Dan Crenshaw's Problem with Stimulus Checks

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Taken from JRE #1630 w/Dan Crenshaw:

Kieth J
Kieth J 16 minuter sedan
Rogan is starting to look like an idiot by trying to look smart
Kieth J
Kieth J 18 minuter sedan
Saagar ripped him a new asshole on The Hill. It was glorious!
Arizona Iced Tea Papi
Arizona Iced Tea Papi 34 minuter sedan
Someone need to read him these comments. Joe is lost.
JJ 7 timmar sedan
who does this dude think he is GTFO !
JJ 7 timmar sedan
Since Joe moved to Texas he has tuned into fox news
Geek Illustrator DAD
Geek Illustrator DAD 7 timmar sedan
This is such a colossal amount of miss information, come on Joe.
The Kid
The Kid 8 timmar sedan
Funny how Dan shits on Stimulus checks, but not PPP loans rich people take advantage of.
DiscoPhil 9 timmar sedan
Joe WTF happened to you? You were on my very short list of notable personalities I respected, unless you fix this or you are a ignorant POS.
Michael Curry
Michael Curry 11 timmar sedan
If there ever was a true surprised pikachu face...
Nathan Carrasquillo
Nathan Carrasquillo 11 timmar sedan
That money is classified as a "cash injection" into our economy. Our GDP was at an all time low and we needed to inflate those numbers that's why everyone got one. The more ppl pumping money back Tinton the economy the quicker it LOOKS like it's growing
Craig D'amico
Craig D'amico 11 timmar sedan
They have to stop.simple economics this will cause our currency to hyper inflate
Brian Simonetti
Brian Simonetti 14 timmar sedan
I love how Joe bad mouthed Biden, and his cognitive decline. But when it finally came to casting a vote, which I’m sure he mailed his in, he voted for the Puppet anyway
Juke Highwalker
Juke Highwalker 18 timmar sedan
F' you and spotify...
Terry Alan
Terry Alan 22 timmar sedan
I understand what Dan was saying, more shocked the joe didn't know who got stimulus checks or the qualifications for them. To be fair, there are those of us who believe in progressive economic policies for example, but we believe we should be targeting the poor, the working poor, and the lower middle class. They are the ones who need salaries raised, help from the government, and medicaid for all. People who make $75,000 a year don't need $1400 stimulus checks. Just like the child tax credits, that should be based on income as well. We need to help those who really need it, we don't need to give free money to people who are upper middle class. You know why the democrat party gives free money to people who are upper middle class? To get their votes. Progressive economics and progressive health care policies shouldn't be based on hey let's secure votes to keep power, it should be let's focus this money and resources on helping the people who need it the most. If you wouldn't of gave stimulus checks to upper middle class people who never lost their jobs during covid, then you could took that extra money and gave it to poor Americans , instead of giving them $1400 checks, you could of gave them $4000 checks. Get smart.
Y2K Dag sedan
meanwhile Dan Crenshaw doesn't mind insane budgets for the military industrial complex. the fact Joe has this marvel villain on so many times and doesn't push back against this bs is why rogan is just an opportunist.
Jerry Little
Jerry Little Dag sedan
fuck dan crenshaw though.
Jerry Little
Jerry Little Dag sedan
joe. you thought that, you really have no idea what the stimulus is.....bullshit, you are a liar.
Dirty Do Little
Dirty Do Little Dag sedan
Dan crenshaw: a millionaire who believes people should suffer through this pandemic so that we can learn "values" lol
Tee Frankenstein
Tee Frankenstein Dag sedan
I never missed a dime and worked the entire time and got every stimulus check.
Rishabh Lenka
Rishabh Lenka Dag sedan
It's basic economics. If people have more money in their pockets, they'll spend it. That money travels throughout the economy. There is literally no difference between a tax cut and a stimulus check in effect. It seems however, that Crenshaw only wants the rich to get stimulus and not the average American, despite it being the best way to reduce unemployment and revive the economy to its height.
J M Dag sedan
I make more than 2019. But I got promoted. Regardless, most of us did not need these checks. I still dont make " much" and we live fine. Too many people expect to live wealthy or fancy or luxury and cant understand living at its simplest level.
