Dan Crenshaw on the Political Polarization of COVID

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Taken from JRE #1630 w/Dan Crenshaw:

Roody G
Roody G 15 minuter sedan
As soon as it became politicized I stopped taking it seriously.
Dusty Foster
Dusty Foster 2 timmar sedan
If there wasn't a Bush family the Right would look a lot less evil!
Alan B
Alan B 12 timmar sedan
This line about how the left is less risky than the right is utter BS. You can’t say that conservatives are more tolerant of risk when they bitch and moan about illegal immigration and the need for building the Great Wall of China on our southern border. Or how pink haired woke leftists college kids are a big threat to the country. Give me a break.
RAE DR 15 timmar sedan
It's weird but Joe reminds me of my uncle. And this is an uncle i HATED talking to as a teen because "he made life too real for me". im sorry but thats how i thought lol now we can have great conversations and i always get a check here and there.
Ward One
Ward One Dag sedan
Spotify seems to be the Mistress of the political “progressives”. Why would I go there and listen to anything, free or not?
sean Dag sedan
tbh i dont know what to think anymore because both parties talk so much bs
Drunk Flamingo
Drunk Flamingo Dag sedan
Ugh watching it on you tube soooo primitive Back to Spotify for me so long relics
Steph Lalalitta
Steph Lalalitta Dag sedan
Chris Marchant
Chris Marchant 2 dagar sedan
Joe said biden is in power, come on your smarter than that.
Try Tyr
Try Tyr 2 dagar sedan
The generation that was given a trophy just for showing up was not prepared for this. Nor was the generation that gave them those trophies.
Patrick Sargent Music
Patrick Sargent Music 2 dagar sedan
I don't think we're wired differently we're humans I don't know what this guy is talking about even though I agree with a lot of his issues I'm just saying
Randy Krus
Randy Krus 3 dagar sedan
Crenshaw's side has no ideas.
Spartan 3 dagar sedan
We are wired differently? No, we are educated differently. We are raised in different environments. We have different experiences. The wiring is determined by those things but our brains are constructed extremely the same.
Dark Knight
Dark Knight 3 dagar sedan
Fuck spotify
Spenser Doss
Spenser Doss 3 dagar sedan
Ive been quoting Chris Rock on this exact topic for years
Noah 3 dagar sedan
I’d like to apologize to schizophrenic people for the terrible equivocation that happened in the first 30 seconds of this video
Sabrina Solomon
Sabrina Solomon 3 dagar sedan
Just curious, does Rogan ever have liberal & independent Congressional leaders on his podcast. SOMEONE PLEASE RESPOND!!! I am very serious.
Matthew Zobian
Matthew Zobian 4 dagar sedan
I hope great folks like Dan Crenshaw, Nikki Haley, etc stay in politics and amateur Donald Trump leaves. Go back to reality TV, Don. You're fired.
Jart Stevenson
Jart Stevenson 4 dagar sedan
I've never listened the Dan Crenshaw speak before. This is a high IQ guy!
El_Heato 3 dagar sedan
Just because he talks in a calm manner doesn't make it more credible. In this clip he has a point but it's also hypocritical based on his OTHER statements. He so spread a lot of misinformation in the interview that Rogan wasn't smart enough to challenge
Brad Flynn
Brad Flynn 4 dagar sedan
A paranoid republican with one eye on risk assessment. Great conversation only on Spotify
Casper Hope
Casper Hope 4 dagar sedan
Dan was on 🔥this Clip!!
Luke Dupin
Luke Dupin 4 dagar sedan
This type of open dialog needs to stop!
Bryan Simmons
Bryan Simmons 4 dagar sedan
Lets be honest.......social media is the cancer that must be rooted.
John Ran
John Ran 4 dagar sedan
Yeah kick people when they're down Joe!
Enigma Productions
Enigma Productions 4 dagar sedan
He looks like big boss
supersnappahead 4 dagar sedan
Joe's talking about soy.
sandboxboy80 4 dagar sedan
This episode showed me the Joe Rogan doesn’t know shit about healthcare!!!!!!
BeckettPlumbing 4 dagar sedan
Anyone know where to find that Chris Rock stand up on SVfrom ?... that sentiment has been spoken many times but I have never have I heard it said so eloquently
Leo Mulgrew
Leo Mulgrew 4 dagar sedan
Divide & rule
Will Hughes
Will Hughes 4 dagar sedan
I like Dan Crenshaw as a politician. Guy seems strong on his stance but reasonable and able to debate and repsectful
Frank Ingrati
Frank Ingrati 4 dagar sedan
We're on a spectrum. We're wearing the blue jersey AND the red jersey. In fact, we should all be wearing green jerseys, y'know?
