FRANANGELICO ONA 23 timmar sedan
Sounds gay.
Joe Alias
Joe Alias 23 timmar sedan
2:51:40 I'm not saying we shouldn't try to provide for people, but if everyone had all their basic needs met, do you know what they would do? find some ideology that tells them the world is going to shit and they have to save it just to escape the boredom.
Joseph Williams
Joseph Williams 23 timmar sedan
I can understand not having access to water but I’m not understanding when there talking about dirty water they have access to water.fire kills nearly all bacteria once boiled
Kimball Mason
Kimball Mason 23 timmar sedan
The infringement of the person's rights is the paramount affront, certainly. But, the first line of protection for citizens rights is their local mayors and chiefs if police and sheriffs. If these officials are clueless, abuses are sure to follow.
Sean B
Sean B 23 timmar sedan
I f~ing love Alex, he gets back from the bathroom and all you gotta do is wind him back up. Dude’s got so much information in his head it busts out
Republicans are also hypocrites.they say they want less government yet they want to tell a woman what she can do with her body.thats bs
Michel Delving
Michel Delving 23 timmar sedan
I'd love to see where we would be now if the Library of Alexandria hadn't been destroyed
Operator Midnight
Operator Midnight 23 timmar sedan
I’m pretty sure the title goes to Brazil
Pissed up Gamer
Pissed up Gamer 23 timmar sedan
Wen u get so stoned its 4am
Rickey Harris
Rickey Harris 23 timmar sedan
Typical Connor, losing the first to hype the rematch. Is his MO after all.
Don Barile
Don Barile 23 timmar sedan
"... people are not really open minded...." I simultaneously spit out a mouthful of food and farted. what an understatement.
Munky Munky
Munky Munky 23 timmar sedan
Why is Eddie so convinced that all memes include mariachi music? lol
Dwayne Melton
Dwayne Melton 23 timmar sedan
The committee comprised of Peter daszak? Who was involved with wuhan exchanges of data for years
Scott Allpress
Scott Allpress 23 timmar sedan
I love how they are shocked there is less in India , what potatoes
Doge 23 timmar sedan
1:45:44 that's what my girlfriend said
OgamiItto70 23 timmar sedan
The Democrats are more totalitarian than Republicans. There's an anciant joke about it: "What's the difference between Democrats and Republicans? Democrats want to run the country and Republicans don't want them to."
Julian Garza
Julian Garza 23 timmar sedan
Wait till Joe finds out gamers get other gamers swatted. He's gonna lose his shit.
Kevin G
Kevin G 23 timmar sedan
so US is the only developed country amongst a bunch of third world, war torn, dictator-run countries
The Shadow 2.0
The Shadow 2.0 23 timmar sedan
Joe Biden will not do anything to deter China or let them know we’re not taking their shit anymore. He is a puppet bought by China. This guy just basically said trump was wrong for not being China’s friend, but then went on to say this administration needs to stand up to them...which is it dude?
Vito Mark
Vito Mark 23 timmar sedan
Of course it doesn’t. Not even close
Chuck Campbell
Chuck Campbell 23 timmar sedan
Joe said it was "probably a crazy person who called the police". You're right Joe, AOC IS a crazy person.
Jerry Papadatos
Jerry Papadatos 23 timmar sedan
I could listen to Jack talk all day
David Leon
David Leon 23 timmar sedan
Aliens are fallen angels. God created male and female in the beginning.
Holly David
Holly David 23 timmar sedan
I'm fairly sure I've seen Push wear that jean jacket before xD
Justin Sullivan
Justin Sullivan 23 timmar sedan
I love that narrrative: “we’re not number one so there’s no problem”
Aidan Sunbury
Aidan Sunbury 23 timmar sedan
Just use VRBO
SALESPRODUCTIONS 23 timmar sedan
Anyone who has dozens of guns - multiple gun safes - thinks about guns constantly - watches videos about guns - reads magazines about guns - wears clothing about guns - concentrates their entire existence - focus - and life around a tool with one purpose - ( to kill living things ) - is not only a death fetishist - but severely mentally ill. And banning guns IS the solution. And a "well regulated MILITIA" is NOT demonstrably low I.Q. Jim Bob - Jethro and Cleetus out on the woods shooting deer ( and sometimes each other ) with an AR ( WAR RIFLE ) that has a 100 round drum magazine filled with teflon coated bullets. ( Because they have micro penises ) It is the ARMED FORCES. Which WAS also - the factual intent of the original writers of the 2nd Amendment. AND - weapons and guns are already banned. Almost no average citizen can legally own a fully automatic machine gun. No citizen can legally own an armed jet fighter - a missile - a nuclear weapon etc . . and so THERE ALREADY ARE BANS ON Guns and weapons. And so - it is ONLY a matter of degrees - common sense and political will. BUT - with the United States Government being an open auction system ( Citizens United ) and even before that - when mass shooting happen ( on average ) each and every day in this nation - and when 20 kindergarteners and their teachers were gunned down by a WAR RIFLE and public polling for gun control was at 90% - NOTHING is done. Because our Government is profoundly corrupt - and half of the elected officials ( RepubliCONs ) are evil sociopaths. And rapacious liars etc . .
