Alex Honnold Got Caught in a Snowstorm and Learned a Lesson About Humility

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Taken from JRE #1626 w/Alex Honnold:

M B 9 timmar sedan
"And then WAPAHH! Totally wurked... so wurrrked"
Charlie O'Riordan
Charlie O'Riordan 13 timmar sedan
I know, thats risk our lives for no reason.....
Владимир Ромов
Владимир Ромов 14 timmar sedan
so it’s like living somewhere in the Balkans - you get worked pretty well all the time
Subhash x Record
Subhash x Record 18 timmar sedan
Alex "Cactus hands" Honnold.
C Mo
C Mo Dag sedan
You’ve got red on you.
ThiCity Pro
ThiCity Pro Dag sedan
Ahh yes 🙂 back to the red apocalyptic COVID bunk
Miscellaneous Maps
Miscellaneous Maps Dag sedan
In case you forgot, Joe, your studio is still no good bro.
Every One
Every One 2 dagar sedan
The free climbing guy is still alive...good on him
Mi chael
Mi chael 2 dagar sedan
What he do? He just climbed it.
Chad 3 dagar sedan
imagine what he says when getting off work
Marcelo Serazzi
Marcelo Serazzi 3 dagar sedan
do not agree on the hypothesis about people who do tough shit makes them calmer or more chill because life becomes itself easier... non of you have ever work long hours in a fucking office with the pressure your company infuses you, that is fucking mentally tough, I think climbing is itself a very chill experience and gives you tranquility because of the nature of the sport
Christine Guthrie
Christine Guthrie 3 dagar sedan
Why isn't Alex wearing wedding ring?
Robert Kazarin
Robert Kazarin 4 dagar sedan
Alex's wife married his hands.
Ian9toes 4 dagar sedan
This concept of having a higher tolerance of discomfort through exposure to it reminds me of feminists claiming they’re oppressed. If they could do a weeks worth of the sucky parts of construction or any blue collar job, they’d realise they’re really just whinges. Going their entire lives dry, never cold or hot and able to have manicured hands free of any heavy lifting. I’ve had visible cuts on my legs with a small trail of blood from bumping into something and none of my coworkers even commented on it and neither did I, it’s just too common. In 20 years of construction I reckon I’ve had a cut or a scratch healing on me the entire time. Just on the weekend gone by, I was out on my e-skateboard when a dog ran out and bit me on the ankle it was only a small dog but drew blood in 4 places, I just laughed.
X-Tech Gam!nG
X-Tech Gam!nG 4 dagar sedan
4:11 What game did he build his characters in? I've been looking for a new RPG title
sarcasmo57 4 dagar sedan
Worked huh?
wk cave
wk cave 5 dagar sedan
The word “like” should only be used as or for a simile. Any rational person stops listening when they hear the third like not used as a simile.
Revolution Official
Revolution Official 5 dagar sedan
Totally worked and totally crunked. I love these Americanisms!
Jack Frost
Jack Frost 5 dagar sedan
I guess we are all here because Spotify doesn't work, you make an account, password doesn't work. Reset password, your account isn't registered, you make an account again, this email address already has a Spotify account associated with your email address. Or you just can't access Spotify because... Error etc. Please someone help me
Zele puza
Zele puza 6 dagar sedan
Producers: How much red do you want Joe: Yes 👁👄👁👍🏼
Ranger77 6 dagar sedan
Why is Joe still using this ridiculous set? No one likes it and its corny as hell
ken carksztb
ken carksztb 6 dagar sedan
Climbers are chill because we survived alot of danger....we not trying to fight dumbasses in society....we have nothing to proove to them....whats worth arguing about when you cheat death and could be dead a thousand times
James Heffernan
James Heffernan 6 dagar sedan
When us SVfrom ‘s still come here to listen
Carson Miller
Carson Miller 7 dagar sedan
4:20 did he just casually use “crunk” in conversation? I haven’t heard that word since 2005.
