Dan Gable on The Origins of His Mental Toughness

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Taken from JRE #1627 w/Dan Gable:

Lo Ro
Lo Ro Dag sedan
I'm a retired middle school special ed teacher. I always tried to get them into wrestling because the coaches were stellar and I knew the boys would gain mental strength if nothing else.
t bishop
t bishop Dag sedan
My dad wrestled at the same time as Dan and even wrestled guys who wrestled Dan. I grew up hearing about this guy in the 70s and 80s. It's weird to see him on this show with Joe. I kind of thought he was forgotten
Milkman3572000 2 dagar sedan
We have devolved. Just look at the buttercups of today, easily offended. Police visiting people who make fun of AOC on Twitter. Cops arresting moms at football games for not wearing masks. Rampant censorship/propaganda. There are more than one gender? We have Definitely devolved. Forced vaccinations. Klaus Schwaub tells us what the elites want to do. I miss the free Joe. Corporate Joe is..... missing something.
JDwJC11 4 dagar sedan
I was hoping hear about mental toughness and i dont think i heard much.
Jspecdriver 702
Jspecdriver 702 4 dagar sedan
I grew up in Hawaii and I heard of this Legend. This is sweet to get to know a % about him. USA wrestling baby! JRE!
Ant V
Ant V 4 dagar sedan
He is going to live a very long ⌛ you can tell he's at peace with his mind body and soul
Ant V
Ant V 4 dagar sedan
From the great state of Iowa!
William Doughty
William Doughty 5 dagar sedan
Dan Gable is truly a real person and a great American
Jeremie Finch
Jeremie Finch 5 dagar sedan
Good ole days huh
Adam Sharpe
Adam Sharpe 5 dagar sedan
The Michael Jordan of wrestling. End of discussion
Michael Petty
Michael Petty 5 dagar sedan
And where are all the Y's now. This used to be a cornerstone of every community. I loved the Y as a kid.
Alex Sturgeon
Alex Sturgeon 5 dagar sedan
Dan Gable Iron Sheik class Babba.
Spencer Stracke
Spencer Stracke 5 dagar sedan
Joe is begging people to go to Spotify lol 😂
spinner171 6 dagar sedan
Went to Gable camp as a high school wrestler and it was one of the best sports experiences that I had. He was a great speaker and it was a huge confidence booster to spend a week drilling with wrestlers from all over the country.
Tyler Cascio
Tyler Cascio 6 dagar sedan
They would def lock you up today , no if's ands or butts about it
Joe Camilleri
Joe Camilleri 7 dagar sedan
Spent a year at Iowa w/ Hawkeye Wrestling Club Dan is an unbelievable man n coach. He saw everything in that wrestling room.. EVERYTHING! U didn't dare take a minute off at practice!! That room had incredible wrestlers, every practice was physical hell!!
Boatsandhoes 7 dagar sedan
The mean streets of Waterloo Iowa. 😆
Benjamin Moon
Benjamin Moon 7 dagar sedan
Wow Dan Gable on jre
The Darren Hunter Show
The Darren Hunter Show 7 dagar sedan
80-83 Penn Charter high school wrestling room in Philadelphia, PA, we had a huge poster of Dan. I always remembered that.
emich28 8 dagar sedan
This guy should have managed Hulk Hogan.
The Midnight Coal Company
The Midnight Coal Company 8 dagar sedan
Myself being a farm boy born/ raised in iowa. As a little kid going up wrestling in iowa Dan Gable was a god. High school he was someone to look up too and now he's a role model.....
Nick Peppeard
Nick Peppeard 9 dagar sedan
''the good ol days'' only really applies to white people in the way he's talking about
Leirrie mrsonicfeet
Leirrie mrsonicfeet 9 dagar sedan
He's spitting facts though. I grew up in Wisconsin through the 80's 90's. Cops didn't have the pure money incentive like they do now. "For profit" jails have changed how they interact with us.
Black-Amaterasu 9 dagar sedan
at 00:00 i didn't see were this would go, but i stayed, i listened, i liked his voice and his story... at 09:00 i didn't know how to think of his story. It made me think about myself and not being so fearful.
Chegas Prez
Chegas Prez 9 dagar sedan
When Dan Gable stands up, Chuck Norris flinches.
