A Batman Moment - JRE Toons
First Last
First Last 17 timmar sedan
His mentality brought it to fruition!!!
iiXeno 17 timmar sedan
Everyone forget about Pineapple Express? Better than Step Bros imo.
Bryce Kurtz
Bryce Kurtz 17 timmar sedan
So we can call out affirmative action when it affects Asians but not Whites? Interesting.
sonofmalediction 17 timmar sedan
Rogan Making Austin Great Again.
Nine Lives
Nine Lives 17 timmar sedan
Graham Hamcock is a very interesting geezer🤯
KommandoAU 17 timmar sedan
The problem with the way the world has now ended up is people gave a shit and listened to the mental cases, just ignore them, they can go jump off a cliff, end of story.
yukonjeffimagery 17 timmar sedan
Good thing the let you live. Pack a piece next time. Wont have to run.
Jack Roberts
Jack Roberts 17 timmar sedan
Just because people aren’t watching stuff doesn’t mean fresh comedies aren’t being made. If everyone has the same 3 references it’s easy to come to the conclusion that good comedies aren’t being made. Just look at the last 3 years: Palm Springs, Knives Out, Long Shot, Good Boys, Blockers, Booksmart, Game Night, Vice, The Package, An American Pickle. I could easily go on. Or we could just bring up Superbad, Step Brothers, Tropic Thunder, and Gervais for the umteenth time...
Grichka Bogdanoff
Grichka Bogdanoff 17 timmar sedan
1:30 Joe is just describing a regular job...
dim shine
dim shine 17 timmar sedan
A big difference between street people and homeless
Sur Chevvie
Sur Chevvie 17 timmar sedan
cool story, bro.
Liam Paredes
Liam Paredes 17 timmar sedan
Cruisin’ Joe took a wrong turn looking for the bathroom for gay sex and ended up in a world renowned podcast studio.
John Kelley
John Kelley 17 timmar sedan
I wish Dave Chappell would stop smoking cigarettes. I want him to be around for a long time
Action Scott
Action Scott 17 timmar sedan
Waiting couldn’t be made today 😂😂😂😂
John Doe
John Doe 17 timmar sedan
Welcome to the Democrat utopia.
thecommenter 17 timmar sedan
boring. joe has stagnated -- he sounds like a broken record. power corrups guise.
Rachael Deel
Rachael Deel 17 timmar sedan
A Hulu movie, or maybe it's just where I saw it was FLOWER. Granted it's girls who are main characters but HILARIOUS. It was 2018, but it is totally worth watching. Zoey Deutch does a great job. Just one I thought of atm. PEN15 is a show and it's hilarious too. Be good for Joe to watch. Funny and with him having girls I think he'd appreciate it. There's still a few movies like this, but they are getting weird.
Irish meltdown
Irish meltdown 17 timmar sedan
Ur in the south now...hahaha
Matt Enright
Matt Enright 17 timmar sedan
Dude I know exactly about the spot he's talking about. I honestly feel bad for this guy, it's genuinely a rough spot in austin. Most of the rest isn't really like that but he found the worst spot. I've almost been mugged when I had my guitar in that exact area right before a gig. The two dudes he was talking to were probably just messing with him, but I understand the anxiety.
Raf 17 timmar sedan
Why is it painfully awful to hear a "comedian" try to make a joke? Heroin? Hahahahahah...comedy gold.
Jon Bravo
Jon Bravo 17 timmar sedan
"Unhoused".. Are you f'ing kidding me. No no no. They are homeless ppl. The left can find oppressive language any where
Emily Keranen
Emily Keranen 17 timmar sedan
Lmao this dude is a disaster in the funny innocent way
MattsMedia 17 timmar sedan
I resonate with this sentiment quite a lot
Sneering Imperialist
Sneering Imperialist 17 timmar sedan
The planet is 8000 mile across, 25000 miles circumference, and the first cases were 100 yards from a lab that works on covid viruses... Damned funny coincidence if it wasn't from there...
On The AUX
On The AUX 17 timmar sedan
Have you seen the movie Ben Shapiro's company made? That's basically a comedy.
gushernandez67 17 timmar sedan
Joe I love your show would definitely be cool to watch Canelo on your show. Canelo is not only improving his boxing in every fight , but his English is more and more becoming a huge part of his arsenal. Because of the ability to speak the language he is showing a new Canelo that is funny and out spoken not afraid to counter a confrontation. Watch his post press after the Sounders fight where Boo Boo thought it was a good idea to crush his press conference. Canelo was hilarious. And people really dig that part of him.
John Doderino
John Doderino 17 timmar sedan
Someone tell Joe about the Danish "Klovn" -movies
Fun Junk
Fun Junk 17 timmar sedan
If we are not allowed to naturalize in their country, they should not be allowed to naturalize in ours.
Nath R
Nath R 17 timmar sedan
There's no point in fighting in a situation you deem unwinnable.
