Demi Lovato on Being Bullied as a Teenager

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Taken from JRE #1625 w/Demi Lovato:

careless kitten94
careless kitten94 2 dagar sedan
Oh you were bullied huh? That's interesting cuz I just found out from someone with a mutual friend that said they actually went to school with you. And according to her YOU were actually the bully all through high school and you were part of the popular group that bullied this girls sister all though high school. Do you wanna care to explain that ? Were you really bullied or is this your way of playing victim by flipping the script to get pity and have eveyone feel sorry for you as always?
John Smith
John Smith Dag sedan
It's usually both. Unless you're at the absolute bottom of the totem pole, then you gotta gain status of your own by doing what you see working for the people above you. And doing so makes you feel a bit more powerful yourself.
John Paul
John Paul 2 dagar sedan
Where is the full interview
Isaac Whitney
Isaac Whitney 3 dagar sedan
Man I don’t listen to her music but I respect her
Jimmy Wong
Jimmy Wong 3 dagar sedan
God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.
Celeste Pino
Celeste Pino 4 dagar sedan
I felt her when she said I wish someone would of just hit me and we would of thrown down instead... 🥲 that was me all throughout middle school and high school....
Rebecca Noyes
Rebecca Noyes 4 dagar sedan
Peep the "Sounds gay, I'm in!" sticker on Demi's water bottle
Jordan Spaker
Jordan Spaker 5 dagar sedan
Put yo full podcasts back on SVfrom 😘
Squaric 5 dagar sedan
That girl listened to this podcast
Gary Hagglestien
Gary Hagglestien 6 dagar sedan
Joe is soft for beating around the bush with her
Gary Hagglestien
Gary Hagglestien 6 dagar sedan
Bro she started the bullying like how are you gonna say you got bullied when you brought it on yourself by egging other kids on
Antonio Gonzalez
Antonio Gonzalez 6 dagar sedan
In a nutshell: Joe Rogan: "You were already in Hollywood as a kid, do you think it's ruined your perception of reality as an adult"? Demi Lovato: *goes on tirade about anti-bullying* Joe Rogan: "Mhm". Comment Section: *"PREACH IT GIRL"*
Tracy Pisani
Tracy Pisani 8 dagar sedan
"how do you remember me? You're in a castle covered in gold!" DEAD
Joey Hablat
Joey Hablat 8 dagar sedan
Lol she bullied someone and complained that she got bullied back
unini90 8 dagar sedan
A suicide petition?! Jeez!
C R 8 dagar sedan
Sounds like she dishes it first and the other girl has more heat 🤔
F E 8 dagar sedan
She was reportedly a notorious mean girl in her Disney days so I'm not the least bit surprised.
Kristy 8 dagar sedan
Demi Lovato is crazy. Why listen to her music or her story? Come on Joe.
F E 8 dagar sedan
@Kristy honestly, I'm amazed Joe seems to have taken to her at all. So much of her behaviour over the years has been exactly the kind he condemns.
Kristy 8 dagar sedan
F E exactly. Keep letting the crazy folk think they’re normal is no good.
F E 8 dagar sedan
I don't mind him listening it's buying her bullshit that I find distasteful.
Sean D
Sean D 8 dagar sedan
i think people dont realize what words can do to someone else. Being called a name could be nothing to one person but devastating to the next. I feel like maybe thats why her childhood bully didnt even think she would remember her
The Caruso’s
The Caruso’s 9 dagar sedan
The serenity prayer lmaaoooooo
Kong Wubba
Kong Wubba 9 dagar sedan
Ive just been mean, you just bullied your "fans". Kinda seems like she just wants attention.
F E 8 dagar sedan
Sounds like a convenient but nonsensical excuse for how snotty she was to people who literally made her career. She's always been an attention seeker with a hard-core victim complex.
Shanny Rosetree
Shanny Rosetree 9 dagar sedan
its allllll about the parenting... lets all start being better at that... Teach your kids to be kind and not a piece of shit
F E 8 dagar sedan
Her parents didn't 🤷‍♂️
Roger Reyes
Roger Reyes 10 dagar sedan
I really tried to watch this video... cant do it!!!
nick richard
nick richard 11 dagar sedan
joe where is episode 331?
sophie dawgson
sophie dawgson 11 dagar sedan
Just a reminder that even if you are a bully, it still hurts to be bullied. When you’re 12 you are basically not a real person and you don’t understand that until you’re older. Demi isn’t acting like she’s innocent in this she literally said the opposite. Doesn’t change that the bullying affects her, too. It’s less about the bullies and more about the bullying if that makes any sense.