Brian Smith
Brian Smith 23 timmar sedan
Peaceful protests. Fuck you
Mike Barrs
Mike Barrs 23 timmar sedan
I would love for this guy to tell me stories to sleep. Though I think, I won't be able to sleep due to fascination of his stories.
Kyle Rhodes
Kyle Rhodes 23 timmar sedan
Elon musk I seen a mother fuckin ship quicker then a plane no noise but meh
Hurshiell Stegall
Hurshiell Stegall 23 timmar sedan
Hell the Spartans of old have nothing on this man. Imagine Chris Kyle, Jocko Willink, and Marcus Luttrell all in the same company. The level of testosterone would be through the stars!
Chris Cave
Chris Cave 23 timmar sedan
Sonja Runar
Sonja Runar 23 timmar sedan
We Love you Bob!!! 💕 Many of us know there's ET's among us, they've been here forever, "we" go to Mars all the time, there's a battle around the moon, actually all kinds of battles going on, down below & above, and bad ET's have been abducting people since the 40's. Thankyu being a big big part of the disclosure!!! We appreciate you👍🏻 🛸
Joshua Townsend
Joshua Townsend 23 timmar sedan
"400 million guns in this country. If we were a problem you would know it." People in the hood: People at clubs: Children in high school:
Clover O
Clover O 23 timmar sedan
“We are lower than Brazil, Afghanistan, Jamaica etc in per capita gun deaths, so no problem.” That is not a particularly strong argument. Are there amy comparisons to a 1st world nation?
iamalex4life 23 timmar sedan
Do guns allow yourself to be socially awkward? Can sense that from this guest
jonathan carpio
jonathan carpio 23 timmar sedan
weird al yankovic made an appearance I see
Snickel Fritz
Snickel Fritz 23 timmar sedan
America and guns have always gone together like peanut butter and grape jelly. Strawberry jelly and peanut butter is only for freaks ! Just kidding😏. Probably 70 percent of homes in my rural area had at least 1 gun and some 20 or more and I only had 1 neighbor die by a gun and he intentionally sought that end. My point is that it is obvious why mass shootings are 10x more common now than 35 years ago in America. There is too much stress in America and people seem less capable of dealing with it than ever before. Financial stress, job stress, social media distress, and media fueled garbage about all the things you should fear. These things strongly contribute to American mass shootings. Too many people don’t hang out and shoot the shit with people like they used to and instead spend all their time on a phone. I am guilty of this myself. Social isolation mixed with stress is a very bad combination in general. Sure COVID made it worse but we can’t kid ourselves by saying it is the only cause of social isolation.
douglas mckeown
douglas mckeown 23 timmar sedan
nice podcast bro , keep up the good work looking good as always thanks for the upload have a great day joe
The Shadow 2.0
The Shadow 2.0 23 timmar sedan
And now we have a president that was bought and paid for by China’s government. China loves that our country has become a joke and the moronic people of this country are fighting over gender pronouns. Liberalism is killing America and Wokeism is destroying our country and China is fucking laughing at us.
Sally Fowler
Sally Fowler 23 timmar sedan
:"you use the worst person supporting you".. .. but you are using Joe on the same platform? Make it make sense?
Lebron James
Lebron James 23 timmar sedan
Petes Treats
Petes Treats 23 timmar sedan
Lol they're number one for being morons with guns. Just like Biden said, it is a complete embarrassment how many shootings they have. Muricaa...the idiot Nation...lol
Terry Smith
Terry Smith 23 timmar sedan
"we're only 20th on the list per capita"... Rest of the list has 19 of the most fucked countries on the planet 😂
Got Em
Got Em 23 timmar sedan
This is such a crock of shit he said oh I got out and thought it would take off I thought you thought it was deer hunters camping or some other shit
Martin Vincent Villarruz
Martin Vincent Villarruz 23 timmar sedan
"Is this the undertaker" phone conversation story gave me serious goosebumps.
James Joseph
James Joseph 23 timmar sedan
The problem is that people on look for surface level solutions instead of looking for the root problem. Like he alluded to with suicide (by gun) being extremely efficient. If you take the gun out of the equation you still have a suicidal person...you haven't solved anything. It's the same issue with restrictive gun laws in places like New York and Chicago. Those laws will only impact the law abiding citizens. Criminals will still break laws. You haven't taken the gun out of the criminals hands, but you have removed it from the hands of the woman who lives next door to them. Good luck with that.
Matt Williams
Matt Williams 23 timmar sedan
PCP and ketamine are not the same thing lol. They are the same type of drug, and are chemically related, but the effects during and after are different as well as the duration. You cant use pcp instead of ketamine, Joe. Lol
Teego Biddy
Teego Biddy 23 timmar sedan
"Pass that whiskey over here, this is getting ridiculous."
