Demi Lovato on Relapsing and Being "California Sober"

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Taken from JRE #1625 w/Demi Lovato:

Poison Jarl
Poison Jarl 2 timmar sedan
This poor girl will never recover. She’s just going to spend a lifetime relapsing. She’s obsessed with staying relevant and in social media. And that obsession is going to keep too many negative things in her life. Her latest tweet being complaints about there being low cal and disgust free froyo and how it’s preying upon people. She can’t even process there are people who can’t have sugar or don’t want to get fat eating 1500 calorie bowls of froyo. Smh
Destiny 8 timmar sedan
Damn, she was all kinds of fucked up.
samantha lynne
samantha lynne 9 timmar sedan
When is this episode coming out?
beniam johnson
beniam johnson 20 timmar sedan
Hahahaha...oops... someone just died due to misinformation...
FRANANGELICO ONA 23 timmar sedan
Sounds gay.
timothy jensen
timothy jensen Dag sedan
She has a team to trim her eyebrows!
Shawn Lovett
Shawn Lovett Dag sedan
What's up comment section! I sure do miss you guys now days 😭 hope everyone is doing well
Ali Akbar
Ali Akbar Dag sedan
This is cool. Great podcast. Generic comment inbound
MaxxYield Dag sedan
"My truth" 🙄🥱
Eric Jennings
Eric Jennings Dag sedan
It looks like Joe does have a tatoo addiction
Jeremy Washington
Jeremy Washington Dag sedan
If you smoke weed, you’re not sober. I was a heroin addict for ten years, sober for 7, and saying you’re “California sober” takes away the hard work of people who abstain completely. I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing that she uses weed to overcome her addiction. I’m happy for her. But she is in no way sober.
Tyler Mikaelson
Tyler Mikaelson Dag sedan
There are so many people that we don't know what they are struggiling with. Never judge
Liz Dag sedan
Does anyone really care about these celebtards? 🙄
rockinsteady Dag sedan
Unfortunately she has a platform. What "works" for her could be incredibly detrimental to someone else getting sober and thinking because Demi does it "why can't it work for me?" Do what you do but keep you "California sober" to yourself.
mtaylor935mt Dag sedan
I’ve always had no respect for pop music and pop stars in general. I think the whole pop genre and related industries are a detriment to society and promote superficiality, stupidity, instant gratification, and other negative and detrimental ideas and concepts. But when I saw that Demi Lovato was on the Joe Rogan podcast I thought I’d give her a chance and get some insight. I thought maybe I’d be wrong and that pop stars and pop music deserve some respect. So, I listened to the entire podcast with Demi. Long story short my feelings toward pop music and pop stars were not changed at all. They were reaffirmed and strengthened. Demi is a self-avowed mentally ill person, dependent on weed to function in life, has a “treatment team” (her words) to help her through her life, is “pan sexual” (her own words) and just wants to “live her truth” (her own words). Nothing really to see there. Maybe it’s just that she was corrupted from a young age (parents abusive/mentally ill as well) and this is the result. I don’t know. But word of advice: stay away from Hollywood and the music industry as well.
SphericaI Dag sedan
I didn’t realize how addicting SSRI’s can be considering that they don’t even get you high. I was taking them for 3 years and decided to go off cold turkey and it totally felt similar to narcotic withdrawals. Big Pharma wants you to be addicted to their drugs. Anything can be an addictive substance. Please be careful young people. You only get one brain, take care of it.
FubaR 2 dagar sedan
i'l give it 5 years.
Jose Guthrie
Jose Guthrie 2 dagar sedan
It's "something I don't wanna open up with publicly, it's just between me and my team" *opens up and feels that DMX dying was a drug wake up call* She's so narcissistic and toxic and needs help. Hope you get that, not on a JRE.
Nathan Rossi
Nathan Rossi 2 dagar sedan
Cali Sober is bullshit. You can lie to yourself all you want but if you didn’t operate well using substances before you got treatment you definitely won’t operate well using any other form of substance afterwards. Look at what everyone says who’s Cali sober, look at what she said, “it’s easier to meditate”, or people who say “it helps me deal with my anxiety and the stresses of life” WE ALL HAVE ANXIETY WE ALL HAVE STRESSES IN LIFE. Life is not about making things EASIER or more comfortable for yourself. Of course weed makes everything easier but do you really get true satisfaction out of what you gain if it’s “easier”? Shame on her “treatment team” she just pays them to tell her what she wants to hear! If anyone’s reading this stop smoking that shit if you had a problem with drugs before. You clearly cannot use them well. Joe rogan doesn’t have addiction issues and he’s more than capable of smoking here and there.