Julia Goolia
Julia Goolia 11 dagar sedan
I feel ya 100% demi 😪😭 so sorry you went thru this too
SOLID SNAKE 11 dagar sedan
Wow I can relate.. She's so Raw and real... Poor Girl I'm glad she's fighting harder
psychedelic bookworm
psychedelic bookworm 11 dagar sedan
Bullies are often bullied in their own homes, and they end up projecting their pain onto others. It's a tragic cycle.
poppingfun 6 dagar sedan
you should watch "key and peele - bully" its like a 2 minute skit of a bully explaining how he feels while bullying. funny asf
Donna-Renee chats About all things
Donna-Renee chats About all things 11 dagar sedan
I remember everything from elementary school and middle school because of bullying
David D
David D 12 dagar sedan
Girl, get over it lol
Esquire 12 dagar sedan
Parabolic... I would have died if I stayed in Texas.... umn... nope
F E 8 dagar sedan
Hyperbolic? Like i really don't think that was a parable so not parabolic. (I actually believe it when she says that though; I think she was always liable to have issues and substance abuse problems and being a celeb meant there were a lot of handlers and people invested in her and her well being in a way she wouldn't have had if not a celeb. I could easily believe she would have ended up dead given how destructive she always was).
Birddee 12 dagar sedan
both ways of growing up are strange. she still had to prove herself even though she was famous.
Kryspy Popcorn
Kryspy Popcorn 12 dagar sedan
Calls somebody a bitch and then she gets treated like a bitch. Karma doesn’t have a age
Kwezzy 12 dagar sedan
I used to blame a lot of my behaviors and thoughts onto traumas that happened when I was younger but once I stopped doing that, man my life changed so much for the better. Now it’s just something to joke about hear and there. Everything is a lesson in life whether it’s good or bad.
Holly Grace
Holly Grace 12 dagar sedan
everyone was fucken bullied in school, even the bullies were bullied
Walter White
Walter White 11 dagar sedan
that’s dismissive as hell and simply not true.
K4YLEE 12 dagar sedan
The fact she doesn’t “expose” her or call her out says a lot about what kind of person she is. I love Demi.
Show Buster
Show Buster 13 dagar sedan
this person is very uninteligent and I belive a lot of what she said is made up. Dont have her in again.
Dan K
Dan K 13 dagar sedan
Why all the dislikes? Dam, looks like her bullies are still raging on haha
F E 8 dagar sedan
Anyone who followed her career from the early days know how much bullshit she's talking and how much responsibility for her own actions she isn't taking.
1 13 dagar sedan
Savannah Romero
Savannah Romero 13 dagar sedan
Should've asked her why she thinks gender reveals are transphobic 😂
F E 8 dagar sedan
Has she said that? Smdh
SP 13 dagar sedan
There was a suicide petition. These girls don’t deserve her apology or amends. If you try to make someone kill themselves you are a monster.
F E 8 dagar sedan
So she says. But she's lied so much about shit over the years I'm not remotely convinced.
jacquline Samad
jacquline Samad 13 dagar sedan
i get how demi feels and what demi means about still feeling upset even after having a one on one talk with the person that bullied you in the past. Some of them talk to you in the present as if they are not really acknowledging what they did to you that could have left a long lasting emotional scar on someone for life. I also agree with words leaving a much more lasting impression to a person and how they feel about themselves later on than being involved in a physical fight with someone.
Olivia Hendsbee
Olivia Hendsbee 13 dagar sedan
I got cyber bullied when I was a teen and I was threatened with suspension after I stood up for myself in-person
Nick 14 dagar sedan
Happy Easter Folks!
Aimee A.
Aimee A. 14 dagar sedan
I just hate that she was found out to be bullying Selena Gomez online like 2 years ago...
nate 11 dagar sedan
those posts were photoshopped lol
Adrian G
Adrian G 14 dagar sedan
Rogan. We need you back on youtube!