*북유럽 정치 스터디&토론
*북유럽 정치 스터디&토론 23 timmar sedan
People in rich neighborhood in America are more reluctant to give vaccines to their children. Please research it by yourself don’t trust anybody. These vaccines could be more harm to your body than the virus.
Mel Sml
Mel Sml 23 timmar sedan
You should really have Jordan Maxwell on your show!!!
*북유럽 정치 스터디&토론
*북유럽 정치 스터디&토론 23 timmar sedan
Covid vaccines are very very dangerous. Vaccines could be more dangerous than the virus itself. Please research by yourselves. Bill Gates are paying many media and SVfromrs to promote corona vaccines these days.
Jonah Davidov
Jonah Davidov 23 timmar sedan
Tristan O'Connor
Tristan O'Connor 23 timmar sedan
Am I the only one who’s like “don’t you dare yell at Jamie like that” he looks for facts and figures TIRELESSLY, at the VERY least he deserves a ‘please’
Justfor U
Justfor U 23 timmar sedan
Joe is a very nice and respectful guy❤️❤️
michael adamson
michael adamson 23 timmar sedan
What about a truck driver being mostly sober for 7 of his 8 hour working schedule and that last hour he kills a family
Mr. Corcoran
Mr. Corcoran 23 timmar sedan
Excellent discussion. Joe does his best but he is clearly struggling.
R C Dag sedan
Antifa follows the same structure that the taliban did of course they are terrorists
sam Dag sedan
I call bullshit
timothy jensen
timothy jensen Dag sedan
She has a team to trim her eyebrows!
IncoherentSasquatch Dag sedan
Honestly the ultra-left and ultra-right narratives aren't helping anyone. I wish people would realise that the world isn't black and white. Not every liberal minded person is Greta Thunberg and not everyone on the right is Alex Jones. A lot of people, if not most, are in the more reasonable better-thought-out middle areas.
emir avdagic
emir avdagic Dag sedan
I remember almost 3 years ago when this came out I had a final exam in histology( anyone who knows about this knows its hard to pass), the night before I was so nervous I couldent sleep at all so I put on this podcast episode and listening to Elons soft voice made me fall a sleep very fast 😂
Brian K.
Brian K. Dag sedan
Sure, 3rd world countries lead the world but America is tops in the developed countries.
Thomas Flores
Thomas Flores Dag sedan
Bakersfield is probably only cool For famous people. City seemed ghetto af to Me
nazar En
nazar En Dag sedan
Навшниках йго потксти лучи сути и понтлвй
Roberto Cosme
Roberto Cosme Dag sedan
Puerto Rico Is tiny
claton blade
claton blade Dag sedan
America Doesn't Lead the World in anything
WRNR_MN Dag sedan
Technically Kanye IS the "leader of the free world" because the "free world" is more so a concept than the actual US and if you say "free world" you have to mean it in a global concept and I would argue he is the most influential single person of young minds in the last decade mainly because he crossed so many barriers with his music and personality
Y2K Dag sedan
meanwhile Dan Crenshaw doesn't mind insane budgets for the military industrial complex. the fact Joe has this marvel villain on so many times and doesn't push back against this bs is why rogan is just an opportunist.
K T Dag sedan
Drugs are illegal and more people die from overdosing
Angelo Maestas
Angelo Maestas Dag sedan
Scary thing is; it's not the guns causing the deaths, its just the tool being used. If we had zero guns people would use something else to kill people. Don't drink the left's or the right's Kool Aid.
Erfan Moshtagh
Erfan Moshtagh Dag sedan
this guy is taking everything the USA government is doing and then acts like China and Russia are the only ones doing them USA pretty much staged a coup in Venezuela and attacked their infrastructure, sanction them harshly and acted like it was the regimes fault
Free Apollo Hypnotherapy
Free Apollo Hypnotherapy Dag sedan
Turn an asteroid into a rocket and fly it to Earth, land it softly and mine it for all we need. Will this do anything to the mass of the Earth and affecting it's orbit around the Sun ?
Corrine Dag sedan
She doesn’t know much about it, but let me guess, orange man is still bad.
nowornever Dag sedan
she must've had a lot of competition
Al Ra
Al Ra Dag sedan
Never liked Eddie.
EM Newman
EM Newman Dag sedan
Yeah, they shouldn't be and to do that to this reporter. Just like cops shouldn't be able to pull over a black guy for no license plate when he clearly had a new car sticker in his back window.
DarkMatter Dag sedan
Spotify sucks ass. you sold out, Rogan! they are deleting your shows that aren't P.C. enough. lol enjoy
nazar En
nazar En Dag sedan
Ни одн я думюу от том що со колс сщезне и селнай
Neal Heneghan
Neal Heneghan Dag sedan
That’s some bullshit logic
Dungeon Boys
Dungeon Boys Dag sedan
Everyone should have a gun