Adrian 4 dagar sedan
We want Alex Jones back
Brave Dave
Brave Dave 4 dagar sedan
Gee... Representative Red Flag...🤔 I wonder why there's paranoia over betrayal? Could it be that some people run as strong supporters of things like the 2A .. get elected.. and then turn around and support legislation that would allow confiscation your firearms BEFORE giving you due process... all because "Karen" said so. Then attack your supporters for pointing it out rather than giving a good reason as to why you aren't representing your constituents view point but your own?... ya know.. those pesky people who elected you to be THEIR voice? Maybe that's it... pretty sure.
Joe Dohn
Joe Dohn 4 dagar sedan
“War... ...war has changed.”
Scott Spain
Scott Spain 4 dagar sedan
Excellent points. I really miss this podcast.
Alan Dockrill
Alan Dockrill 4 dagar sedan
The sad part is lockdowns impose exponentially higher health and mortality risks, both to the general population and the even those most vulnerable to Covid.
David P.
David P. 4 dagar sedan
Joe being used for propaganda by Dan
Außenseiter It’s the J-Team crew
Außenseiter It’s the J-Team crew 5 dagar sedan
Republican Trumpians are Corporate Socialist. That’s what I’ve learned from Covid 19
jake cohen
jake cohen 5 dagar sedan
Coroner virus was politicised and used as weapon the death numbers were highly inflated and its starting to come out how hospitals and places falsely recorded COVID deaths over other causes and the mainstream media just ran with the fear mongering garbage and the scariest thing is the sheep who can’t think for themselves and believe anything they hear
John D
John D 5 dagar sedan
Lmao... suck it.. sell out.. spotify... lmao..
Sam Langford
Sam Langford 5 dagar sedan
I like soldiers who didn’t lose their eye.
Jose Cardenas
Jose Cardenas 5 dagar sedan
Conservatives don’t occupy dangerous jobs because they choose to tackle risk directly, in fact they have no choice. Generally speaking, conservatives are poor or uneducated, and empiricism shows that poor and educated people are attracted to the jobs he was mentioning
steven hahn
steven hahn 5 dagar sedan
I lean more on the democrat side and I am against locking down
steven hahn
steven hahn 5 dagar sedan
Lockdowns are bad and they always will be
PompousBreadRolls 5 dagar sedan
Crenshaw is part of the problem. He’s another RINO traitor out to line his pockets.
EbluestarE 5 dagar sedan
The SVfrom comments are shockingly different from those on Reddit. It's kind of depressing in a way. Like, on Reddit, Daniel Crenshaw is the equivalent of Hitler. He's not perfect. I'm sure he takes money from corporations and does some shitty things here and there, but are his political views that outlandish? Is he a grifter? Not anymore than AOC or Nancy Shit-losi. I'm waiting for an explaination of this difference between Reddit and YuTube. Any Ideas?!
Yonas 5 dagar sedan
Joe roggan is the right masking him self as the 'middle guy' look how quick he was to defend the right.
EbluestarE 4 dagar sedan
@Yonas I don’t disagree with u, and I also disagree. I think that people on the right didn’t want to talk about the things happening then (and now unfortunately), and people of the right certainly did. I think rogans moved to the right a bit, but I thing a lot of people may have as well. Btw what the hell happened to michael woods jr? Wouldn’t he be perfect right now? On any podcast anywhere?
Yonas 5 dagar sedan
@EbluestarE Notice when he has right-wing people he goes deep talking politics, issues, and ideology. when he has left wing he want to talk about how horses has big dick and penguins are birds that don't fly. during the height of BLM last summer he was brings all type of right wing people to talk hard politics .When he have a lefties he throws them soft questions away from politics. Not a single real BLM activist he talks too , but he brings all the right wing speakers. but , i might be wrong its just my observation . still love the show .
EbluestarE 5 dagar sedan
@Yonas sometimes I wonder too if people from the left are more hesitant to come on the show these days. Save for kyle kulinski, or Glenn Greenwald, id be willing to bet that many many many people from that side of the aisle stay away. I gotta day though, if I could pick any guest to be on his show, I’d choose AOC or Ilhan Omar
Yonas 5 dagar sedan
@EbluestarE I don't think that's the case here. he has created a niche market for him self as someone that can 'reason' with the left and right . issues that benefit him like drug laws he advocates for however he continuously move the ball to the right. right-wing commentator says that; Steven Crowder told him ' i consider you to be the right you just didn't declare it'
EbluestarE 5 dagar sedan
To be fair, do you have lefty and righty friends? We all do. I'm more center-right, but when I'm with my lefty friends, I'll discuss things about the left I like, and vice-versa when I'm with my righty friends.