Paul Hunter
Paul Hunter 17 timmar sedan
He was "racist" because he was walking while white
NecrosisHead 17 timmar sedan
It's never a bad idea to carry mace or to get a concealed carry permit if your state allows it. You don't need to be a jacked MMA fighter to have the right to defend yourself from two thugs bothering you on the street.
Solo Yo
Solo Yo 17 timmar sedan
I bet you were
Jesse 17 timmar sedan
Superbad is one of my favorite movies of all time!
Danny bobo
Danny bobo 17 timmar sedan
God this guy is BOARING!??
Nomad Riverbend
Nomad Riverbend 17 timmar sedan
It's a terrible way to live.
dan quazar
dan quazar 17 timmar sedan
soo there are 20k modern day flamethrowers ahahhahaah NOT EVEN FOR WARFARE LOL oh humans
shmeenix !
shmeenix ! 17 timmar sedan
Or carry a side arm. 🤷 It's just a fire extinguisher anyways. Just in case.
Nick Sharma
Nick Sharma 17 timmar sedan
I have successfully cut down internet and media time from 30 hours a week, to 15 hours a week, in 2021. Several days a week with 1 hour per day, and rest with max 3. To cut addiction, have a limit, literally a timer on your sessions, and work from there. Allow yourself days with media usage; so that the cut-down will be manageable in the long run. The benefits are big. Clearity, mind processing things it needs to process quicker, other things to do besides being on the net, experiencing life as in the 90's again.
East Jebus
East Jebus 17 timmar sedan
Everyone is standing upto them atm which is great. Apart from NZ, such a shame
James S
James S 17 timmar sedan
Personal rating?????? WTF is that?!!!
Tow Hee
Tow Hee 17 timmar sedan
How to talk to aggressive strangers who threaten you: Step 1: Get some distance between you and the aggressor. Step 2: Pull your gun out. Step 3: Problem solved.
Antarah Ibn Shaddad
Antarah Ibn Shaddad 17 timmar sedan
Bro downtown Austin is lit
THẢO NGUYÊN BÙI THỊ 17 timmar sedan
Hello 😊👍❤✌
Leonardo Andres Correa
Leonardo Andres Correa 17 timmar sedan
Probably a good idea to just get rid of the homeless people in Austin
Aaron Few
Aaron Few 17 timmar sedan
Wherever liberals migrate to, the homeless are sure to follow. If Texas isn’t careful they’re going to become the next California.
Reflecting Both Sides
Reflecting Both Sides 17 timmar sedan
I can’t believe this story made it on JRE. How some drunk people hassled me. Go back to war hero’s and mad scientist.
Charles Gangi
Charles Gangi 17 timmar sedan
Joe with stories
Elena Pietrafesa
Elena Pietrafesa 17 timmar sedan
These men wanted nothing to do with Joe. They just felt disrespected. majority of homeless people aren't going to do anything to you. They don't feel they have that much power. They just talk and then let you be. I was homeless and lived amongst the homeless. Few are going to mug you or something.
mishmohd 17 timmar sedan
Hi 👋 I’m Barakobama and I’m joe list and I’m
KEVY KEV 17 timmar sedan
Dam that's messed up
Cory Castaneda
Cory Castaneda 17 timmar sedan
Dudes funny I’ve lived in Austin my whole life and have never experienced anything like this
Mykel Austin
Mykel Austin 17 timmar sedan
In 1978 when I was 8, a woman-wife of a neighbor- probably in her 20s,, took me to shower while my parents were away. I can't remember exactly what happened but I was scared of the hair in her private part. Even today I can't stand pubic hair in women. I never mentioned this to anyone until a couple of years ago, just to my wife.
Dr. Woozie
Dr. Woozie 17 timmar sedan
need to hear more Dave Choe stories ASAP. Get him back on
Matthew Reyes
Matthew Reyes 17 timmar sedan
Tbh I don’t care about the plight of the Asian. Plenty more urgent issues in the USA.
Larry Cooper
Larry Cooper 17 timmar sedan
Joe was about to say, these black guys. He held his tongue.