Ben Benjamins
Ben Benjamins 14 dagar sedan
I didn't know private schools were getting so rough these days especially for celebrities. I guess even really wealthy and popular families suffer from bullying
Chris Lopez
Chris Lopez 14 dagar sedan
Podcast is infected with ads now on spotify. Even for premium members.
Simply Sookie
Simply Sookie 14 dagar sedan
I really wish she had just been like. “You were my bully. I have an eating disorder and your voice calling me fat is still replaying in my head everyday”. Like let het know and let her reflect
Baraa Presley
Baraa Presley 13 dagar sedan
I’m glad she said it in this interview so she can see it
Accumulator •
Accumulator • 14 dagar sedan
Why didn’t you about aliens!?!? Dang it Joe
One Buffalo
One Buffalo 14 dagar sedan
So she called someone popular an "annoying bitch" Then was surprised when that popular person buried her socially? Lmao sounds like she was the bully first
F E 8 dagar sedan
She was notorious for that reputation in her Disney days. Plus there were tons of stories from her hometown and even her eating disorder clinic that she was the ultimate mean girl. L
Alina Saenz
Alina Saenz 15 dagar sedan
Depression since like preschool kids are mean but like I’ve become a super nice person because of it
Alina Saenz
Alina Saenz 15 dagar sedan
That’s awful
Miss Meesh
Miss Meesh 15 dagar sedan
I might get hate for this, but it sounds like she’s really scraping at the bottom of the victim barrel here. It’s almost like all these celebs become social justice advocates the moment they begin losing relevancy...
F E 8 dagar sedan
Demi's entire career has been dependent on a number of different victim narratives for more than a decade. Dating right back to her first rehab stay when she made it all about eating disorder advocacy but still had a raging drug problem. It was all spin.
Darth Fedor
Darth Fedor 15 dagar sedan
Sorry Demi, you are the one that is/was the bully
F E 8 dagar sedan
Her lack of self awareness when this shit had been documented for years is remarkable. But looking at Joe and these comments, people are happy to keep buying her bullshit so...
Nicolás Burmester
Nicolás Burmester 15 dagar sedan
Why the dislikes, this episode was surprisingly enjoyable
F E 8 dagar sedan
Probably people who know Demi's history and how full of shit she is.
kelsey stramel
kelsey stramel 15 dagar sedan
Thats why I homeschool my kids...when you're weird in middle and high school you have no friends...being weird as an adult is now cool so I'm letting them skip this bullshit and get right to the good stuff.
kelsey stramel
kelsey stramel 8 dagar sedan
@F E id rather them not be bullied, touched by teachers or have a massive shooting and hide under the desk. Id choose this path a hundred times over because I know my kids are safe and they are my responsibility. Its not someone else's responsibility to teach my kids we teach them to be good human beings while they learn their fractions and spend quality time with their family which matters most for our family.
F E 8 dagar sedan
@kelsey stramel, people experience similar patterns when they have broadly comparable circumstances. So just like people can relate to each other on their high school experience, home school kids and former home school kids experience many comparable circumstances and outlooks. When you look at forums where they discuss it, large swathes of them discuss experiencing the same issues. By "accounts" I mean their accounts of their experience, like they report and recount their experience and that's their account of it. The former home schoolers whose experiences I've read were perfectly convincing; the forums in question were part of larger platforms and they were normal people discussing other normal things too. There were a variety of different perspectives, but the ones I'm talking about weren't from highly religious families, they were normal households, the kids participated in team sports, had plenty of "after school" activities, and went on to normal colleges. Yet they still reported an overall negative perspective on the experience and said they wouldn't repeat it with their kids even if they could appreciate their parents reasoning for making the decision. The benefits, which they had a clear and balanced sense of, didn't outweigh what they felt they lost and there were (what they felt to be) unnecessary hurdles and struggles as a result.
kelsey stramel
kelsey stramel 8 dagar sedan
@F E what? You said a lot of home school kids fare poorly. That's not accurate, every household is different and so is every home school experience. Many kids have a normal social experience. Account? Do you mean social media accounts?? SVfrom is the only "social media" i use and I am sure there are many others like me so you may not see a very accurate portrayal of a regular family that home schools...