Matt Gage
Matt Gage 10 dagar sedan
I had a dog named Gable. He wasnt as legendary as Dan, but a good boy none the less.
Kalle Pikku
Kalle Pikku 10 dagar sedan
I wished Rogan would've asked him about Catch wrestling. Gable knows a lot of cool little details unknown to majority of internet about Iowa's wrestling history which is full of original (Catch) wrestlers; including two of America's all time best: Farmer Burns and Frank Catch. He also met Billy Robinson in the 70's on the movie set of "the wrestler". Actually according to Gable, Folkstyle wrestling was still known as Amateur Catch as Catch Can wrestling in Iowa when Gable was still coming up as a young wrestler. So he definitely has a story or two to share.
Frank J L.G
Frank J L.G 10 dagar sedan
Great video overall 👍
Martin Morris
Martin Morris 10 dagar sedan
Did alright in Wrestling modest guy. For those who don’t know he was the Michael Jordan of Wrestling.
Roter Fuchs
Roter Fuchs 10 dagar sedan
My high school coach said "you boys are looking good there in the showers, show me what size you can get your wands with soap"
nick richard
nick richard 11 dagar sedan
joe where is episode 331?
Hellomoneyful 11 dagar sedan
That's some Police white privilegie right there.
ᚨᛉᚨᛉᛖᛚ 11 dagar sedan
Shawn Floyd
Shawn Floyd 11 dagar sedan
Back when men weren’t pussies
Louis Bradshaw
Louis Bradshaw 11 dagar sedan
I got to meet Dan gable at a Tom brands Dan gable wrestling camp in Iowa when I was in high school my dogs name is actually gable I wore Dan gable wrestling shoes this man is a legend
Michael Shaleen
Michael Shaleen 12 dagar sedan
The good old days
Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones 12 dagar sedan
Wrestling made me tough. Coaches work you and show you the way. I loved it. Took me to mma. And becoming confident. I also helped alot of people in dangerous situations in bars.
JRS 12 dagar sedan
Met him fishing up north in Minnesota! Was pulliing my boat to get gas. Had a Wrestling T shirt on and just started talking with us..I was like hoky cow Dan Gable..Talked mostly fishing..
jramirez40020 12 dagar sedan
Wrestlers everywhere know of Mr. Gable. Gable Grip ftw.
Zachary Lindquist
Zachary Lindquist 12 dagar sedan
Growing up as a wrestler in iowa I still remember the first time meeting Dan. This guy is the most genuine and sincere man you’ll ever find. We were in Des Moines for the state wrestling tournament. I was young and running around the hotel with my friends and saw my mom talking with an older man in the hotel lobby. My friends and I all recognized him immediately and went to meet him. We talked for awhile and we all asked for his autograph. When he left my mom turned and asks “Who was that?” She had no idea that she had been talking to the most famous wrestler of all time for the past 30 minutes about youth wrestling and how great the sport is for raising young men. I had multiple other encounters with him growing up as many other wrestlers could tell you he makes a point to be a part of the community and spread his wisdom to the youth. We couldn’t ask for a better advocate for the sport and for the state of Iowa.
Eva Gabriel
Eva Gabriel 12 dagar sedan
I love listening to old legends. Joe is so good with the older guests. Very intuitive and respectful
Sebastian McGriff
Sebastian McGriff 12 dagar sedan
Mental Toughness = YMCA plug. I love it. Breaks my heart when I see communities without one. It was such a huge part of my childhood as well. Dan Gable is a wrestling legend. Even for people who have no context for him or the sport, you just know this is a guy to listen to.
NoClipsBarred Nick
NoClipsBarred Nick 12 dagar sedan
The good old days is the reason why his mom was an old woman still living with an abusive husband but hey f*** it right Not anything against dan or the convo just saying.. Dan is obviously a great man.
NOLIMITEREN 12 dagar sedan
B L 13 dagar sedan
That's my Grandma's high school boyfriend! RIP Grandma Pam 💚
bkre8ive 13 dagar sedan
the good old days might be debatable depending on context, but if we look at the entitlement of of the youth these days it's pretty apparent that something is missing.