Ryan Dunaway
Ryan Dunaway 7 dagar sedan
It didn’t work out but he definitely got worked
Chase Boen
Chase Boen 7 dagar sedan
Am I the only one that thought this guy was on Adderall? Interrupting and never stopped talking. Cool guy tho
justinbt 7 dagar sedan
In before we boycott Joe. A sad day :(
Vlerkies 9 dagar sedan
oh joy, more old clips to advertise spotifieeee. JRE go away or come back, the end
ZUZU 1 9 dagar sedan
This Red background Vessel doesn’t look good to me, it’s like The Devil’s Chamber or something
derek atwood
derek atwood 10 dagar sedan
I wound up building a bunch of character instead... gotta love this dude 🤣
GoldenCheese 10 dagar sedan
Yeah, seems he's playing a bit fast and loose.
a nice guy
a nice guy 10 dagar sedan
Alex lowkey looking like A star trek captain lol
Ibra_Dza 10 dagar sedan
so much red , hard to watch
nick richard
nick richard 11 dagar sedan
joe where is episode 331?
DocScoot 11 dagar sedan
"That was my rest day", love it!
ivanlark 11 dagar sedan
what is web site for sportify???
Brady Stokes
Brady Stokes 11 dagar sedan
There’s just not enough Bight, and he lacks a supportive Anchor.
spookdude devito
spookdude devito 11 dagar sedan
Reminds me of someone who would be your neighbor as a kid. Sucked at basketball. But then grew up and did this shit.
Jacob Tracc
Jacob Tracc 12 dagar sedan
I could see that, it’s like u get home from free solo’ing and almost dying but getting to the top and you get home and your girlfriend is yelling cuz u forgot to pick up the new rug... u just gonna shrug it off and go get the rug 😂
Al 12 dagar sedan
And that was my Rest Day adventure🙂
J J 12 dagar sedan
Oooooh i thought this guy died!
Bouldering Bobat
Bouldering Bobat 12 dagar sedan
Alex is a legend
M B 7 dagar sedan
Sounds like an absolute moron when he talks though.
Jotak 12 dagar sedan
JRE is the same as it's ever been, great stuff! I do want to say, though, the decor of the new studio is a bit of an eyesore.
T. Duncan
T. Duncan 12 dagar sedan
Interesting guest..
Oliver McDonnell
Oliver McDonnell 13 dagar sedan
Is his last name his favorite verb? .......
lucabaar1 13 dagar sedan
Near the end of this one especially, when they were going over the "broh, what ifs" of crypto currency & apocalyptic scenarios, I couldn't help but notice Joe is just such a shithead with hype sometimes... He ALWAYS wants to regurgitate the most sensational sounding things about important world issues, Joe: " flares are NOT uncommon given the course of Earths entire history..." Alex: "oh, well what about HUMAN history... (smiling neutrally, reserving opinions) Like, yeah, dude, how are they NOT uncommon, they seem ENTIRELY uncommon for humanity to encounter completely out of nowhere... unless you're a hype mongering shithead, this should probably be common sense. It's just so obvious that all Joe wants to do is say a big neat thing about stuff, more often than not, like as if he's just dropping MAJOR knowledge cuz of how hype it is & like, broh, isn't that awesome!?
James Lenney
James Lenney 13 dagar sedan
Love this guy. Everything he says is interesting every time he opens his mouth.
The only China I like is White
The only China I like is White 13 dagar sedan
When nature says drop your clothes and grab your toes
The Flash
The Flash 13 dagar sedan
Alex “dude” honnold
Beau Timberland
Beau Timberland 13 dagar sedan
I watched the full interview, I gotta say it's the most awkward interview I've seen on JRE. The title could be, dude disagrees with Joe Rogan.
Tony Matthews
Tony Matthews 13 dagar sedan
Not going to give money to Spotify
Donald Mack
Donald Mack 13 dagar sedan
How insane are humans? Tbh. “Im gonna climb up a mountain with nothing, 3000ft”. I dont have a clever joke. Its crazy but I like it. I have tiny balls compared to this man.