F E 8 dagar sedan
@kelsey stramel, I've seen a lot of their accounts. There was no indication that the majority weren't from good households.
kelsey stramel
kelsey stramel 8 dagar sedan
@F E not if you have a good house hold. Yes alot of children are robbed but id rather have my kids protected from sexual predator teachers, bullies and shootings. They agree and have a social life outside of school. When my 8 year olds teacher called him annoying is when I had my last of public school. Then I decided private school but not for my no racial kids.
L 15 dagar sedan
This was MY FAVORITE episode because I was never truly a Demi fan but now I just love her as a person. Joe is such a dad and I'm in love
Hulk Hagrid
Hulk Hagrid 15 dagar sedan
this story is kind of narcissistic. I called a girl an annoying bitch, then they were mean to me. Wild.
F E 8 dagar sedan
That describes Demi in a nutshell.
Troy Grooms
Troy Grooms 15 dagar sedan
Demi I read that you have adhd my name is troy grooms I have autism spectrum disorder and OCD being bullied happened to me I am not happy about it I was thinking about Selena Gomez she has lupus and bipolar disorder please be friends I want to be your friend
The Playmaker
The Playmaker 15 dagar sedan
This might be victim blaming but if you soft and weak mentally.. maybe stay outta social media?
Scott Simon
Scott Simon 15 dagar sedan
TURBULENCE1202 15 dagar sedan
Interesting interview. I hardly hear of her but the little I heard was the bad. Or when Spanish women around me talked bad about her for something forgot what. My perception definitely changed of her.
Meaghan Fox
Meaghan Fox 15 dagar sedan
It seems like she started it with her note? And are we supposed to believe that the beautiful celebrity wasn’t the popular girl ??? SMH
King Croc
King Croc 15 dagar sedan
i never understood why kid's were so ready to groupthink and be in with "what was cool" that shit is weak as fuck and since i can remember (litearlly back ages 6-7-8 or whatever) i was awlays the opposite of that. i guess i was just never a groupthinker sheep normie. heh. one day i'll rule the 'popular/jock' kids (the sheep) with my superior intellect.
King Croc
King Croc 15 dagar sedan
i aint going to spotify if i could watch the show like i can here and now on spotify i'd go i aint listening to just audio. fuck that disliking every one of his videos and unsubbed btw.
Scott Poet
Scott Poet 15 dagar sedan
I don't believe her.
Eva 15 dagar sedan
Man, I was bullied as a teenager and I’m in my mid 30s and I’m still trying to heal from that.
kd bb
kd bb 8 dagar sedan
i feel you i’m still in high school but bullying has caused a lot of harm for me, you should look into therapy it has helped me a lot!
Angie Wan
Angie Wan 11 dagar sedan
same. I'm with you.
VICKIE EVANS 11 dagar sedan
It caused me a lot of mental disorders. Very bad anxiety ect
Castillo Mendoza Yael
Castillo Mendoza Yael 11 dagar sedan
Pick a psychologist, they really help
Lorraine Rivera
Lorraine Rivera 13 dagar sedan
Right there with you, we got this! 💕
Trent Scott
Trent Scott 16 dagar sedan
Demi has too many stories that don’t add up. I remember Demi saying she left school because students signed a petition for Demi to kill herself. Which didn’t make sense to me because that’s a situation where the school is required to get the police.
chasity 8 dagar sedan
@F E I’m glad I’m not the only one whose noticed her patterns. I understand also what her trauma has caused her but i think she needs to start taking accountability instead of blaming others (especially if you’re 30 years old) That will most likely help her recover. In a podcast she also stated she wished the girls physically fought her instead of calling her fat. A lot of red signs there too, how could you hold so much anger for a incident that happened 20 years ago? Hopefully someone can come through and help her realize all of this
F E 8 dagar sedan
@chasity, in 2012 she did Demi Lovato: Stay Strong as well. Her career has hinged on a victim narrative for a long time now. I genuinely sympathise with her legitimate struggles, including all the family drama that is obviously a major contributing factor, but honestly she's been so full of shit so often. She's long been known to be a total mean girl. Like the reason she was institutionalised the first time was because she assaulted one of her dancers after they had expressed concerns about Demi's well being. Like, yeah, she was anorexic, bulimic, an addict, and underage, the dancer was right! Yet Demi's response was to walk up to her, punch her in the face in front of everyone, and then go back to her seat on the private plane.
chasity 8 dagar sedan
@F E it’s called Simply Complicated or something it came out in 2017 and she OD in 2018.. I also noticed she lied a lot during her skyscraper phase too.. till this day she blames Disney for fat shaming her and that’s why she left but in reality they booted her cause she was a drug addict and couldn’t keep up with the show.