The Highlander
The Highlander 2 dagar sedan
OwN mY tRuTh
Robert Espinosa
Robert Espinosa 2 dagar sedan
This chick is on drugs rite now lol
Christian Celis
Christian Celis 2 dagar sedan
She did all them drug them
Jbizzle2 2 dagar sedan
Demi fine
Boyd Heighten
Boyd Heighten 2 dagar sedan
Who gives a shit what she says..??? Way out of touch with reality...
okthennone 2 dagar sedan
Sorry, Demi, but that is not sobriety.
Alyssa :
Alyssa : 2 dagar sedan
Good thing you're not Arkansas sober just on meth 😂🤣😂🤣😂
Sharad Mathur
Sharad Mathur 2 dagar sedan
joe rogan: dislikes because girl
Nora A
Nora A 2 dagar sedan
Annoying she came in this show, its so beneath her.
Sarah.Grace.22 3 dagar sedan
He is so fucking disrespectful during this
Corbyn Belliveau
Corbyn Belliveau 3 dagar sedan
I know alot of people who got clean and its weird how some can drink and smoke weed casually and not relapse and others who know to avoid it because they dont want to be tempted, more power to anyone getting sober
Paul Miller
Paul Miller 3 dagar sedan
"OMG EVERYONE IS SO COOL AND AWESOME!" 3 minutes later: My drug dealer sold me heroin laced with fantanyl and I had three strokes and a heart attack... Sounds like your accepting lifestyle isn't going so great for you...
Paul Miller
Paul Miller 3 dagar sedan
Demi, love, you still have a ways to go on your journey to "your truth". Hint: Your truth is a human truth. Your truth is our truth.
Paul Miller
Paul Miller 3 dagar sedan
Smoke inhalation increases free radicals in the body. Maybe she should stick to edibles...
on1ka 3 dagar sedan
Bro this whole situation with her...who fucking cares, go make another video about your love for drugs and how insecure you happen to be... Do it for the world cause we all give a fuck
MooG730* 3 dagar sedan
“Out of the pool boys”😂😂
Dan 2.0
Dan 2.0 3 dagar sedan
Whos this gardenHoe I'm from Germany
K. Frost
K. Frost 3 dagar sedan
Weed highs never go sideways for these types of people and I don't get it. Joe gets high and does marshal arts. Fucking potheads. Their mom's must have smoked it while pregnant and that's why they function so well with it. Because this is not normal.
Left Out Of The Conversation
Left Out Of The Conversation 3 dagar sedan
Makes sense tho i suffer from migraines always feel amazing after throwing up with them shes onto something there
nikki venable
nikki venable Dag sedan
I seriously cannot imagine suffering from migraines. My future son-in-law has bad you have any advice for me? I told him he needs to see a dr. Imitrex, from what I've told, is a good drug for migraine. If you have any advice I could send his way I'd certainly appreciate it. Again, I'm sorry that you deal with migraines. :(
Peach 3 dagar sedan
How’s that wikifeet rating? Loser
Pink Cake
Pink Cake 3 dagar sedan
You NEED food to live .. You don’t NEED drugs to live.. ‘California Sober’ is exactly what led her to relapsing.. Some people can drink & smoke weed & be fine.. HEROIN ADDICTS CANNOT.. Speaking from personal experience
Isai Lopez
Isai Lopez 3 dagar sedan
Bruh.. you only get sick if you buy cheap shit... All that money she could just get a clean brick straight from colombia.. 🤦🏽‍♂️
Isai Lopez
Isai Lopez 3 dagar sedan
All this money and she used crack? 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
Hans game
Hans game 3 dagar sedan
imagine she had ODed successful, another "star gone too early"
William Madrid
William Madrid 3 dagar sedan
So she had never tried weed but was hooked on heroine and crack at 15....??
Tanner Kimmell
Tanner Kimmell 3 dagar sedan
You should get Danny Duncan on the show.
