from Shrek.
Super Koba
Super Koba 19 dagar sedan
Not trying to make fun of her past addiction but how is she scared of bjj because of covid but not scared of heroin?
Trevor Lahey
Trevor Lahey 19 dagar sedan
Keep this junkie off the mats
Anna Rivera
Anna Rivera 19 dagar sedan
Not impressed.. why is Joe inviting all those ‘woke’ freaks?!
SlimJay Dizzle
SlimJay Dizzle 19 dagar sedan
Biggest take away. For a period of time
Mathew Gladden
Mathew Gladden 19 dagar sedan
That blue belt is such bullshit. I mean cmon
IBRAHIM ALOQALAA 19 dagar sedan
I hate the new studio
mr hands
mr hands 19 dagar sedan
Joe have important people on your podcasts Instead.
Benson S
Benson S 19 dagar sedan
Im fine with Rogan on Spotify, but the only thing I miss is the the comment section/like dislike ratio. This one I’m torn. Demi seems like a cool girl but talks about healers and refers to jujitsu as Jitts like she is fucking Royler Gracie is really making it difficult. 😤
Osiris Wills
Osiris Wills 19 dagar sedan
Big props to Demi for overcoming her cocaine addiction. Im sure these practices have helped her with that
Clay Droids
Clay Droids 19 dagar sedan
*used to be private until you talked about it on JRE
The Goon
The Goon 19 dagar sedan
Bruh the neck tat, hair and make up. Demi really hit em with the 18 year old mexican american taco bell employee look.
Pen Knight
Pen Knight 19 dagar sedan
His podcast has gone downhill. I made it about 3 minutes into this one before I shut it off. I don't believe he listens to her music. I found her boring from the get go.
Michael Horner
Michael Horner 19 dagar sedan
That Hillary Clinton laugh ..... where are my stihl ear muffs
Max Farris
Max Farris 19 dagar sedan
Take a look at Bill Gates' paton number... W2020 060606 Paton for an injection that stores a "crypto wallet" and "vaccine passport". Filed in 2019... Before Covid... #justsayno #SaveOurChildren
D4Real 19 dagar sedan
im convinced more people do jiu jistu than yoga at this point... at least thats how it seems after seeing every single guest on JRE talk about how they do JJ too
Alan Gonzalez
Alan Gonzalez 19 dagar sedan
Privilege bjj
Ian Scott
Ian Scott 19 dagar sedan
How tf is this person famous, I only know her from her relapses.
Vignesh Bhatt
Vignesh Bhatt 19 dagar sedan
So that’s all they talked about jiu-jitsu... oh so cool... meditative and it’s done... 😓
manga3040 19 dagar sedan
That white belt has a wierd hue to it...
Julian Abdella
Julian Abdella 19 dagar sedan
Y’all should watch Jujutsu Kaisen that show is 🔥🔥
Jason H
Jason H 19 dagar sedan
She’s cute but she’s a hot mess
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