Percy P
Percy P 13 dagar sedan
Joe come back to SVfrom fucker :,(
anas 447
anas 447 13 dagar sedan
Man looks like a more rugged Robert redford lol
Charles B
Charles B 13 dagar sedan
"Once you've wrestled, everything else in life is easy." -Dan Gable
Tonya Tonya
Tonya Tonya 4 dagar sedan
Us wrestlers know exactly what that means
JDK K 13 dagar sedan
I guess the answer was the YMCA?
hardassteel 13 dagar sedan
Some of the greatest things to ever come out of Iowa, Dana Gable and Slipknot
Albert Casper
Albert Casper 13 dagar sedan
The atmosphere of a typical wrestling practice. The 100 degree room, pushing your body past percieved cardiovascular failure. Forcing to keep fighting your opponent when your mouth feels like its got 100 cottonballs in it. It teaches you perseverance.
Garret Williams
Garret Williams 13 dagar sedan
The second chance no longer exists
JoyRam 13 dagar sedan
Joe, fuck your Spotify deal, get back to Yt.
Dave Coburn
Dave Coburn 13 dagar sedan
Class act. I graduated in 2006 and Gable was still considered the baddest man to step on a mat. He created an intense culture of competition that runs through the entire sport.
Chris Toph
Chris Toph 10 dagar sedan
You think so? That was right on the heels of Cael Sanderson, you don’t think he matched up to Gable?
Dan Russ Eat shit and died
Dan Russ Eat shit and died 13 dagar sedan
Old school guy that people could learn alot from..logic in every word he speaks
Rose Hawk
Rose Hawk 13 dagar sedan
Bob Siddens one of the greats changed the world through this man
Scott Kreglow
Scott Kreglow 13 dagar sedan
I got to meet gable once at braggin rights with indiana vs illinois and he was a fuckin dick. Great wrestler with a shit attitude and I lost all respect for him. Maybe this might change my mind but doubtful when he was my hero and brushed off interaction with me and others around him like it didnt matter at all.
Somebody 13 dagar sedan
agh old person stories. so boring yet so rich with lessons.
josh 13 dagar sedan
This is an old dude who was getting special treatment in a town that was obsessed with high school athletes. Still occurs today. Nothing special about it either.
general lobster
general lobster 13 dagar sedan
I didn’t hear him explain why he is mentally tough. I heard him give examples of how he was already mentally tough as a young kid, and how circumstances made him tougher. But he didn’t imply that same upbringing would result in a championship mindset for other children exposed to the same. Thus, those circumstances are not what gave origin to his mentality, it came before that.
jackNeewY 13 dagar sedan
I only wrestled during my Senior year of High school, but I learned so much about perserverence and mental toughness during that handful of months... Best sport in the world hands down
Smitty Werbenjaegermanjensen
Smitty Werbenjaegermanjensen 13 dagar sedan
never thought Joe would have this legend on! I grew up In Illinois and Ohio two wrestling powerhouses wrestled for 10+ years and this man and Burroughs were always a huge inspiration, once you’ve wrestled everything really does become easier. Having a bad day at work doesn’t come close to being on your back pinned down fighting with everything you got to belly out and getting a raise buying a dream car/home whatever doesn’t come close to having your hand raised after a hard fought match for me. Absolute shame the olympic committee ever removed the sport in favor of racewalking badminton and that thing where girls twirl streamers
stevenmartinez438 14 dagar sedan
"I liked the good old days." Me too sir.
J X 14 dagar sedan
I grew up in a different time and a different world as this man. That was my initial thought before listening, and now I realize how wrong I am. Something about his raw goodness shames me in a good way. Thanks JRE.
Left Hook
Left Hook 14 dagar sedan
I am a Pennsylvania wrestler, and I approve this lesson.
Vance 14 dagar sedan
I wish I could watch the rest of this.
essiemeister 14 dagar sedan
U alway on drugs is so sad
essiemeister 14 dagar sedan
Boring. JRE fell off. Lazy clips by Jamie. Boring guests and over paid and fraud (onnit)
Dark Avenger
Dark Avenger 14 dagar sedan
Holy shit it's Dan Gable's biggest fan, Dan Gable. Would you believe it
Earthling Lou
Earthling Lou 14 dagar sedan
Of course the world is a better place for more people than ever, but my definition of the "good old days" is all about autonomy and anonymity. The days when you could get lost if you want and do what you want as log as it didn't infringe on someone else's autonomy. Today it's all about the collective whose purpose is to protect everyone from life, whether said protection destroys you or not.