Joseph Volm
Joseph Volm 4 dagar sedan
Demi and Joe go together like lamb and tuna fish
rachel nguyen
rachel nguyen 4 dagar sedan
I so want her to find kratom. I’m assuming it’s an opioid addiction. Going in with the game plan of using it just until her addiction under control.
Leah Dickerson
Leah Dickerson Dag sedan
@John Smith it won’t kill her thoooo
John Smith
John Smith Dag sedan
Kratom's the same thing, and I've heard nasty story of addicts trying to get off it.
Leah Dickerson
Leah Dickerson 2 dagar sedan
was thinking the same. turns out she’s not just smoking weed but drinking, which i think is the real gateway personally. should try an all green diet
LC 3 dagar sedan
Seems like she's doing alright and kratom has its own addictive qualities.
Noah P
Noah P 4 dagar sedan
she can't live her life without a substance which is basically the definition of substance addiction, coming from an ex heroin addict like her it doesnt work, eventually you will go back to the high you want, the most amazing powerful high, heroin, but hey to each their own
Anaysa Garza
Anaysa Garza 4 dagar sedan
I love Demi but I just don’t like how she was laughing and trying to convince herself that this is a new path that will work. I just know it won’t, we can all convince ourselves of anything if we want to. It doesn’t make it right though
Silver Martian
Silver Martian 4 dagar sedan
Jesus christ her fucking laugh 1:02 sounded like a loud CONCRETE JUNGLE PARROT lol
Silver Martian
Silver Martian 4 dagar sedan
No one is putting a gun to your head to take drugs. You are your own worst enemy.
Skallia Ray
Skallia Ray 4 dagar sedan
My brother was a hard core addict. He smoked weed or was "California sober" and it didn't stop him from ODing. Does that mean it won't for but there's a reason why they advise against it in early recovery. I'm a huge fan of her voice. I say it that way bc frankly over the years I stopped liking her as a person but I still think she's one of most gifted singers of my generation. With that being said she has some serious mental health issues on top of her addiction. I hope for the love of everything she is staying away from the stuff that could kill her but it's not a secret she has codependency issues with men or "love" and the idea of it and self worth issues. She needs to actually address these things out of the spot light or we will hear about another incident on the news. IMO. Everytime she "comes back" there's a level of performance about it. She's copes with work...she needs to cope with something else. I've followed her since I was a teenager. Followed her story and every recovery stint and her OD. There's a pattern. I hope she breaks it and find what works. I want the best for her. If that's "California sober" sure. Whatever idc. But if it ends in another OD I wouldn't be shocked.
amber suarez
amber suarez 4 dagar sedan
I hope she can get passed that and feel happy and relief without anything one day
Ruben Rios
Ruben Rios 2 dagar sedan
There is no such thing as "Cali Sober" 👎👎👎
Roadrunner Girl
Roadrunner Girl 4 dagar sedan
Alcohol Dampens glutamate in your brain so you feel calm. When you stop drinking, if you're addicted, glutamate is out of control and you feel really anxious. N-acetyl cysteine helps to calm/regulate glutamate excitability . Nootropics, which N-acetyl cysteine is, can help the brain with all sorts of issues.
Roadrunner Girl
Roadrunner Girl 4 dagar sedan
Marijuana can be used as a healing medicine for pain, anxiety, depression when used properly and not abused.
John Smith
John Smith Dag sedan
More of a band-aid than actual healing. Isn't gonna make the reasons for any of that go away.
Sandra Garcia
Sandra Garcia 4 dagar sedan
That’s crazy Overdosing does mess up your vision and hearing it’s so scary. I overdosed on my seizure medicines because I was taking the wrong dose On accident and I was basically blind for a week
Nat Rich
Nat Rich 4 dagar sedan
calderonjd30 4 dagar sedan
She hasn't learned her lesson...she just switched from one addiction to another 🙄 She can't be sober..thats the truth So Sad. ..
Cody Blake
Cody Blake 4 dagar sedan
Mary Juana can help with eating. I just wanna say, there are 3 stages to smoking weed. 1. Hungry 2. Happy 3. Sleepy You hit all 3 of those stages eventually but the order is always different lol
Cody Blake
Cody Blake 4 dagar sedan
I wanna say so much but... it’s to personal...
M McKinnon
M McKinnon 4 dagar sedan
yeeesss pellow gang
CoCo Coldy
CoCo Coldy 4 dagar sedan
Lol there’s 3 clips of this pop star on JRE and the titles of the clips are obviously promotional.