J M Dag sedan
I got stimulus checks as I have two kids and a wife and single income and make less than 75k...without them I paid my Bill's and we lived fine. We didn't live the fancy life soo many think is mandatory but we lived fine... stimulus checks make me laugh because I dont NEED it. But people dont NEED most of what they have!
Andy Bartlett
Andy Bartlett Dag sedan
Dan Crenshaw should stick to being the bad guy in porn.
Gothic Zwo
Gothic Zwo Dag sedan
But he has no problems with giving money to the rich. We should make the rich suffer and take all their money, suffer is a good thing right ?
banana bread
banana bread Dag sedan
Tbh I'd rather see the average layperson get money from the government instead of all of the usual corporations and banks that are always getting bailed out with taxpayer dollars.
banana bread
banana bread Dag sedan
Lol one of the married couples I know managed to save like $20k from covid unemployment/stimulous money.
Lustrigia Dag sedan
'Free Money' except it's not free because the systems their taxes pay into are shut down, so without a stimulus check people would essentially be donating money to the government while it's shut down. This is a really stupid argument lol
GL B Dag sedan
I think Joe needs to take some more DMT, he's getting a bit insular in his thinking
MawcDrums Dag sedan
Jesus fucking christ Joe, do a bit of research so you don't get completely fucking rolled by these morons on points that are so easy to refute.
Eddie Fleck
Eddie Fleck Dag sedan
Joe didn't know??? Hmm... Probably because he lives only in Joe Rogan land.
HinduHillbilly Dag sedan
I guess Rogan is right. He really is an idiot. It's not just false modesty.
geico1975 Dag sedan
Yeah, I can understand Crenshaw's point, but I think inflation is the real culprit. For example, if wages had of kept up with inflation for the past 40-years or so, I bet the problem he speaks of wouldn't have been there. The law-makers who pushed policies through that resulted in the haves and have nots are the guilty ones.
Steven James
Steven James Dag sedan
They're trying to get Universal Basic Income in through the back door.
M B Dag sedan
Every time this guy is on the show he seems to get more and more dumb
BABA KAZI Dag sedan
....how did Joe not know this lmao
Kamikaze Kid
Kamikaze Kid Dag sedan
You can debate this all day long but the truth of the matter is we are still in a middle of the pandemic.
acdeeiprrt Dag sedan
Dan "pOpUlIsM iS tElLiNg PeOpLe wHaT tHeY wAnT tO hEaR" Crenshaw
Danny Benson
Danny Benson Dag sedan
5:29 Sums up how much politicians don't give a shit about you. We're not entitled to have our taxpaying dollars being spent on the taxpayer according to Crenshaw.
Drunk Flamingo
Drunk Flamingo Dag sedan
Where did the “free” money come from you know those things taxes that rich people avoid like the plague even move state country to pay less?? Well average folks pay those tax things and that’s where the freebies are coming from
Bamuh Dag sedan
Fucking amazing Joe didn’t know that the people who didn’t lose any money and their job still got stimulus checks
Drunk Flamingo
Drunk Flamingo Dag sedan
Joe “let them eat cake” Rogan
Aaron Workman
Aaron Workman Dag sedan
Wow more 👎🏻 than 👍🏻 on a Joe Rogan Video?!?! Why???
Nick 2 dagar sedan
Isnt the point of stimulus to inject money into the economy by giving people money to spend in local business rather than giving bailouts to corporations? Thats why everyone got money here in Australia, we were told to spend it and there was very little big bailouts given to big corporations.
LunaGer 2 dagar sedan
Allen750 2 dagar sedan
This guy is outta touch like Joe.
Leslie g.
Leslie g. 2 dagar sedan
Joe how about getting a group of people on your show who make $75K or less and ask all of them what that $1400 meant to them and their families. Listening to two millionaires say we didn't need the $, seriously, just fk you and your stupid guest.
Leslie g.
Leslie g. 2 dagar sedan
I love it when wealthy people poo poo helping out the average Joe & say they aren't suffering enough. "Suffer more peasants, maybe you'll get to where I am one day" as they drink their $500 tequila, smoke their $100 cigars, and drive their $100k cars.
Philip H
Philip H 2 dagar sedan
Didn't vote for trump. Good God.
Jason J
Jason J 2 dagar sedan
Just curious, during this interview. did anyone experience a jump cut at about 54:28 time stamp on Spotify?