Player to be Named Later
Player to be Named Later 5 dagar sedan
First he lays out a false equivalence, by stating conservatives are the majority of people in high risk professions. Then extrapolates that those who choose to not wear masks, and other protocols know the risks and there for they shouldn't have to follow them. Well, in the people in high risks professions are making an individual choice and if they suffer the injury from that profession it most likely will only effect them or a few others. However, a virus doesn't see it's host as conservative or liberals, it just needs a host. So, Crenshaw is implying that if given the facts of covid19, every individual should decide for themselves. But, those who choose to fire go protocols not live in isolation. They are in a society where there a numerous people who are very vunerable to covid19. Some will say, well let those stay home. However, some work or have families work in the public and might be infecting by someone who doesn't want to follow relatively minor measures to protect the society as a whole.
Von Dred
Von Dred 5 dagar sedan
It’s first world country logic they don’t know the extremes of life because they’ve lived in urban environments so they literally have a skewed understanding of how things are in reality
Bobby Stars
Bobby Stars 5 dagar sedan
PS Trump never lost the election
Bobby Stars
Bobby Stars 5 dagar sedan
The Plandamic Co Written By Joe Crime Family Biden
Adam Smasher
Adam Smasher 5 dagar sedan
People's reactions to Covid aligning with political position isn't at all unexpected. I knew it was going to happen the second masking became a thing. Political views are downstream of more fundamental philosophical outlooks which will determine how you respond to everything.
Phil Cheng
Phil Cheng 5 dagar sedan
He will never hax max Blumenthal on his show cos he doesn't fit with his views on china
Amy Seaden
Amy Seaden 5 dagar sedan
He makes no sense if conservatives depend on risk assessment you wouldn't have conservative anti-mask protestors without health insurance.
DENNIS van 5 dagar sedan
Funny this guy talks a politicizing Covid, this guy seems to polticize everything.
Malik Rath
Malik Rath 5 dagar sedan
I agree completely that conservatives lean toward risk, no one debates that. What is not talked about here is that half a million people died in America, no where else. You know the best country on earth? it was caused by a lack of regulation due to government cuts. This is directly the fault of extreme republicanism. You are mad that we question the dear leader Trump, when you sound like Hillary fan boys. Hillary sucks and I am not debating that, there is no way Trump is any better. If you believe that then you're disconnected from reality. You are the ones that are in a little cult and trying to exclude everyone else, cancel almost everyone that doesn't fit in your group. Entire beliefs, visible minorities and immigrants, and women, sounds a lot like fascism. Don't lecture me Crenshaw about teams, your entire performance here is only to muddy the waters and kick the can down the road even more. You can't stand up to anything, especially the pandemic. Saying that everyone should be friends most people are going to agree with, but at the end of the day, they gotta follow the ugly politics and they will know better what you are trying to pull here.
raistrose 5 dagar sedan
Fuck spotify...
Turbulent Trash
Turbulent Trash 5 dagar sedan
The dark triad is the real virus in the political systems of the west
Michael Thomas
Michael Thomas 5 dagar sedan
Makes sense to me. Liberal soy boys are afraid of a crack in the sidewalk. Of course they’d be scared of the China virus.
DJ 5 dagar sedan
The multi-headed Beast full of incomplete broken people ( half-wits and mentally ill)... eat healthy" by the brow"...oh all is within knowing Jesus helps in fact multiple religions warn us of our capabilities when we're incomplete sick we look for people alike creating massive beasts like the KKK BLM and the Mexican Mafia
DJ 5 dagar sedan
Government killed Jesus... Like the ones who killed chi-gong followers...
DJ 5 dagar sedan
"Beware the praise of man"
hateeternalmaver 5 dagar sedan
They had a nice argument about the voting process and the security (verification and such) vs the safety of it (going outdespite COVID) and I think Joe didn't completely follow his argument through. You spent one more day out with people but if you combine it with your groceries the supermarket is even safer than "the voting booth" . Just thoughts on a very specific point it was a very enjoyable debate with great points on both sides. ;)
Green Lion
Green Lion 5 dagar sedan
Dan seems like a cool ass dude and I hope he makes a full recovery. I do agree with him and Joe: get into shape, limit your risks and live your life. Stop the theater. I want to continue with my life.
Chris Peck
Chris Peck 5 dagar sedan
Read all the stupid documents about this rolled out over the years and they are creating a medical apartheid
Aspire Gnostic
Aspire Gnostic 5 dagar sedan
Most def alot of gang mentality here, so many dislikes because it didn't go their way...sheesh.
Mohammad Porky Haram
Mohammad Porky Haram 5 dagar sedan
joe rogan has sucked at everything hes ever done lol
spencer paulec
spencer paulec 5 dagar sedan
Joe killing it understanding the culture.. and Dan.. understanding..fear responses?