F E 8 dagar sedan
@chasity, honestly which documentary? Back in the Skyscraper days she was selling a whole image and narrative that she later admitted was bullshit too. I remember specifically when she got that "the only coke I do is diet" tattoo and literally admitted later she was still a total cokehead at the time.
chasity 8 dagar sedan
@F E I actually wrote an essay for my psych class analyzing her documentary.. it was all about how she is sober with a new life and I stated that she’s still doing drugs.. then she OD 😳
you troll
you troll 16 dagar sedan
Ppl know that celebs have feelings lol they just don't care bc they think when your rich that is all that matters and whatever they say isn't going to hurt that person bc they think if I was that rich I wouldn't care about anything life would be so amazing but not all ppl can do that and when u become rich it usually leads to caring about everything single other thing than money
you troll
you troll 16 dagar sedan
Its really annoying when these celebs go thru some shit like rehab or many other things but then soon as they get out they completely change their look to try and start a new dude we still know your the same person lol I don't care what color u change ur hair to...I don't think they should pay for something like that for the rest of their lives I mean a lot of ppl go thru some shit at some point in their life but just bc u change your appearance doesn't mean anything lol everyone still knows what many ppl have problems now a days some of these celebs should embrace it and show they are still the same person and can get thru what many other ppl go thru and still be successful...I'd bet u would gain more fans that way everyone like a good comeback
J G 16 dagar sedan
“Anyone who wanted to be popular too their side...” 🤔 Hmmm kind of like the relationship between: Hollywood, the music industry, academia, the tech industry, MSM, etc. With the DNC/democrat party... 🤔🤔🤔
Raffine Debauche
Raffine Debauche 16 dagar sedan
I’m not a celebrity but I did grow up in the hood and I made it out...became a doctor...and have a good life. When I first got the degree and would go back home, dudes from high school that couldn’t stand me (it was mutual) would try to talk to me like we were best friends. Like 🤨 bruh, I low key hated you. But now that my life is good I’m not supposed to remember the animosity that was between us?
mg682 11 timmar sedan
Now this should be a talked about phenomenon, same thing happened/happens to me and I'm about to graduate college. I legit can't stand that and I refuse to change my feelings about them. It's so infuriating to me.
Chandra 3 dagar sedan
I'm glad to see other people saying this bc I haven't even been out of high school that long and already have people faking like we're friends.
MAC 16 dagar sedan
This is a good reminder that everything we do or say has consequences. It doesn't matter if we did it when we were young or old.
Gabriel Jorge
Gabriel Jorge 16 dagar sedan
I want to know what brand are the headphones :)
T Youtube
T Youtube 16 dagar sedan
This podcast was probably in the top 5 of worst JRE podcasts...I'll listen to Donell interupt any guest over this self absorbed piece of trash...people get bullied for legitimate reasons usually
Alexandre Gagne
Alexandre Gagne 16 dagar sedan
She's so pretentious it's ridiculous!
Kryptonic Chronic Dead Moon
Kryptonic Chronic Dead Moon 16 dagar sedan
Selena Gomez still living in demi mind rent free after all these years
for fun
for fun 13 dagar sedan
@Kryptonic Chronic Dead Moon well bullying scars a lot of people, if the kids at my school made a petition for me to kill myslef, i sure would remember it for the rest of my life. she’s just saying that this is where her eating disorder and other things started. and she never mentioned selena? and who cares if she’s hurt about loosing a friend? why are you guys so cruel
Kryptonic Chronic Dead Moon
Kryptonic Chronic Dead Moon 14 dagar sedan
Lmao if she's still mad about something somebody said in 7th grade how is she still not hurt about the selena gomez drama?
for fun
for fun 14 dagar sedan
when did anyone even mention selena
Mooleytuna 16 dagar sedan
He caught her in so many lies it's unnreal.. what a lame woman.