Kristen Gruber
Kristen Gruber 4 dagar sedan
This has been so incredibly interesting
Danielle Gore
Danielle Gore 5 dagar sedan
I knew exactly how she was going to describe the blind spots because that is what happens right before I pass out. When I can't see anymore because it looks like I have stared at the sun to long and I have that bluish green in my eyes that's when I know I have pushed myself too far. I wonder why that happens I feel really bad that Demi has to deal with that constantly.
Michael Ofili
Michael Ofili 5 dagar sedan
1:00: 🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣
KyelKush Gaming
KyelKush Gaming 5 dagar sedan
Ugh, I honestly think her past in Barney/Disney really took her down the road. Now she is happier than ever. Proud of her.
shvonne marie
shvonne marie 5 dagar sedan
Mad respect for her, I hope she’s happy and healthy 💕
Renay May
Renay May 5 dagar sedan
#Truth ✊🏽❤🙏🏽✌🏽
Loro loro
Loro loro 5 dagar sedan
The thing is, in her docuseries she says she bought a bottle of wine, drank a glass which turned into a bottle, which turned into doing heroin in the same night. Sooo, yeah, no. This won't end well for her.
Skallia Ray
Skallia Ray 4 dagar sedan
Right! You know what if being California sober is the consultation for her not doing heroine it doesn't make it any less an addiction bc she's literally still using it all to cope with her mental health and emotions. I doubt it will end very pretty.
Kiki Purchases
Kiki Purchases 5 dagar sedan
And he still has not invited Larry Lawton to his podcast. This guy has so much to say
LikeThis LikeThat
LikeThis LikeThat 5 dagar sedan
Way to sugar coat it. She still gets high. That's not sober or clean.
Ville G
Ville G 5 dagar sedan
Update time. It has been 17 full days now detoxing out my little 1,5 month-long smoking escapade. I seriously think that when people run out of smoke or are quitting chronic smoke, it is a reason for a lot of crimes and personal shortcomings. I have been seriously on the fucking edge the whole time. It is sneaky. I have kinda given up trying to do anything. I play games for money and weed gave me the advantage of not tilting while playing, taking losses easily, and moving on. I gave a generous time out for myself in the start, almost two weeks, no playing, nothing. I just knew I can't do anything because when I fell short or had some little normal life shortcomings or difficulties, problems, MY BRAIN FUCKING, FUCKING, FUCKING EXPLODES AAARRRGHH EXPLODEES THE FUUUUCKKKK OOOUT FUUUUCKKKK!!!!!!!! So yeah. I still see the dream world is incredibly affected but otherwise, somehow, there is really no telling if you are not super aware and really compare (and a genius-level thinker + analyst) like I am. Most likely everybody will just lose their shit and blame something else. I believe that the sneaky detox from chronic smoking is a reason for a lot of lives ruined and even violence. I am so fucking done. When-The-Fuck Is-This-Going-To-Be-over?
Taylor Ludvik
Taylor Ludvik 5 dagar sedan
God damn is she the most self righteous junkie of all time or what? Demi Lovato - the face of narcissism
sukhjit sandhu
sukhjit sandhu 5 dagar sedan
Now she's capitalizing on her overdose. The documentaries this person is clearly starving for attention.
Lil Dill
Lil Dill 5 dagar sedan
"nothing happens when you get off it" ...tell that to my absolute bonkers vivid dreams
Mike Craft
Mike Craft 5 dagar sedan
This girl is very boring.
Edianna Reyes Ovalle
Edianna Reyes Ovalle 5 dagar sedan
Girl I am grateful that you shared your story. It seems tough to be in addiction and near death experience. I can’t imagine. Pray that things get better for you and you continue to do whatever you need to get better. Weed does have a lot of benefits as long as it is not done in excess, the right amount does have benefits. Also the different kinds, for different purposes is also something to look into. :)
L M 5 dagar sedan
Joe Rogan comes across as really disrespectful. My guess is that's because he is depending on drugs himself.
Debora Mondragon
Debora Mondragon 5 dagar sedan
She said: I could see that smile forming And seconds later: I cannot see people’s mouth only eyes?
gonzotater1990 5 dagar sedan
First world celebrity problems. She has a "team" to guide her addiction issues. These are the people morons choose to adjust their line of thinking.