ParkerPPipe 14 dagar sedan
Great guy. Great wrestler. A true legend. But that youth fight story was complete BS. Ask any body language expert
Point thumbs not fingers
Point thumbs not fingers 14 dagar sedan
Go look up the homicide rates in the top major cities for the 1950's. Then go compare them to now. The good old days were far better.
N Wilt
N Wilt 14 dagar sedan
He would have fatallied that kid if his dad said there would be a McDonald's Happy Meal in it.
jesse spooner
jesse spooner 14 dagar sedan
I'm born and raised from Iowa I wrestled for Waterloo east high school my senior year fell in love with the sport that year when I graduated I turned to kick boxing every now and then I'd ask people who met Dan and they'd say he's a egotistic jerk not my statements it was there's but you can't really take people's words till you actually meet the person but I'd say this living in waterloo you gotta be tough they don't call it little Chicago for nothing (319)
justinbt 14 dagar sedan
The ultimate.
Justin Gullick
Justin Gullick 14 dagar sedan
You need to get kyle dake on your show!!
Tunes I Dig
Tunes I Dig 14 dagar sedan
Prod. Tonio
Prod. Tonio 15 dagar sedan
When your balding in your early 20s u must be tough
Peter Fortuna
Peter Fortuna 15 dagar sedan
I met him. Amazing coach
Collin Rippey
Collin Rippey 15 dagar sedan
The difference between now and the good old days is the amount of people that are here now instead of then
Andres Posada
Andres Posada 15 dagar sedan
My adversity growing up was when we ran out of my favorite flavor of Pop Tarts😒😉
TyrannusCaesar 15 dagar sedan
Dan Gable wrote me a short Letter after my dad passed, I’ve met him twice, great man.
Chris Paige
Chris Paige 15 dagar sedan
Joe !!!!!! Please call him out dude!!!!!
Chris Paige
Chris Paige 15 dagar sedan
This dude is either so social incompetent or he’s full of shit! I believe he’s been through what he says but had embellished it to suit him for this show.
Chris Paige
Chris Paige 15 dagar sedan
Can’t comment./;
Jean-Pierre Mestanza
Jean-Pierre Mestanza 15 dagar sedan
Sure. The good old days might've been good for you. But if he was from the Garcia family, it's a different story. Especially in 1950/1960s
Slattermer Slab
Slattermer Slab 15 dagar sedan
That's how we grew up in the 80's as well, now days the parents are jumping in fights that kids should be able to figure out. That's why these kids all have guns, because their all scared to death of a good fun all out fight. Nothing can replace getting punched in the face and responding like a man
m 15 dagar sedan
He barely answered the fucking question...
Willhelm Berkly
Willhelm Berkly 15 dagar sedan
Dan's concept of the "good ol' days" comes from the observation that high trust societies posses a good deal more pro social mechanisms for crisis intervention then low trust societies.
Matthew Matthew
Matthew Matthew 15 dagar sedan
I’m from Waterloo. Can confirm
Phyllobates Terribilis
Phyllobates Terribilis 15 dagar sedan
Joe lies to his audience now.
Seals 1978
Seals 1978 15 dagar sedan
All you BETA liberals, take notes!
Francesco Artusa
Francesco Artusa 15 dagar sedan
Awesome Joe. Thank you
gonzales287 15 dagar sedan
The good ole days sounds like white privileged was in check.. Today it is now unchecked.
Ari Dinsmore
Ari Dinsmore 15 dagar sedan
Cool podcast but damn Gable is rambling about non sense! Wish he would have actually answered the questions.
One Love
One Love 15 dagar sedan
Thank you excellent ✌🏾💕🙏🏾
Down here in Panama still that way you get a second chance it's such a nazi land
C L 15 dagar sedan
My great aunt was an amazing woman, eccentric, lateral thinker, a mentor. She took me to learn skiing & one day I punched a kid who was being a bully to me & others. My aunt went to talk to the other boy's dad & it all got straightened out, but later she told me if it hadn't gone well she was getting ready to punch his dad! Maybe one thing Dan Gable is saying is with great adults around who don't over-correct you and are on your side a child can learn confidence in themself & learn what they're capable of.
Scott Simon
Scott Simon 15 dagar sedan
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