Deep Moticons
Deep Moticons 16 dagar sedan
The WHOLE school system is rotten as hell and should be burned down and completely rebuilt
Kutukov 16 dagar sedan
Wtf is this shit
Orlando Christopher
Orlando Christopher 16 dagar sedan
As someone who's spent time in a mental facility for a failed suicide attempt, etc etc, I want to feel sorry for her but I just... I just can't. She has too much of a victim's mentality for me. We're all out here dealing with shit. Perhaps it's a level of narcissism but she definitely lacks maturity and any sense of personal accountability for her actions.
princemtm91 16 dagar sedan
So, she writes a note calling other people annoying and bitches and then people retaliated, but she’s the victim? Why? Because she, a TV star and pop star, wasn’t “popular” at her school in Texas?
Alvaro d
Alvaro d 16 dagar sedan
Why 2.4K of dislikes🤨
LoadingMeerkat 16 dagar sedan
I bullied a lot of people when I was in school including teachers and I felt horrible about it as I got older. Alcoholic mother and no dad around screws you up. I wonder how many bullies don't have both a good mum and dad to teach them what's right and wrong because I'm willing to bet that's one of the main culprits
Damian Perez
Damian Perez 16 dagar sedan
Say's the girl that was snoring 500 dlls of coke everyday.. She was getting caught snoring on the airplanes and sh t
Damian Perez
Damian Perez 14 dagar sedan
@for fun do you understand how dumb it sounds to say she was suffering ? you obviously never use coke before. Stop victimizing drug addicts BRO.
for fun
for fun 14 dagar sedan
@Damian Perez great come back
Damian Perez
Damian Perez 14 dagar sedan
@for fun poor her
for fun
for fun 14 dagar sedan
bro watch her new documentary then judge someone who’s suffering with addiction
Michelle Labelle
Michelle Labelle 16 dagar sedan
Idk I just don’t carrrrreeeeeeee
nacho bish
nacho bish 16 dagar sedan
crystal The fam
crystal The fam 16 dagar sedan
I can't believe you went through that 😭💔 I can't imagine being the reason someone has stopped eating help cause there eating disorder and later on other problems and they dont have the heart to say sorry 🤔🤯😢
Laruse Depuss
Laruse Depuss 17 dagar sedan
Take a shot every time she says “words”
Chris Garcia
Chris Garcia 17 dagar sedan
Joe, you need to start charging for your sessions!
Sara Brown
Sara Brown 17 dagar sedan
Wow maybe you were just a little bit more narcissistic. Some people can’t handle any criticism. Sounds like she was trying to bully someone and got checked.( having a concert that weekend in Vegas sounds like you were the popular chick. We’ve all experienced some type of bullying. You blamed her for making you throw up but then we hear the truth. Your mom taught you to do that. Do people even hear themselves? That’s why you want to blame all your bad choices on a 12 year old that you were in a fight with. It’s kinda telling what type of person feels like someone saying things about them “ ruined her life “ I hate bullies but if we’re going to get real we don’t know what that other girl was going through at the time
George McFly
George McFly 17 dagar sedan
Who the hell is this???
Joshua Johnson
Joshua Johnson 17 dagar sedan
Can we find one famous person tht ain’t a victim?? EVERYBODY NOW DAYS IS A VICTIM. This new generation is so soft and get in their feelings so easy.
Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson 17 dagar sedan
Why are you having these Spotify morons on
J4m32 Hz
J4m32 Hz 17 dagar sedan
Scooter braun made sure this jre lip would be on SVfrom 😎
peckerhead 17 dagar sedan
Joe should've asked her about the countless reports from her classmates that said she was a stuck up bitch to everyone.....
Vuththiwat Tanathornkosithgira
Vuththiwat Tanathornkosithgira 17 dagar sedan
Celebrity is viewed as an icon of something that above average people, this is related to in ancient time when people elevated War hero, king, or philosopher to the level of deities. So, that is a must for anyone to understand accept or get awar from it. It is a blessing as much as a curse.
Andrea N
Andrea N 17 dagar sedan
I can relate to Demi here. In junior high some girls kept telling me I was dumb and gullible. I’m sure they don’t even remember now, but I still do.
Keri Figueroa
Keri Figueroa 17 dagar sedan
Wow! She sounds bitter and petty. Her bully was young, immature, and probably going through her own shit. She says she doesn’t “blame her” but she clearly does.
pricila 17 dagar sedan
i love demi lovato i wish her all the happiness in the world
Greg Koenig
Greg Koenig 17 dagar sedan
Damn she is busted
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