TRON1CK 5 dagar sedan
Next OD is incoming.
Tommy Gunz :
Tommy Gunz : 5 dagar sedan
This is a slippery slope. Some might be able to handle smoking, but it can lead to other things
Billy Myers
Billy Myers 5 dagar sedan
I fell in love with this woman watching Disney with my now 17year old still have that for her...she's real..beautiful soul
Billy Myers
Billy Myers 5 dagar sedan
Wish her the best...she's owning it..never had those issues but known many that did and would just hide them....
Lauren Combs
Lauren Combs 6 dagar sedan
If you want to be sober, that means not drinking or smoking pot especially given her addictive nature.
Sober Gil
Sober Gil 6 dagar sedan
She can say that bs all she wants. Look if your an addict, you can’t be smoking weed or doing other drugs. That’s not true sobriety and your keeping your addiction awake and active. That’s called cross addiction. True recovery to keep your addiction in full remission is 100% off drugs. It’s dopamine you crave. Doesn’t matter what drug you get it from. She’s playing with fire. She almost died for Christ sakes. Picture this, that’s like saying I’m “California monogamous” I’m not screwing people I’m just making out with them and maybe oral. I’m still faithful to you. Yeah right. Try telling your partner that crap. It’s denial and enabling. If you’re not an addict or alcoholic...smoke away. But for those of us who are addicts and alcoholics, stop with the fake California sober bs. Be authentic. So tired of these people. Addiction kills and this stuff is dangerous. It always leads you back to your main drug of choice in a matter of time.
Chaya Feig
Chaya Feig 6 dagar sedan
Daisy Ruiz
Daisy Ruiz 6 dagar sedan
I want to say thank you to both of you for speaking about this. I don't often watch or listen to your videos but when I do I feel like my husband is around and I'm waiting for his laugh or " yeah yeah exactly bro" and well my husband passed away December 13 2019 because if an overdose from fentanyl.
Yolanda Ybarra-Rodriguez
Yolanda Ybarra-Rodriguez 6 dagar sedan
Im a 23 year stoner..Its better than alcohol and pills
Raiden Kruckenberg
Raiden Kruckenberg 6 dagar sedan
ive been sober for almost my first thirty consecutive days off of alcohol, and much of it is a thank you to smoking weed to calm that anxiety. it's given me the grounds to pave for my sobriety.
Kyle Kamins
Kyle Kamins 6 dagar sedan
1:01 holy shit me earrrs
SuperVastGut 6 dagar sedan
how far he has fallen to having people like this on, jesus christ you are an embarrassment dude
hellboundTX333 6 dagar sedan
Using appearances and music videos to cash in on her so called tragedies just shows she hasn’t learned a thing. She’s full of sh!t.
Paige Evans
Paige Evans 6 dagar sedan
Gabrielle Olsavsky
Gabrielle Olsavsky 6 dagar sedan
what she described with her vision is what happens to people with oras during migraine. google ora
Suzanne Etc
Suzanne Etc 6 dagar sedan
J E 6 dagar sedan
Her recovery is "nobody's business" but she keeps doing interviews about her recovery🤣
possums 5 dagar sedan
@Jacqueline Pisculli which is confusing because she’s a recovery advocate. You can’t be a recovery advocate and closed off about your own at the same time.
Jacqueline Pisculli
Jacqueline Pisculli 5 dagar sedan
No. What she means is “what I do in my recovery is no ones business”.
Terese Pereira
Terese Pereira 6 dagar sedan
is no one going to talk about that adorable lil squeak she did at 7.08?
Maureen Galleymore
Maureen Galleymore 6 dagar sedan
Jesus man. It's sad to watch her like this. Using weed for relief is like doing heroine for relief. I want die from pot, but I sure as hell will drive myself there if I use it. I pray that one day she can be clean. Opium is a sacred plant man, and that kills. I'm sick of hearing how weed is just a plant. If you're an addict, you're an addict. It's fine for some people, but not for addicts. Shes playing herself. Not using the tools the program gives her. I pray for her.
Raymond Siddiqi
Raymond Siddiqi 6 dagar sedan
Take it from a former pothead, Joe 'Denial' Rogan, doing sober October doesn't mean you're not a functioning pothead the rest of the year.
Eric S
Eric S 7 dagar sedan
I really don’t understand why anyone would try hard drugs, i just can’t fathom that.
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