Lue Walls
Lue Walls 13 dagar sedan
Only two minutes in and apparently this man gets worked by nature
MC Grindah
MC Grindah 7 dagar sedan
high psi
high psi 13 dagar sedan
Alex "getting worked" Honnold
Jona Sosa
Jona Sosa 13 dagar sedan
Those hands could crush you
frawldog 14 dagar sedan
Go NaCl to youtube
Levon Avanesyan
Levon Avanesyan 14 dagar sedan
This dude was pretty interesting
Budabaii 14 dagar sedan
Tony rinaldo
Tony rinaldo 14 dagar sedan
So I was in nature, getting totally worked, anyway, some times you climb and hang while getting totally worked at work.....and joe Rogan, I will not make the switch to Spotify, ever. Dam shame. Also thank you for admitting you agreed to the censorship of some of your videos. The best ones honestly. It’s not that you censored them.. for 100 million, I prolly would’ve done the same. But you lied like a bitch about it. That’s where you lost me.
cícero sincero
cícero sincero 14 dagar sedan
Nahhhh... One thing is to deal with the elements, another thing is to deal with social stuffs.
essiemeister 14 dagar sedan
Boring. JRE fell off. Lazy clips by Jamie. Boring guests and over paid and fraud (onnit)
tony taylor
tony taylor 14 dagar sedan
Joe: so u should do dmt before you go on these hikes
Kevin Brabender
Kevin Brabender 14 dagar sedan
How does he make a living?
Aidan Gallegos
Aidan Gallegos 14 dagar sedan
Joe should get Aron Ralston from 127 Hours on the podcast!
awsomenesscaleb 14 dagar sedan
When Alex Hannold says that something is a death trap, it's probably a death trap.
MattyYoungcloudsArt 14 dagar sedan
Story starts at 1:37
Char McShane
Char McShane 15 dagar sedan
If his hands were useless, how did he drive home? Elbows?
Jim 15 dagar sedan
My anxiety levels get worked listening to his stories about getting worked.
Adam Weaver
Adam Weaver 15 dagar sedan
Joe seemed a little defensive at times in this episode. Alex - I have been and see indiginous tribes and this is what they are like, joe - nah i dont think so, my friend said thats not true. Like dude, the guy has been in the jungle for the past month, while you've been sat in your million dollar house. shut up and listen to the mans experience.
E Scott
E Scott 15 dagar sedan
Yeah.. I Hear Ya.. Caught in Hail Storm In Colorado.. Started Cool.. Wow.. Walking In Clouds.. Then Hard... And EVERY Ridge And Trail Is Covered In Icy Ball Bearings.. Bust Ass Down To Next SwitchBack.... No Cacti...
CoKir 22
CoKir 22 15 dagar sedan
If the only reason a comment is responded to (not JRE, from anyone), is because of a notification, what the fuck are we doing. Fuck you SVfrom. Literally come here to leave comments for Spotify podcasts and you still can’t keep up. I’m not the only one. SVfrom has gone to a political garbage way of thinking. Fuck you.