Danny Shterev
Danny Shterev 2 dagar sedan
I love the like/dislike ratio. People finally started to see who the real Joe Rogan is.
The0mnivore 2 dagar sedan
Dan Crenshaw's entire talking point: Poor people are just lazy and don't deserve their government they pay taxes to to help them out when the executive branch completely ignores a crisis for 3 months.
Eddie Ed
Eddie Ed 2 dagar sedan
He has a blindspot literally and figuratively
D'andre Chesterfield
D'andre Chesterfield 2 dagar sedan
I love how Theo Von interviews everyday people. It's way more interesting than this. Joe used to challenge his guests
Eddie Ed
Eddie Ed 2 dagar sedan
Crenshaw stats aren't accurate and he is fighting against the poorest of this country finally getting help due to a pandemic whole corporations flurish
Eddie Ed
Eddie Ed 2 dagar sedan
Corporations made record profits while hundreds of millions go without everything
Eddie Ed
Eddie Ed 2 dagar sedan
So when household go down to one income, or can't afford childcare that $75,00 a yr is a drop in the bucket
EarlyGray 2 dagar sedan
- Joe: Wait a minute, wait a minute, so people who didn't lose any money still got checks.......D: Meanwhile this two faced meat head got a bailout for over 2 mil the same year he signed a contract with Spotify for an unimaginable amount of money. This show is now serving the same function that the main news both on right and left serve. To use fake outrage as a way to massage the masses into compliance and subjugation. Joe still tries to use the "I'm joe everyman" shtick while advocating for policies that will directly hurt most Americans. In the same show he advocates for fewer handouts because it's un-American to accept government aid but he moved out of California so he would not have to pay taxes, and still got bailout money for Onnit . Hypocrisy unbound.
Eddie Ed
Eddie Ed 2 dagar sedan
The fact he said the cap for individuals was $75,000 and they skated by shows how much they can relate
BILLY Simmons
BILLY Simmons 2 dagar sedan
Joe really that rich had no idea everyone got stimmys
John S. Elfrank-Dana
John S. Elfrank-Dana 2 dagar sedan
Their is no value in CONTRIVED suffering like what Crenshaw advocates. If our government doesn’t protect the people during a national emergency, what good is it? It’s rich to know Crenshaw live tax cuts for the rich. Not only is he dumb, he is a fraud.
PhilmoeSlim 2 dagar sedan
Why do you have this idiot on here......if you have people like this on here Joe needs to know the facts about the situations so he can correct false information..
Filip P
Filip P 2 dagar sedan
According to Dan, when our government refuses to help us during a global pandemic and only offers us tiny one time paymets, it's weakness, and it's not weakness because the government isn't helping enough but rather because the government helping whatsoever during a global pandemic is weakness. What a fucking idiot. Go find yourself a hook and sail a fucking pirate ship.
Matt O'Regan
Matt O'Regan 2 dagar sedan
What a mong
EARTH 2 dagar sedan
It would really be great if Joe didn't have this moron on anymore to spout his nonsense. He shouldn't be anywhere near politics. The guy that looks like a bond villain is a delusional crook? Who would have guessed?!
Jaybee 2 dagar sedan
Apparently, he is going blind in his only eye. Let's hope it just does!
Maxshade7 2 dagar sedan
Something Dans misleading about who is getting the checks. The checks are based on 2019 tax returns before the pandemic. A lot of those people that were making the median no longer have said jobs and don’t make that income and need the stimulus money.
Phil Leotardo
Phil Leotardo 2 dagar sedan
It would be hilarious if Crenshaws other eye got wrecked lol. Hey man just learn and grow from that suffering. 🤡
Maximum Regret
Maximum Regret 2 dagar sedan
That 100mill Spotify contract got to his head 😬😬
Joseph Curry
Joseph Curry 2 dagar sedan
Hey joe..must be nice to make so much money that you're totally ignorant to the plight of the peasants.
KceeKit 2 dagar sedan
~ These people NEVER have anything to say about all the Money Given to the Elite ....Crenshaw thinks that's perfect! I don't know why normal people buy into that "$#it !!!!!!!~
ray matos
ray matos 2 dagar sedan
Two idiots
Gary 2 dagar sedan
Sad 10k+ people are mad cuz Joe doesn't like them getting Free Money... don't worry, I didn't get any...