Marlon Cebo
Marlon Cebo 5 dagar sedan
It's amazing how they spend 10 minutes talking about fluff and nothing.
LifeOfReilly 5 dagar sedan
❤️me some Rogan
Phillip Harrell
Phillip Harrell 5 dagar sedan
Your missing the real reason. Its bvb the mistrust due to the election fraud. Covid was used to steal the election.
Jenna Tanzerina
Jenna Tanzerina 5 dagar sedan
Fuck the lockdowns
kevin nowak
kevin nowak 5 dagar sedan
mr backpedal...
Rudy Requeno
Rudy Requeno 5 dagar sedan
“The US had it better than most countries” lmao 😂. Better than who Brazil
Michael Cianci
Michael Cianci 4 dagar sedan
Czechia, Hungary, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Belgium, moldova, Slovenia, Slovakia, Italy, and the UK all have higher deaths per capita than the USA
Joe Crockenberg
Joe Crockenberg 5 dagar sedan
Has anyone flip flopped more on covid then joe Rogan? I wish Crenshaw would always be this sensible. He sounded really good here.
Cheryl Ailias
Cheryl Ailias 5 dagar sedan
I enjoy that he didn't mention nursing as a skilled dangerous job full of conservatives. I guess it doesn't fit his narrative so, ignore it.
Craig Bailey
Craig Bailey 5 dagar sedan
GCND 5 dagar sedan
The Chinese Sneeze
Dysen Barry
Dysen Barry 5 dagar sedan
Biden’s in power, hehe.
NPC007 5 dagar sedan
This Crenshaw guy is really dumb lol
Dubious Lifeform
Dubious Lifeform 5 dagar sedan
I'm white Nationalist idgaf as long as whites remain a majority in there homeland I'm happy.
Luis Feliz
Luis Feliz 6 dagar sedan
This is guy is a clown completely
big pic
big pic 6 dagar sedan
Chris rock? Ok, look you can’t use non controversial issues to describe your political stance. It’s where you stand on controversy that defines you. the topic on persuasion, you can try to be persuasive but you will in the end get ganged up on. The most persuasive are the first to get canceled
Daniel Miller
Daniel Miller 6 dagar sedan
Paranoid schizophrenic checking in.
PETER JEONG 6 dagar sedan
You been lifting joe?! Dude looks like the rock
L W 6 dagar sedan
And then little old me who's just contently disillusioned in the middle with no party affiliation
J F 6 dagar sedan
The handling of the COVID19 virus started my sway into conservatism and the election was the nail in the coffin. Independent voter but I do not see how I could ever vote Democrat in good conscience again.
J. Pročka
J. Pročka 6 dagar sedan
Conservatives are power hungry af when it comes to regulating drugs
Brandon N
Brandon N 6 dagar sedan
Im so sick of seeing this eyepatch on JRE, all he does is stir the shit pot and play the blame game. Screw him and his bullshit politics
Lou Dini
Lou Dini 6 dagar sedan
Another bought and paid for fraud
Franki Maier
Franki Maier 6 dagar sedan
The people that made this video a 1.7 dislike video show how much this country is ridiculous
Matthew Hackett
Matthew Hackett 6 dagar sedan
Shit take
Alex 6 dagar sedan
Crenshaw is a loser
manreyes47 6 dagar sedan
Where is the aggregate? I don’t wanna go there
Benjamin Cruz
Benjamin Cruz 6 dagar sedan
Man dan sucks with these generalizations
Todd Hellyar
Todd Hellyar 6 dagar sedan
Chris Rock won't perform in Liberal places anymore, like at universities. But he will play in Conservative heartland. Think that says more than his clip
Maxwell 6 dagar sedan
Democrat’s and Republican’s work hand in hand in bringing down this country, both parties are brainwashed and If you claim to be apart of one don’t claim that you think for yourself cause you don’t. They’re both equally moronic groups of people, conservatives claim they care about mending race relations yet they’ll try and find anything to justify a mans killing by a police officer. Liberal’s are hypocrites who don’t follow through with the thing’s they claim they’re gonna do to better communities, we’ve seen that with the money BLM raised. So as far as I’m concerned there’s no “good” or “bad” when the Democrat & Republican parties are the topic at hand, just evil and evil.
denise marie
denise marie 6 dagar sedan
If you are going to be fair, when crenshaw said (and rogen agreed), that when trump spoke people reactively did the opposite.... rogen should have admitted that when trump spoke, people also did WHATEVER HE SAID. they agreed with, listened to, and obeyed. Hence, the shitshow at the capitol.
Lumber Land
Lumber Land 6 dagar sedan
Crenshaw is a cherry-picking joke and Rogan’s intelligence comes across as a cut and paste from Wikipedia.
Neithan 6 dagar sedan
Isn't anybody uploading to youtube full episodes?
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