sean murphy
sean murphy 15 dagar sedan
I listened to the entire podcast, and became turned off by Alex Honnold! The guy is an extraordinary Talent, obviously an alpha, and I give him respect for that! However, this guy is so sure of himself, does not allow any other idea to pass by if he does not believe in it too. It absolutely drives me crazy when conservationists, are not conservative! Conservative is the root word for conservationist! You have to be a free thinker, and not get boxed in by what the government tells you to be. He is constantly undermining Joe's comments, Because he believes that he is smarter or something. I know that he's always used to being the alpha in every room, and tip of the spear guys like him, don't exactly have many friends , I get it. I just do not have to listen to his podcast
Scott Simon
Scott Simon 15 dagar sedan
The Machine
The Machine 15 dagar sedan
Snoopy The Dog
Snoopy The Dog 15 dagar sedan
This is a guy who lives his life, and has a purpose
Chimpanzee 12 dagar sedan
User says
User says 15 dagar sedan
Anton Prothe
Anton Prothe 16 dagar sedan
say hello to china
madara buka
madara buka 16 dagar sedan
Whoever missed on the bitcoin boom , there is a new player in town it’s called pi network, use appstore or play store to download the same , u can mine pi coins on ur smartphone, use “ staykewl “ if they ask u for invite and yes these were designed by Harvard alumni
David Allen
David Allen 16 dagar sedan
Breaking Away from The Herd
Breaking Away from The Herd 16 dagar sedan
flight or fight? hes a grown child playing some stupid risky game and believing he's frikken Tarzan. I have been on a drunk for a week and did things this punk could never imagine with NO safety net! I have done it many times and guess what you phony..I'm 64 and killing it. take a hike.
theBU3NO 16 dagar sedan
Take a drink every time Alex Honnold says 'worked.'
Drew Maughan
Drew Maughan 16 dagar sedan
Alex's hands are wearing hands
ralphy7able 16 dagar sedan
Joe deserves talking to this guy for 4 hours because of the way he treated slater lol
Nathan A Lane
Nathan A Lane 16 dagar sedan
Hearing Alex say “my wife” is a bit surreal
G D 16 dagar sedan
Sounds like he got worked
Jeffery Ampey
Jeffery Ampey 16 dagar sedan
WORKED. Also I still just don’t like how the studio looks. At least I’m used to it now.
D Plat
D Plat 16 dagar sedan
whole lotta red!
Evelyn Proud
Evelyn Proud 16 dagar sedan
I feel like Alex wears red alot, I watched free solo and my boyfriend said how it was smart that he wore red so it's easier too see him, I said I see him wearing red alot, I think that's just him!
Jason Hall
Jason Hall 16 dagar sedan
Fucking Boy Scout board as fuck this whole interview
LoeJawson 16 dagar sedan
Did Alex seem argumentative as fuck to anyone else other than me. Every topic he seemed to disagree with Joe and it seemed like Joe was searching for common ground. I was beyond frustrated
Charles Smith
Charles Smith 16 dagar sedan
Question. Did Dan Gable shake when he was suggested as #1.??
Jon McLean
Jon McLean 16 dagar sedan
Colin DeGrazia
Colin DeGrazia 16 dagar sedan
never heard the word "crunk" used in a sentence before
radjedi2010 16 dagar sedan
Saw the whole 3 hours on Spotify. His other Honnold interviews were fascinating. This one was bloated and super boring.
Morgan Keelan
Morgan Keelan 17 dagar sedan
Story sucked
Dodgers Fan
Dodgers Fan 17 dagar sedan
Every time I see him I'm grateful that he's still alive.
Mat. .N.
Mat. .N. 17 dagar sedan
Who knows if Joe Rogan is collecting samples of all his guests's DNA to eventually create a super-human who would be the coolest, most badass person on earth.
MC Grindah
MC Grindah 7 dagar sedan
I do
Mat. .N.
Mat. .N. 15 dagar sedan
​@Ashan Ariyawansa Omfg, really man? Not this again?! Joe is such a cool guy, and he brings friends and people on his show. He's an mma junkie, a hunter, a DUDE, and YES IT HAPPENS TO BE MEN, MOST OF THE TIME. You really bring that ridiculous feminist fact ? Get lost man, you don't realize that you're taking such an interesting and authentic podcast and trying to make it "wrong" with your stupid ideas.
Ashan Ariyawansa
Ashan Ariyawansa 15 dagar sedan
The fact that the guests are male most of the time makes you wonder if he is keeping a sperm bank of some sort.
marcm83 17 dagar sedan
But has he tried JJ?
patrick george galvin
patrick george galvin 17 dagar sedan
Ed Albanese
Ed Albanese 17 dagar sedan
Joe Rogan = sellout!
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