RegularGuyReacts 2 dagar sedan
“Value in suffering.” Man, what an asshole
Mick E. Ficks
Mick E. Ficks 2 dagar sedan
Nice when people posh enough to not suffer talk about how everyone else should suffer. Morons.
Spyralspyder 2 dagar sedan
lol pay attention Joe.... This has been an easy year for a lot of us.
OD John EL
OD John EL 2 dagar sedan
wth happened to joe rogan?
quast1 2 dagar sedan
It this the Dave Rubin report or what tha fuck Joe?
Brad Butcher
Brad Butcher 2 dagar sedan
Dan is like your drug dealing cousin telling you how bad drugs and dealers are.
Arney LikesToParty
Arney LikesToParty 2 dagar sedan
People only listen to Dan Crenshaw because Pete Davidson made fun of home one time and you can’t convince me otherwise
Emerson Staley
Emerson Staley 2 dagar sedan
This is ridiculous.
Sam Lid
Sam Lid 2 dagar sedan
Jesus. Dan Crenshaw has probably the most clear cut case of illusory superiority I’ve ever seen. He talks utter shit with such confidence.
JP 2 dagar sedan
Love that this vid has more dislikes than likes, the majority know how much of an idiot Crenshaw is
Kevin murdoch
Kevin murdoch 2 dagar sedan
"Value in Suffering"?? But Wants TAX CUTS FOR THE RICH🤪😜😅🤣😆
r3drift 2 dagar sedan
he moved to texas, the dumb apes are getting to his head. never under-estimate the thesis of one being a product of environment phenomenon.
r3drift 2 dagar sedan
HOLY SH** joe moves to Texas, and all these dumb apes have already made him mold to his surroundings. I say that as a texans myself. HOLY sh**, Joe is just a bandwagon trend hopper. He even hops on pundits if they are popular and leaves them if its popular. He has no integrity smh.
Matt Stuart
Matt Stuart 3 dagar sedan
Everybody in the comments failing to realize how much potential this has to ruin the country lol. over 20% of US dollars created in 2020.... tick tock tick
Lil Peep Yes
Lil Peep Yes 3 dagar sedan
Why the fuck is he wearing an eyepatch ? What is this shit ?
The Musical Stylings of Brent Bunn
The Musical Stylings of Brent Bunn 2 dagar sedan
He lost his eye in war.
Mario Paul
Mario Paul 3 dagar sedan
You don't see billionaires complaining about the bailouts, huh? Definitely not complaining about that "free money" they got from tax payers. Freaking hypocrites
Frankie Ambrosio
Frankie Ambrosio 3 dagar sedan
Two out of touch wealthy republicans talking down on the regular person
Phoenix 3 dagar sedan
This is the most out of touch, ass backwards take i have ever seen.
BoxOfMysteriez 3 dagar sedan
Conservatives live on a different planet at this point. This is the most inaccurate out of touch garbage I've ever heard
MrSpikegamer 3 dagar sedan
People still listen to this clown?
michael murillo
michael murillo 3 dagar sedan
I dont know who is more of asshole. Dan or joe. Stop thinking about the why and start thinking about the who. The who is meaning that person who has job but hours were cut. Maybe tough believe but not everyone is a millionaire.
Siahwash N
Siahwash N 3 dagar sedan
Trillions to military and corporate bail outs are totally fine for right wing nuts but God forbid the poor get money for food and a roof over their heads. Joe rogan agrees with whoever is on his show. Shame on him!
TenthOf ADime
TenthOf ADime 3 dagar sedan
This man really just said that populist policy is "victimhood" as if wanting a baseline standard of living makes us a WEAK society. What a fucking conservative shill.
Russell Smyth
Russell Smyth 3 dagar sedan
More of the same from the JR show
Cory Myers
Cory Myers 3 dagar sedan
In a year or so Crenshaw will start advocating for schools to add waterboarding stations to build character.
Brendan Foster
Brendan Foster 3 dagar sedan
the like to dislike ratio lamo. Saagar from The Hill brought me here
J K 3 dagar sedan
Wow joes out of touch
Kris 3 dagar sedan
Crenshaw sucks. He works for his donors, he’s just a mouthpiece for them. He doesn’t say suffering is good when it’s about a corporation, just poor people. I haven’t watched Rogan in months because he allows grifters.
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