B-Dang 17 timmar sedan
Every addict has that moment at some point when enough is enough prison doesnt world treatment doesnt work it has to be self realized
Anthony Wan
Anthony Wan 17 timmar sedan
Gotcha! I am going to aspire to getting a higher "personal rating" like a black person whenever I go to America! There is just no other way to success. :thumbsup:
Big Country Mountain Man
Big Country Mountain Man 17 timmar sedan
Randall Carlson is literally a genius, literally. However, it surprises me of his ignorance of ice core samples. I'm from the mountains of Southern West virginia. You can ask anybody that lives in mountainous regions where it snows multiple feet of snow every year without any melt. In other words when it snows 5 in in the middle of October, that snow doesn't melt until the spring, so it accumulates and packs down on itself. Sometimes it warms up about 33 to 34 degrees and it will rain and turn the snow into ice and then the temperature drops back down and freezes and then more snow on top of it and so on and so forth. You can take a chainsaw and cut the side out of a snow bank and then look at the different accumulations throughout the year and you will see that every time it snows and then freezes, and then snows again it creates layers. Sometimes you have blue layers, sometimes you have clear layers or gray or almost black layers. They look identical to ice core samples. You cannot deal. That's why I believe that the way they age these ice core samples are completely false. They say because when they drill and ice core sample that has 10,000 layers, that means it's 10,000 years old. That's completely false. Anyone that lives in the mountains knows that. Sometimes you will have 15 or 20 layers laid down in one year. It's according to how much snow you get. One foot of snow can condense down into a quarter inch layer that looks like strata. You can go into a snow bank and cut the side of the snow bank out and observe and on average you will count between 15 to 20 layers. Southern West Virginia gets between 15 to 20 snow storms every winter with an accumulation of more than 6 in. Usually they get several three to four or even 5 ft accumulations overnight. Southern West Virginia usually has at least one blizzard every year, to where it snows between 3 to 6 ft overnight or within a period of about 2 days. In my opinion an ice core sample with 10,000 layers it's not 10,000 years old, but more likely only around for 4,000, maybe 5,000 years at the oldest. When you have multiple accumulations in one year, and you count each layer as a year, that is falsification of observable evidence because of ignorance of environment. Again, I'm not knocking Randall Carlson in any way. I admire him and think he is a genius. No hate here. But he's wrong to say that a 10,000 layer ice core is 10,000 years old. It's not near that old.
velvetsteele 17 timmar sedan
‘You’re always better off swallowing pride. It’s hard to do but it’s so important.’ Joe’s lack of ego is for sure his best quality. The fact that he is seen as a man’s man what with the hunting, fighting etc, but is truthful rather than macho about these things is a healthy and refreshing perspective. And he’s of course right. Always avoid a fight if possible, even if it’s one your very likely to win.
Amaterasu Gōka Mekkyaku
Amaterasu Gōka Mekkyaku 17 timmar sedan
ok my thoughts.. Anyone challenge me. I believe some civilizations were so advanced and connected to source that they literally banished by means of ascension. they literally ascended physically by transmutation into a different dimension. Like the stories of the Buddha.
Connection Lost
Connection Lost 17 timmar sedan
Legend has it, Rogan is still interrupting with stupid jokes, which he then has to explain, to this very day
WP SN 17 timmar sedan
Joe: "What was it like in there?" Travis: "Well...I was in a small strange room...with weird lights...by a table...and the creatures had no hair...with sort of a dull gaze upon me.....HOLY SHIT I GOTTA GET OUTTA HERE!"
Shaun McCoy
Shaun McCoy 17 timmar sedan
Elon’s like a kid trying not to get caught
B M 17 timmar sedan
This dude full on ran, he sounds like a smart guy. I wouldn't hang around either, health and life matter more than pride.
DON WELCH 17 timmar sedan
Austin the shit hole California of Texas
Nicola Lee
Nicola Lee 18 timmar sedan
I think a martial artist should maybe include parkour into their training, the art of escape
Austin Foster
Austin Foster 18 timmar sedan
Ron seems more informed then Joe on a lot of the things they talk about and they way he calmly clarifies when he doesn't agree with Joes politics is classy af
Col Turner
Col Turner 18 timmar sedan
they robbed GGG badly
Franz Schneider
Franz Schneider 18 timmar sedan
Hey should Interview Khamzat Chimaev about his Covid experience.. maybe this will make him think.😒
cleve Apollo
cleve Apollo 18 timmar sedan
Shut up and get real chump
Big E
Big E 18 timmar sedan
Joe rogan talking about boxing is really stupid. Actually pretty much about anything
Nameless Warrior
Nameless Warrior 18 timmar sedan
The Cinnamon Man of Mexico! CHAMP CHAMP CHAMP
Jack Lewis
Jack Lewis 18 timmar sedan
Yeah Austin has a horrible homeless problem. Austin desperately wants to be San Francisco or Portland. It’s disgraceful.
jdub isbest
jdub isbest 18 timmar sedan
Reality TV is what killed creativity, and created 'Woke' culture.
DeepWubbinz79 18 timmar sedan
Homeless shelters are bullshit. They ruin neighborhoods and they haven’t done anything to stop homelessness.
mhmm 18 timmar sedan
Ray Smith
Ray Smith 18 timmar sedan
Great interview!!!
tatsujin231 18 timmar sedan
Jesus how is this guy classed as a comedian
D R 18 timmar sedan
Hey Joe! Talk about Trump having 88.9 MILLION FOLLOWERS ON TWITTER and Biden only had 18 million followers on Twitter??? This was a fraudulent election!!! FACT!!!!